You Could Win a Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Limited Edition BH Cosmetics Palette

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In case you’ve ben living under a rock, there is a new moving debuting called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And it’s based on a book, but not the classic Jane Austin Novel you were thinking.


If you’ve ever read Pride and Prejudice or watched the movie, this one has a similar story line, but it is instead set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The book was a New York Times best seller and was renowned for being so close in writing to the original novel. If the movie seems a little silly, you may actually be surprised at the how much you’ll like it.

Also, if you were craving some zombie action since we are in a dry season between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, this may satiate you for a while. Check out the trailer.

In honor of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie’s debut we have not only given away free movie prescreen guest passes-(you could still get one if you live in San Antonio, TX here) but we are also giving away a  limited edition BH Cosmetics palette so you can be as radiant as the sisters in the movie. The makeup palette also comes with a lip gloss collection.

There are two ways for you to enter to win

First way:  Post a selfie on facebook showing your best makeup impression for the movie using the hashtag #PPZMovie. Share the link in the form below and you get 4 entries to win.

Second way: Follow Miss Millennia Magazine on twitter and get 1 entry to win.

Third way: do both and get 5 entries to win!

The giveaway is only going on for a short while and we’ll announce the winner on Friday on the premiere day! Good luck!

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  1. I think this is a hilarious concept. I’m not a fan of scary movies anymore, but this one has me curious.

  2. I watched this trailer and it’s really cool and interesting, I can’t wait to see this movie soon.

  3. I’m not a fan of zombies; I really don’t get the appeal but my sister would love this. I also don’t like them messing with the classics. They are classics for a reason.

  4. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice! And one of my best friends is also a fan too, sharing this link with her ASAP

  5. Oh I can’t wait for this. I’ve been meaning to read the book and now I must get my act together so I can do it before the movie.

  6. Nice one! The
    trailer looks great! Though I am not a huge fan of Zombie movies/series as I
    prefer the vampire-ish theme, this one really looks great

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