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This Is How You Get Glamorous Makeup On A Budget

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This Is How You Get Glamorous Makeup On A Budget

I have never been what you would call a “beauty expert.” In high school, I actually looked down on the girls who come to school with a full face on, thinking they were shallow (I know, major cringe). I didn’t start wearing makeup at all until I was 19. Even then, I barely knew how to apply a coat of mascara and some foundation before class. In the past few years, though, I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy playing with cosmetics and have been trying to find a way to get makeup on a budget.

**I received free product in exchange for publishing this post. All opinions are 100% my own.**

Now that I have delved into the world of beauty, I can’t believe how many cool and unique products are out there and all the things you need to create a look. Primer, foundation, setting powder, liner, lipstick, shadow, mascara, blush, bronzer, the list goes on. Not to mention skincare!

There are so many things I want to try, but makeup can get expensive in a hurry, especially when you’re buying higher-quality brands. That’s why Glambot is a lifesaver. Want to know how you can get some glamorous makeup looks on a budget? Read on!

Get Your Beauty Fix For Less!

Glambot is basically a gift from the makeup goddesses. Their site is home to TONS of cosmetics and skincare items. Although they feature high-end and designer brands, products all come at discounted prices. You can buy a lot of makeup on a small budget. Whether you’re searching for Anastasia Beverley Hills, Benefit, or Too Faced, they have the most coveted selection of products.

This site’s extensive inventory has all the products you need for your whole face, whether you’re an edgy Urban Decay gal, a classic Bobbi Brown chick, or a wild Kat Von D wearer. In addition to makeup and skincare, they also have all the beauty accessories you need. Makeup bags, brushes, sharpeners—it’s all here!

That’s not all.

Some of the coolest things this site offers that you won’t find anywhere else are their bundles. These multi-item packs are really where it’s at! Each bundle is curated to include lip, eye, and face products you’ll love. Some include only a specific brand, others are just one type of makeup (such as pencil products). Some are a fun surprise, others show exactly what you’ll get.

Unlike makeup subscription boxes, though, these hauls are easy on your bank account. Glambot’s bundles and hauls come in all price points, making them ideal for gifting and ladies on a budget. These super fun packages start as low as $5! It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays (wink, wink!).

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Want Even More Exclusive Deals?

Glambot logo

As you can tell, Glambot is the place to go for budget-friendly makeup every day of the week. But sometimes they have deals that will practically make you fall out of your chair!

Here’s a little secret.

Every so often, this cool online store offers an unbelievable feature called The Vault, which is exclusive to members. All you have to do is create an account and you’ll get the insider info. The Fantasy Vault offers your favorite brands at even better prices than usual. The Glambot team sets aside their best products and marks them down up to 80 percent off! Plus you get freebies with every single order.

The Vault only opens for a limited time, so make sure to keep an eye on that page and sign up for their email list so you’re in the know!

A few times each year, Glambot also features an incredible Dollar Store section. That’s right. There are high-quality, name-brand makeup products for your eyes, lips, and face—all priced at $1! Talk about incredible makeup on a budget, right? The Glambot team chooses a mystery selection of products, making it extra fun for you. You might get a full-sized item or a handful of samples in the category of your choice. And it’s all for less than the price of a coffee!

Don’t forget to shop in the sale section, too! Glambot currently has tons of items marked 30, 50, and 80% off retail prices. These products will help make you look like a queen for next to nothing! The sale items are perfect for stocking up on your faves on the cheap or trying that product you are hesitant about. Even if you end up hating it, at least you won’t spend a small fortune on it!

Bonus Tip!

If you want to save even more money, be sure to sign up with Honey before filling up your cart. Honey is a free online tool that scans the entire Internet for coupon codes and automatically applies the best one to your purchase. All you need to do is sign up and click the icon when you’re ready to check out. Get Honey before your next online shopping spree!

How Does Glambot Do It?

The unique thing about Glambot is that they specialize in buying and selling pre-owned beauty products. Before you say “Ewwww” to a store that sells used makeup, remember this. Testers at your favorite makeup stores and the products used on you by professional makeup artists are all used, too.

Glambot takes great care in sanitizing all the products they receive using a variety of methods, including adding isopropyl alcohol, applying heat, and removing parts of the product. Any items that can put bacteria back into the tube, like mascara and liquid lipstick, for example, are only sold unused. So no need to worry about other people’s germs!

All products must also be free of contaminants like dirt and pet hair, and even the outside of the packaging has to look nice. No sketchy old products that have been hiding at the bottom of some girl’s purse here! Every product I received looked pretty new. There were no weird smells, stains, or smears anywhere!

Not only do they ensure the stuff they resell is clean, but the team also checks each product for authenticity. Even though you are getting these items at a hefty discount, you want the real thing. Knockoffs are often made with lower-quality ingredients and won’t perform as well as the originals. Glambot really cares that their customers don’t get duped and I love them for it!

What I Got

glambot makeup bag and product

Glambot was nice enough to send me a little package and I honestly loved it! They sent me a bundle called the VIP Mega Bundle. It costs just $19.99 but you get around $200 worth of glam products!

Inside the adorable floral print makeup bag, I got a wide range of products, many of which I never would have bought for myself. In my opinion, that’s the best part of a surprise package!

My first product was the Punker mascara by Ardency Inn, which seemed basically full to me. Next, I got a yellow-tinted concealer stick by Cover FX, perfect for covering those under-eye bags. I also received a cute little primer by e.l.f.

My two favorite items in my bundle were an anti-wrinkle cream by Caudalie (I just turned 28, gals) and a pretty liquid lipstick from Smashbox. The pinky-purple shade of the lippie is so sheer and pretty that it looks like a glamorous nude on me. I can’t wait to wear it everywhere from work to dates with my husband come springtime!

The bundle I got also included a “prescription” of shimmer and shine in the form of glitter pills. Simply break them open and apply whenever you need some extra sparkle! The “pills” contain glitter in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and are perfect for hitting the club, costume parties, or just bringing out your inner sparkle!

You Can Make Money With Glambot, Too!

Want to save even more money? Try selling your gently used makeup to Glambot!

If you have a makeup item that’s been sitting unused in the bottom of your makeup bag, send it over. Got a sample from a giveaway or subscription box that you hate? Glambot will take that off your hands, too. They even accept makeup brushes and empty palettes.

As long as it is not expired, has at least 50 percent of the product left in the package, and is authentic, you’re golden!  Gather up 20 products you aren’t in love with anymore and send them off. Even tiny perfume and skincare samples count towards this, so it’s super easy to hit the minimum! Make sure to check the list of accepted brands on the “Sell Your Makeup Online” page before you put your package together to double-check that you’re good to go.

Once the selling team has accepted your items, they send you a FREE shipping label so you can mail out your stuff at no cost to you. The best part is, you can either get paid in cash or earn 30 percent more if you accept store credit. You’re probably going to spend that money on more Glambot makeup anyway, right?

If you’re a gal with more makeup than you know what to do with, selling your previously owned makeup products to Glambot can be a nice little side hustle. Maybe you got two of the same brush sets for Christmas. Or the colors in a palette just don’t work on you. Even if you just like having new makeup and want to get rid of products that are no longer trending, you can earn some serious cash this way!

What To Do Once Your Package Arrives

Your heart was racing. Your eyes darted over your screen. You frantically typed in your credit card info. You ordered a ton of awesome makeup on a budget from Glambot and the package just arrived at your door. You tore it open and admired all of your thrifty, pretty purchases. Now what?

It’s time to create some fun looks with your new purchases! Even if you’re an expert, it’s nice to get some inspiration from other makeup lovers. Check out the videos below for a few eye and lip tips that will kick your looks up a notch!

Time To Get Shopping!

Now that I know about Glambot, I’m so excited to tap into their inventory. Hello, all new makeup without breaking my budget! Trying new shades and makeup products sounds like so much fun, but I definitely can’t afford to buy things willy-nilly at their full prices.

On this site, I can treat myself to some fancy stuff or experiment with some wild makeup colors without draining my bank account. I might even get some specialized brushes so I can apply my new products flawlessly.

Treat yourself to some new-to-you beauty products from Glambot here!


Whether you’re addicted to makeup tutorial videos or you’re a total newbie to cosmetics, you can find perfect makeup with your budget on Glambot. No more having to lament when your favorite product gets discontinued or you missed out on that limited edition item, either! By purchasing items that were previously owned, you are doing so much good! You get some fun new stuff for your makeup bag, you reduce waste and save the planet, and you help another girl make a little extra cash.

What products do you hope to find on Glambot? Have you ever sold anything on this site as a side hustle? What’s your favorite look you have created with the products you purchased on Glambot? We’d love to hear your comments below!

**I received free product in exchange for publishing this post. All opinions are 100% my own.**

This Is How You Get Glamorous Makeup On A Budget

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