5 Beauty Product Staples

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Whether it’s recommendations from a friend or from the pages of a magazine, experimenting with make-up is one of the best perks of being a woman. Different shades, brands, and types of make-up are consistently released and being tested in order to find that perfect combination of make-up that makes us look and feel ready to take on the world. Now, while all of us women are different, not only in skin tone, but type, and personal preference, I feel that there are a few staples we can all agree on. So, I have compiled a short list of products I have tested and believe are worthy of every woman’s make-up collection.

  1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer: To build a big, strong building, you need an equally strong and reliable base. This is also true for make-up, which moisturizer is the real base for. Moisturizer not only ensures that make-up application is smooth, but it also protects the pores of the face from getting clogged with make-up. I’ve bought my fair share of expensive face creams and while they’ve been great, I can’t exactly afford to buy $50 face cream every time I run out. So, I purchased Aveeno after seeing it recommended on a beauty blog and found that it is a perfect solution. Although it’s less than half the cost of a $50 face cream, it’s smooth, light, and keeps my face feeling fresh and moisturized all day long, making it the perfect base for my make-up.
  2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Crayon: I first read about this handy and portable concealer in a magazine as one of the best drugstore concealers affordable for the everyday woman. The magazine boasted that the concealer crayon offered the best coverage and longest wear without being too thick; the critics were right. Personally, I like to carry around a portable concealer stick when I have a long day or night ahead of me, for a little touch-up. The application is easy, thanks to the tapered crayon shape, and it’s very smooth, which makes it easy under the eyes. The substance of the concealer is light. Just how I like it, but it’s also tough enough to cover any blemishes. Last, but certainly not least, the crayon is a pretty decent size for a concealer; so much, that I could see myself using it for several months before needing to restock.
  3. Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner: I’m fairly new to the liquid-liner bandwagon, and though it took me a while to master a somewhat straight line, I have to say, I have become a fan. However, with the liquid liners I’ve purchased in the in the past, I’ve found myself tracing the liquid over a pencil liner or layering some black powder eyeshadow over the liner so that it doesn’t bleed or fade halfway through the day. Now, while I love the clean, dark line that liquid liner provides, this extra work defeats the overall purpose of the liquid liner; so, hello gel liner. Although, initially, the “twist this and snap that” instructions made me wary of the purchase, it was a purchase well worth it in the end. I didn’t need to reapply because the liner didn’t rub off, and it maintained its solid black line throughout, not only a normal workday, but also a very long day traveling from Texas to California. Any eyeliner that can last through that is a keeper in my kit.
  4. Tarte “Cheek Stain”: For years, I’ve been a devoted user of the bareMinerals make-up. I’ve used their foundation, blush, and mineral veil (a finishing powder) since I first started using make-up at 15-years-old. However, when I read about cheek stain in another blog, I decided to give it a try, and I am very thankful I did. The cheek stain I purchased is a nice, bright color that goes on much like lipstick, in the sense that you put the stain directly on your cheeks and spread the color using your fingers, a brush, or a make-up sponge. It blended well with my dense powder foundation, lasted long, and the color remained vibrant all day. This cheek stain comes in quite a few colors, allowing for a match for almost any skin tone.
  5. Revlon “Really Red” Matte Lipstick: Whenever a woman wants to feel like a powerhouse, whether she’s in a little black dress or jeans and a t-shirt, she’s going to add a swipe of red lipstick. Now, I don’t wear much lipstick, but a red lipstick is something every woman needs in her arsenal and I went in search for the perfect one. I tried the usual culprits recommended by magazines and fashion blogs (such as “Ruby Woo” by MAC and “Red Dragon” by NARS) and I found that “Ruby Woo,” in particular, eventually grew very dry on my lips, and both lipsticks faded shortly after application. “Really Red” from Revlon, however, is the exact opposite. Although it’s a matte lipstick, it actually moisturizes the lips and the color stays put for much longer than I would have expected from the brand. Needless to say, I was impressed, and have become a huge fan of Revlon lipsticks in general since this purchase.

Again, we all have our own personal preferences in make-up because we all have products that just work for us. However, there are a few products that happen to be magical enough to work for a lot of different women, and my hope is the above list will be those products. Never be afraid to experiment with make-up, as a general rule, but also have a few staple make-up pieces because those will be the ones that you stick with time and time again. Happy hunting.


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