4 Items to Consider for Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

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Baby in Santa Outfit
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A baby’s first Christmas should be a very special experience, which is why every aspect of the event should be perfect, including their outfit. Choosing that perfectly adorable baby Christmas outfit is one of the most fun parts of being a parent when preparing for a holiday. It’s part of the experience that helps commemorate the baby’s first holiday with the entire family. To help you choose an appropriate outfit for your baby’s very first Christmas, here are several points to consider.

Baby in a Tutu
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The Outfit

Assuming that your child is at least six months old, it’s safe to say they’ll be able to wear most apparel made for babies without discomfort. These items are readily available, especially during the holidays, so you should have no problem creating a full outfit with a Christmas theme. Since a first Christmas should be something special, it would be prudent to get a memorable outfit that’s not too flashy. I’d say, the perfect example for that memorable outfit is a simple white and red striped baby coat paired with Santa Claus themed overalls. It’s enough to keep your baby photogenic throughout the Christmas celebration.

On the other hand, if you want something more colorful, there are plenty of baby leggings and jackets with very explicit Christmas prints and decorations. Just remember to compare and mix-and-match choices before you make your final purchase decisions. You don’t want to have several different prints in one outfit because they’ll clash.


One Piece Pajamas

If you don’t want to buy a set of clothes, you can always buy a simple one piece pajama. They’re practical and easy to wear, especially for an infant who is only a few months old. You’ll want to stick to something simpler like this for a baby under six months. You don’t want a fussy baby in the middle of Christmas dinner because of the lack of comfort. Furthermore, one piece pajamas are good at keeping the baby warm during the cold winter holidays; something that isn’t always guaranteed by other baby clothing such as leggings or shirts.

Baby in a Bib
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The Bib

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A bib may not seem like a big deal, but it can come in handy. Baby’s can be a messy handful, and if you want to keep your baby Christmas outfit as a memory, you’ll want to include a bib that’ll protect the clothing from unpleasant fluids or spilled bits of food. You can easily find these in a Christmas theme, so there should be no problem finding one that compliments the outfit you end up choosing.

In choosing a Christmas bib, it’s a good idea to pick something charming but affordable. A Christmas bib should also have a Christmas motif, like a Santa or a reindeer, in order to highlight its uniqueness in comparison to other bibs. In order to stick with something that’s easily affordable, don’t worry about embroidery or special décor on it. Remember, it’s the first clothing piece to get dirty in any given situation so look for something expendable.

Socks and Mitts

Finally, there are the socks and mitts. You can choose any pattern or size you want for your child, but make sure to keep them comfortable. It’s Christmas time, so the chances that you’ll be showing your baby around to visiting friends and relatives is very high; comfort then becomes more important than aesthetics.

Furthermore, your baby’s first Christmas socks and baby mitts don’t need to match the rest of his or her clothes. As long as they are comfortable and snug, they are good enough for your baby’s first Christmas. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to get several pairs just in case one pair is not enough to keep the baby warm.


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