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My Better Half

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Hi Everyone šŸ™‚

As I was brainstorming ideas of what to blog about, it occurred to me that I have not mentioned much about my significant other, my better half, my best friend, Rylee’s daddy and my husband, Mr.William Henney. This guy deserves a special medal or a trophy in life. I mean, come on, he puts up with me!

All joking aside, he is a great guy and boy-oh-boy where would my life be without him? I’m not going there because it just could not be – we were meant to be. OK, OK. So, Will and I have been together for about four years now, which seems like not that long.

Will and I met back in the day in good old Monroeville, Ohio, both raised there. We only lived about a half mile apart, but the funny thing is, we did not see much of each other in such a small town. I would run into him here and there, but nothing significant. Maybe a “Hi” or “Hey” in the halls at high school, or a quick glimpse passing by each others class but no more than that. How? I do not know, because living in Monroeville, everyone knows everyone, and going to the local gas station is like a family reunion.

But at last, one fine day, (NOT in Monroeville), we both had ventured down to Columbus to celebrate and party for the Ohio State vs. Michigan game! (Go Bucks!) This is where we saw each other! Talk about craziness – or love meant to be – we live half a mile away from each other, never see one another and we travel to Columbus and that’s where we run into each other!!

So anyways, we exchanged numbers, went on a couple of dates, and ta-da! we have been inseparable ever since. What have we been doing in the last four years, you ask? Well, we bought a house in July 2008, had a baby in December 2010 and – last but certainly not least – we got married in April 2011. We did it all backwards, but let me tell you, it has been nothing short of absolutely wonderful. Our friends and family have made our journey throughout these last four years amazing as well, being so supportive in our choices, our values, and just daily living. It has not been easy being an adult, a homeowner, a wife, a student, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and the list goes on!

But, the point is: William is my better half and a wonderful husband. He is an amazing support system for me and our daughter,Ā  a terrific father – I see it in Rylee’s shining little eyes whenever she looks at him – and geesh, ladies and gents, I guess I could go on all day about him! Truth is, he is a keeper and the love of my life…and Rylee, too! šŸ™‚

Love is in the air! Make sure your significant other knows it šŸ™‚


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