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A Word About Family on Christmas

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I am the second oldest of five girls; seven including my half sisters. The holidays are always an awesome time because we can get together and play games, talk about our accomplishments, and just have a good time. When I speak of my sisters, eccentric is the right word to use. We all kind roll to the beat of our own drum. I have a sister majoring in photography, a sister going to school in Hawaii, another planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, and another who is planning on going to school to learn how to design video games. We are an eclectic bunch and it is just awesome to be around them because I know that there is no one else in the world that are as similar to me as my sisters are. And I always know that when everything else always fails I will always have a group of people who have my back.

The Watts girls
Joi, Jade, Jacqueline (Mom), Jasmine, Jannise, Jolie

Although we have a good time together, there is something about each other that drives us all mad. I mean we can get on each others nerves quickly and easily, and that first feeling of happiness to see my family soon turns to irritation and annoyance. I must admit, no one can get under my skin like my sisters can. Because of our differences and our strong opinions, it can be difficult having so many strong-minded women around. We love each other but this is when we start to get into it.

With this being said, I always have a bit of a bittersweet feeling when it comes to seeing my family. I know what is to come. But then I realize isn’t that just normal for a family? I feel that you must have a strong emotional bond with someone in order for them to drive you into an emotional anger brigade. If I did not care about my sisters then, anything they did that I felt was annoying I could just let it roll. But family is family and they are the one you are blessed to have.

This year I am going go into this holiday season with a new mantra, a completely positive attitude. I am blessed to have a big family who supports every crazy idea I come up with. Seriously one day I’m starting a business, the next I’m going to grad school. But regardless of my choices they are there for me. So instead of thinking and dwelling about last years holiday annoyances, I am going to go into this holiday thinking of nothing but the positives. I am blessed with a family that loves me. What more could you really ask for?

So this holiday season if you can appreciate my circumstance, spend this holiday really appreciating your family for who they are. You would not be who you are without them. Merry Christmas everyone!

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