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At Miss Millennia Magazine, we provide practical solutions for millennial women who aspire to become their best selves. We’ve found that many motivated women struggle with feeling lost when making important life decisions regarding their personal growth, wealth, and career.

That is why it is our passion to let these women know that not only are they not alone, but we also provide them with practical steps to figure out the tough stuff. One of the things our readers love most is how our various contributors speak from different points of view.

We give you practical advice on the following stages in life, helpful tips for your career, and even the best advice on growing to be your best self.


Miss Millennia Magazine was founded by Jasmine Watts, our Editor-in-Chief, in 2011. She recognized the dilemma that many college graduates face when entering the real world, and it does not meet their expectations. She found solace in commiserating with her peers who were also googling things such as How do I know if I should go to Grad School? And How to Keep Your Mind Active after Graduation. A freelance writer at the time and a full-time frustrated college grad, she decided to do something about it and thus began Miss Millennia Magazine. You can learn more about Jasmine’s story of how she started Miss Millennia Magazine here. 


Miss Millennia Magazine is an entirely virtual team located all over the world. Jasmine is located in San Antonio, TX.


  • We are a friend who is not afraid to tell you like it is. Everyone needs a friend like this, even when they say something you don’t want to hear.
  • This a helpful resource for the questions you are too afraid to ask. Who is going to tell you how to negotiate your salary? Your boss? Better to stick with us.
  • Open to suggestions. So let us know what questions you have by emailing us at editors@missmillmag.com.


  • Your Mother. So act like you have common sense in the comments: no bullying or name-calling. Disagreeing is ok.
  • A mean girl who tells you one thing to your face and talks shit behind your back. We are advocates for millennials because we are millennials and have your best interest at heart. We strive to write content that speaks to our audience and will enhance their lives.
  • Perfect. We make mistakes sometimes too, so if you find a typo or disagree with our stance on a particular topic, let us know in the comments or email us at editors@missmillmag.com.

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