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MBA Programs Offered in Toronto

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There is an inherent paradox in the nature of vocational education and its impact on employ-ability both here in Canada and around the world. This situation finds its representation in the fact that employers require high standards of formal education on the thousands of prospective employees, and yet the same companies spend thousands of dollars imparting technical and behavioral skills to their employees. An MBA is probably the most job-oriented course that equips employees with the knowledge to become better at their job and develop the skills they need to become better managers.

The Question of Full-Time or Part-Time

The rising cost of education and the pressure to pay off student loans — among other compelling factors — has led graduate and undergraduate students to seek employment faster than ever before. Employees who have gained domain knowledge and are looking to gain the skills and knowledge required to move into a managerial position often look for the best part time MBA Toronto has to offer. While a full-time MBA is desirable, many working professionals cannot make the financial and scheduling commitment such a course demands. These constraints and the need for skills that can be applied on the job make part time MBA courses a boon to students and employees in Canada.

A Part Time MBA in Canada

There has been a significant rise in the demand for part time MBA programs and accelerated MBA programs in Canada. Catering to a wide range of industries and service organizations, these MBA programs have been designed to be executive learning environments where the benefits of a flexible learning schedule and a range of focused elective courses enable a student to enhance their career skills. Premier institutions such as the Wilfrid Laurier University have the most convenient, affordable and flexible part time MBA Toronto has ever seen.

Employ-ability and sustainable employ-ability are two business imperatives that organizations around the world seek to improve. In response to the need for MBA graduates who have domain-specific skills, more MBA programs are paired with Certified Management Accountants (CMA) and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certification programs. These specialized courses target the requirements of some of Canada’s premier financial institutions and add significant value to the employee and the organization.

Some of the finest courses in Canada offer accelerated part time courses that are designed for busy professionals. A typical accelerated part time MBA course has classes scheduled on weekends for about two to two and a half years. A regular part time MBA can last for a little over three years. Accelerated and part-time programs are also far more affordable than a full-time MBA and offer a professional the opportunity to network with colleagues from a wide range of industries while learning crucial management skills in a business-oriented environment. Some part-time programs allow students to move directly to the elective stage of their course.

MBA programs from respected institutions such as Laurier University are regarded as some of the best part time MBA Toronto can offer. These MBA programs help individuals embellish their resume and improve career prospects while continuing to be employed.

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