15 Navy Blue Matte Nail Designs and Ideas for 2024

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15 Navy Blue Matte Nail Designs and Ideas for 2023

Navy blue matte nails show off sophistication and timeless elegance. In 2024, this classic shade takes center stage with various designs and styles, offering a modern twist to traditional nail aesthetics. Dive into the Navy Blue Matte Nail Designs world, where creativity meets elegance, and discover the trendiest ideas for the upcoming year. They are one of the most favorite colors you wish to have, especially if you go for casual and formal occasions. 

You can choose from different designs about, the navy blue matte nail color. The good thing is that the matte finish will fit any outfit, making it one of the favorites for nail designs, regardless of whether it is a fake nail. Since the holiday season is just around the corner, let us share the best blue nail ideas you can consider.

1. Navy Blue Coffin Fake French Marble False with Glitter Designs

Embrace an elegant look with navy blue coffin-shaped nails featuring French marble patterns and glitter accents. This design seamlessly combines classic and contemporary elements for a stunning effect. Some people might think that your nails have French marble in them.

It also matches any skin tone, indicating that you can wear this design on your nails without feeling it will look good. Moreover, this glossy navy fake nail proved to be a perfect choice for women who want a unique look on their nails.

Get the navy blue French tips here.

2. Blue Short Matte Fake Nails

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02/20/2024 04:46 am GMT

Short and sweet, these blue matte nails are perfect for a more subtle and understated look. The matte finish adds a velvety touch, elevating the simplicity of short nails. Also, the matte top coat lasts for a long time compared to its glossy counterpart.

It has been well-loved by office women for a long time because they are not that bold yet has a striking appeal to the people who will see it. The blue color will match any attire, so women can change their outfits to party mode after work without ruining their looks.

Get blue matte fake nails here.

3. Medium Almond False Nails with Lattice Designs Navy Blue Fake Nails

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02/20/2024 09:41 am GMT

Almond-shaped nails adorned with lattice designs in navy blue offer a unique and stylish appearance. This medium-length option strikes the right balance between bold and chic. However, this is not a great choice if you would love to sport long nails but the perfect choice if you are delighted to wear medium-length false nails with a unique shape that will give you a wow factor the next time you attend a special occasion. 

Get the Almond navy blue nails here.

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4. Gel Liner Nail Polish, Royal Blue Gel Nail Polish Dark Blue Colors, French UV Gel Paint

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02/20/2024 08:06 am GMT

Experiment with the royal and dark blue shades in gel liner nail polish. French UV gel paint adds a glossy finish, providing a vibrant, long-lasting color perfect for any occasion. The gel paint is also excellent for people sensitive to strong smells and delicate skin because it is usually made with safer materials.

This blue nail polish will exceed your expectations and ensure you will make the most out of your nails. However, if you want better designs, it is better to have it applied by a professional, but it does not mean you can’t do some DIYs as there are lots of tutorials all over the internet on how to create simple designs using gel paints.

Navy blue nail polish liner.

5. Navy Stick on Nails, Polish-Free Solid Acrylic Fake Nails

For a hassle-free and solid navy blue look, opt for stick-on nails. These polish-free acrylic nails provide a sleek and polished appearance without traditional nail polish application. Save time from the extensive task of nail polishing.

Remember that time is precious, so saving time from manicures can make a difference, especially if you are busy. Moreover, this is an excellent option for formal events because of its elegant look.

Get the navy blue stick-on nails here.

6. RikView French Tip Press on Nails Almond Acrylic Nails

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02/20/2024 09:02 am GMT

Elevate your style with RikView’s French tip press-on nails in an almond shape. Combining French tips and almond nails creates a refined and sophisticated look. It might be intimidating for some if you try to wear this style for the first time.

However, the nice glossy nails you will get from this will surely motivate you to stick to this design. Moreover, The French manicure can match all skin tones, which is why it is trendy for women worldwide.

RicView French Tip Nails

7. Ajacity Square Short Fake Nails Blue Press On Nails Matte

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02/20/2024 06:01 am GMT

Square-shaped short nails in matte navy blue make a bold statement. Ajacity’s design is perfect for those who prefer a clean, squared-off nail silhouette. Being a versatile color, matte remains a crowd favorite by nail artists and every woman who needs to ramp up their fashion statement. A white base coat is usually placed beneath to ensure the blue stands out best.

The best thing about these fake nails is that they are not delicate. They can withstand extended usage without breaking easily because of the durable materials they are made of, especially their short length, which makes them not prone to breakage. 

8. Dark Blue Press on Nails Medium Short Square Nails

Strike a balance between medium and short length with dark blue press-on nails in a square shape. Achieve a classic yet modern aesthetic that suits various occasions. Always remember that dark colors never fail to impress.

Having said so, having dark blue nails will not only make your appearance stand out but will also make you confident as an individual. So it is an excellent idea to include this on your bucket list in case you want to change your look for the better or, should we say, best.

Get Dark blue nails and medium short square nails here.

9. Blue Press on Nails Almond Shape Fake Nails French False Nails with Designs Blue White Silver Waves Acrylic Nails

Channel ocean vibes with blue, white, and silver wave designs on almond-shaped press-on nails. This intricate design adds a touch of artistry to your fingertips. Many women have said combining these fake nails with their polka-dot outfits is excellent.

Although blue seems classic, the white-silver wave design makes up for the paint’s simplicity. Moreover, the blue design blends well with the white-silver waves, so matching it with a light-colored outfit will give you the most out of your looks.

Get blue press on nails here.

10. Blue Coffin Press on Nails Long Ballerina Glossy Fake Nails Art Mix 4 Matte Nails 12 Glitter Designs

For a glamorous look, choose long ballerina-shaped coffin nails with a mix of matte and glitter designs. This versatile option allows you to express your creativity with various textures. The ambiance of this design will surely fit your winter season attires.

Since fake nails are relatively glossy, a regular polish routine would be better to retain their great looks. So, if you want to achieve a unique and classic look, these fake nails are indeed works of art that you can consider the next time you shop for artificial nails. It is convenient and will give you the satisfaction of being stylish.

Get the blue coffin press nails here.

11. Ballerina Dark Blue Coffin Press on False Nails Matte Rhinestone Acrylic Nails

Incorporate rhinestones into your matte navy blue ballerina coffin nails for glamour. This design adds a hint of sparkle to the understated elegance of matte. It is proven that dark blue nail designs can pair up with almost any outfit, regardless of whether you want to go formal or casual.

However, remember that you must handle this extra care because the material is delicate. Only an experienced nail artist can remove this design if it is manually designed on your nails. Having false nails like this will prevent you from the strenuous time and effort needed to craft such a design.

Get the ballerina dark nails here.

12. YoYoee Long Coffin False Nails Blue Butterfly Press on Nails French Fake Nails

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02/20/2024 09:31 am GMT

Embrace nature-inspired beauty with long coffin false nails featuring delicate blue butterfly designs. This whimsical touch adds a touch of fantasy to your overall look. Simple ideas turn into great designs like this Long Coffin False Nails from Yoyoee. It will transform every simple look into something more extravagant.

So, if you want a relaxed look on your next affair, this false nail product is worth trying. You can also put some silver glitter designs on it if you’re going to, as it adds sophistication and elegance to the plan. 

Get the Long coffin nails here.

13. Yivaiks 24 Pcs Blue Nails Short Press on Nails for Women

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02/20/2024 08:31 am GMT

Different colors might capture the attention of others. However, that is not always the case, as there are instances wherein a single color will be sufficient, especially if it is blue. As we all know, blue is bold, so having a blue manicure combined with different shades of blue is short and practical.

Yivaiks offers a set of 24 short press-on nails in varying shades of blue. This collection is perfect for women on the go, providing quick and stylish nail solutions but will never make you feel like you are falling short in terms of looks and designs.

Get the short nails press on here.

14. YOSOMK Short Press on Nails Navy Blue Square Fake Nails Full Cover

Achieve a polished and full-cover look with YOSOMK’s short press-on nails in a navy blue square shape. This design is timeless and versatile, putting a smile on your face every time you see your nails. You can pair it up differently by experimenting with a new outfit or hairstyle.

You’ll never run out of ideas because the best way to achieve an optimal look is to try various things that could benefit your appearance. Since this is a full-cover type of fake nail, you must be very particular with your nail length to ensure a sufficient base for applying these beautiful counterfeit nails.

Get the navy blue square fake nails here.

15. Flower Press on Nails Short Blue Fake Nails French Nail Tip Blue Glossy Nude Design Stick on Nails

Explore a delicate floral touch with short blue fake nails featuring French nail tips and a glossy nude design. The combination of blue and nude creates a subtle yet striking appearance. The bare design of the shiny blue color achieves a gradient effect that will impress many.

Just be sure to maintain the fake nails properly, especially in summer, as the higher temperature could dry out the glossiness of your affected nails. Avoid too much sun exposure, and you’ll have no problems.

Get the navy blue flower press on nails here.

In 2024, navy blue matte nails are not just a trend but a timeless expression of style and sophistication. Whether you prefer short and sweet or long and glamorous, these 15 navy blue matte nail designs offer an incredible range of options to suit every personality and occasion.

Take the nail game to the next level with these stunning ideas, and let your fingertips make a statement of elegance and creativity once you take your next manicure session. However, do not limit yourselves to these designs alone, as you can spice it up more with your touch by doing some DIYs if needed.

15 Navy Blue Matte Nail Designs and Ideas for 2023

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