12 Best Christmas Basket Ideas for Girlfriends

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12 Best Christmas Basket Ideas for Girlfriends

The holiday season is approaching quickly, so it’s time to start thinking and planning Christmas gifts! As this special occasion comes near, you need to up your game and find the ideal gift for everyone on your Christmas list, including family, your best friend, and your girlfriend.

This can take a lot of consideration and research, but it will all be worth it when you see their precious smile and excitement upon opening the gift you got them. But, if you are struggling to narrow down your options from your favorite bunch of things, Christmas baskets are something to consider. These are versatile options; you must pick a theme, and the products follow. Some ideas include: 

1. Practical Gifts Basket

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07/20/2024 10:31 am GMT

A practical gift basket varies for every person giving and receiving the gift. Suppose you plan on providing a suitable gift basket that your girlfriend can get maximum advantage of; consider her profession or things she likes to do often. A helpful gift can be anything from something she uses to something she should be using. For example, a practical gift basket could contain self-care products like lip balm, candles, fuzzy socks, etc., if your girlfriend likes or should spend more time on self-care. 

A practical gift basket can be the right gift for Christmas and can offer a lot of scope for adding a personal touch by introducing something new that you like and would want them to try. You can add anything from a gift card from their favorite store to something big like a luxurious Michael Kors bag that is beautiful and functional to carry on the job every day.

Whenever buying a girlfriend gift, it is essential to remember things they like and pay attention to little details. This will ensure that you earn some bonus points with her. 

Find Practical gift baskets here.

2. Thoughtful Gift Basket

Like a practical gift basket, a thoughtful one can also be tailored to suit your girlfriend’s preferences. However, while a suitable gift basket focuses on things your girlfriend often uses, a thoughtful gift basket is simply about indulging. It can be one of the most meaningful gifts you give your girlfriend if the items included are chosen carefully. The best part about this gift basket is that it can leave a lasting impression on your girlfriend. 

To make one of these gift baskets list the best gifts your girlfriend may like or want to try. This can include skincare products, cooking supplies, decor pieces, games, favorite drinks, meaningful jewelry, good books, stuffed animals, photo prints, concert tickets, merch from their favorite band, or more. If your girlfriend has a wish list of things she would like to purchase, it can be beneficial in making the perfect basket. 

However, before making the basket, pick one category to build the basket around. Adding random things into a basket will take away from the experience. Please consider this a care package that translates your affection for your girlfriend into something she can use and remember you each time while using them. 

Find the thoughtful gift basket here.

3. Essential Oils Basket

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Another great gift option for your girlfriend is to give them an assorted collection of natural and organic essential oils. These are perfect if your girlfriend is the type of girl who occasionally enjoys relaxation. These can be used in a variety of ways. Whether she uses them for a relaxing massage or for creating a cozy ambiance that smells wonderful, these products have many uses, making them a unique present. 

If you are searching for DIY Christmas gift basket ideas themed around these oils, here is all you need to know about them. This type of gift basket can be customized in various ways. You can choose a theme around the kind of smells: fruity scents, woody or musky fragrances, citrus-like fragrances, or floral fragrances, to name a few.

Alternatively, you can also choose a single smell and pick various products made using or containing that extract oil. For instance, tea tree oil containing skincare range, a scented candle, hair care, room fresheners, and more. 

A third way to customize is to look into the properties or benefits of oils and choose the feature you wish to run through the basket. For example, specific essential oil options promote relaxation, while others may help improve sleep or reduce stress. Understanding your girlfriend’s needs regularly can help make these decisions. 

Get the essential Oils Basket here.

4. Box of chocolates basket

If your girlfriend loves chocolates, a box of chocolates basket is right. This is an excellent option for an anniversary gift and is perfect for Christmas. A chocolate box is another versatile option that is easily customized to suit your girlfriend’s likes.

To make the ideal DIY gift basket themed around chocolates, you can explore various options, starting with the combination of chocolates to put in. From unique shapes to delightful flavors and perhaps some Christmas-only limited edition chocolates, there is much to explore and include in this gift basket. 

A great starting point is selecting flavors. While dark, mild, and white options are apparent, you can also be more thorough in choosing dark chocolates or trying flavored ones. Since the basket is for Christmas, adding options like Hot Chocolate Bombs is excellent.

Other whimsically shaped chocolate options that are Christmas-themed can include chocolate in the shape of trees, socks, Christmas baubles, other decorations, and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless. When it comes to themed gifts, chocolate boxes are a perfect option, whether you choose an elaborate basket as the main gift or as an additional gift to give your girlfriend. 

Get the chocolate gift basket here.

5. Long-distance relationship basket

Long-distance relationship is complex as it is. Adding on the challenge of finding the right gift for your girlfriend makes it seem more difficult. However, on the flip side, it brings an opportunity to show that you are missing them and still remember everything about their favorite things.

Creating this type of DIY gift basket gives you the chance to create something magical. Whether you buy store-bought gifts or create something more personal, like custom photo albums, this gift option suits every configuration. 

When making this type of gift box, you can fill it up with valuable gifts that your girlfriend can use daily, such as a cardholder, a pen, a customized journal, etc., or you can fill the basket with little items that make you think of them. This could include lip gloss, pendant necklaces, decor items, clothing, etc.

Along with things they like, you can add some Christmas-themed items or decorations they can put on their tree or decorate the house. For example, a customized tree ornament with a couple of pictures can be the perfect addition to this gift basket, enabling your girlfriend to experience your presence even from afar.

Get the Long-Distance Relationship Basket here.

6. Board game basket

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A good gift basket is full of things that the receiver loves. For a board game enthusiast, a Christmas gift basket containing some fantastic board games is the obvious choice. The tricky part is knowing which games to buy since there is a variety. Does your girlfriend like strategy games or puzzles?

Does she like family-friendly games or only dual players? Is there a game she loves that comes with a travel-friendly compact? These are some considerations you must take into account. When selecting the best Christmas gift baskets that are themed around board games, you will want to contemplate the contents of a ready-made gift basket or choose to make a DIY version. 

If you choose to make a DIY version, you can get dollar store baskets and focus more on which games to include. Think about any games your girlfriend wished they had or something a little expensive and prevent them from buying it. Consider international versions of popular or international games not readily available in your city.

The best gift ideas typically come from simply knowing in your gut that your girlfriend would love receiving a particular item. This gift basket would also be an excellent way to add new things to enjoy with your girlfriend, so think of something fun for both of you or if you wish to explore with her. 

Find games for your games gift basket here.

7. Skincare products and beauty gift baskets

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07/20/2024 10:48 am GMT

Skincare and beauty gift baskets can be extremely tricky to perfect. However, if you build the perfect one, you will earn extra affection from your girlfriend. While beauty gifts may be a little more forgiving, skincare is crucial to master. However, there is a lot that can be done in this category. 

The simplest way to nail a skincare and beauty products gift basket is to get your girlfriend beauty advent calendars. Depending upon your chosen brand, they vary significantly in price point. However, these bring a lot of variety.

Find out which skincare or beauty brand has the best beauty advent calendar that year by looking at reviews or influencer videos, which will also give you a run-through of the items inside. This makes decision-making even more straightforward. Just make sure your girlfriend likes the brand. 

Another thing that you can do is familiarize yourself with your girlfriend’s favorite beauty and skincare products and make a gift basket containing those. If your girlfriend is more experimental with stuff, know their preferences and get unique items they have not previously used but would be open to trying. As a last resort, you can also contact your girlfriend’s best friends for advice on products you can buy to create the perfect gift basket. 

Skincare Products and beauty gift baskets

8. Coffee lover basket

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07/20/2024 10:39 am GMT

Coffee lovers can be either extremely easy to please or adamant. While some coffee lovers are open to experimenting with new blends, flavors, and brewing methods, others can be very religious about their coffee-making process. If you have a coffee-loving girlfriend and wish to give them a coffee-themed gift basket, first know which one of these categories she falls under. Whichever one she is, a lot can be done for her. 

Firstly, suppose she is very particular about her coffee. In that case, you can create a gift basket featuring her favorite coffee (brand, strength, and roast type) and some snacks accompanying that particular coffee. You can also upgrade their coffee maker or add a gift card for her to pick one out herself. The coffee basket can also contain accessories like flavor syrups, topping options, foaming tools, etc. 

Secondly, the search becomes more manageable if your girlfriend is more experimental with her coffee and enjoys exploring new options. Find a gift basket containing one or more new coffees she has not tried, along with snacks and biscottis that pair perfectly with them. Add simple coffee-preparing equipment like a Bialetti and other accessories to make a complete set. 

Get a Coffee Lover Basket here.

9. Video games basket

A basket of video games and related accessories is an excellent choice for a girlfriend who enjoys them. Find some games that have five-star reviews to select the ideal ones for her. More importantly, pick out the genre of games she would be interested in or inclined to try.

If you give this type of basket to your girlfriend for Christmas, consider it. This gift basket can contain many things, including assorted video games of various genres, a remote control set, a new video game console, and much more. 

This gift basket can be something your girlfriend enjoys by herself, with you, or even with another family member, making it the perfect holiday gift. When deciding which games to include in this gift basket, try to have a diverse range of single-player, dual-player, and multiplayer games that she can enjoy anytime. Good gifts are those that a person can cherish, and this certainly fulfills that criteria as it is something that the entire family can enjoy. 

See video game Basket options below.

10. Beauty sleep basket

The beauty sleep basket is another of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend this Christmas. A beauty sleep basket typically contains many items to help induce a good night’s sleep. You can find some options under the spa gifts section in a beauty store.

Usually, a basket of this kind will include products like a bath bomb, bath salts, bath gels, scrubs, facial cleaning ranges, face masks, eye masks, soothing gels, lotions, fuzzy socks, a warm and fuzzy bathrobe, soft towels, scented candles, loofahs, soaps, and much more.

Besides the body care products, these baskets often contain chamomile or sleepy time tea, which help de-stress the body and promote relaxation. The internet is a whole of ideas and variations of this type of gift basket for you to take inspiration from or choose from. 

Since Christmas occurs during the winter, this basket would ideally contain deeply moisturizing products to ensure your girlfriend wakes up with silky smooth skin each morning. The only thing to remember when buying or making one is to ensure that the set contains products of a similar fragrance or a similar fragrance profile. For instance, if you choose vanilla-scented products, ensure that all of them are scented. It is also essential not to select strong fragrances but those that promote relaxation.

Get the beauty sleep basket here.

11. Sweet treat basket

The next best thing you can buy for your girlfriend to give her a Merry Christmas is a sweet treat basket. This is perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth or likes to try new lovely things. There is so much scope for customization in this category that you can gift this for multiple occasions while ensuring a surprising element for your girlfriend. 

Christmas is the time of year when bakeries, chocolatiers, and other dessert and sweets places come up with new recipes for all types of treats. Whether ice cream, cookies, pastries, biscuits, donuts, traditional desserts, or something entirely new, everyone comes up with limited-edition festive flavors.

Creating this type of gift basket is perhaps the easiest. You can build a holiday-themed gift basket featuring an assortment of festive edition treats. Alternatively, you can also produce according to your girlfriend’s preferences. 

For instance, if she loves chocolates, you can build a gift basket with various chocolate flavors and types or different sweet treats in chocolate flavor or chocolate covered. The variations are limitless. 

Find sweet treat baskets here.

12. Cookie Treat Basket

If you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for a home baker or a professional one, a cookie treat basket might be precisely what you are looking for. This gift can very easily be transformed as per the preferences of the person receiving it. For example, if your girlfriend enjoys eating cookies, the gift basket can have various classic and new flavored cookies. This can include chunky cookies, giant cookies, regular cookies, and any other specialty ones. 

However, suppose your girlfriend is interested in baking. In that case, the gift basket can contain cookies and baking supplies like cookie cutters, recipe books, cookie-themed oven mitts, a cookie-themed apron, and much more. It can also have some specialty cookie mixes prepared by their favorite bakery or perhaps a family recipe you wish to share with her. To make this basket even cute, try getting free printable labels and label all items by hand

Get the Cookie Treat Basket here.


Christmas baskets are great to surprise your girlfriend. Customized baskets come straight from the heart. Whether you are in the market for a gift for your girlfriend or any other special friend, you will find something to please all on your list. You can get innovative with creative designs and ideas to impress your girlfriend this festive season

With such a wide range of options, you can easily find the right gift basket for your girlfriend. Just think about things they love to do or indulge in, pick that as a theme, and look for items that can be gifted to align with that.

This unique gift will show them that you went the extra mile, whether you make something luxurious or simpler. A special someone deserves a special gift, and a unique gift basket tailored to the liking of your remarkable woman expresses just that. This will indeed become a gift they cherish for a long time. 

12 Best Christmas Basket Ideas for Girlfriends

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