Top 10 Tips for Millennials To Make Money Outside of Work

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Top 10 Tips for Millennials To Make Money Outside of Work

Millennials want to succeed just as much as any other generation, but the economy has made it difficult for them to do so. As a result, many have had to take on side jobs to make ends meet.

Whether you’re seeking to pay off student loans, save for the future, or enjoy a little extra money, countless side hustle options await exploring. This blog post will discuss ten tips for millennials on how to make money outside of work, whether they’re looking for a part-time gig or a full-time career change!

Let’s dive into the world of side hustlers, where market research companies, business owners, and even English teachers can find the perfect side gig to fit their schedules and ambitions. Whether you’re in San Francisco or any other corner of the globe, these opportunities exist and are within reach.

From selling unwanted items to becoming a tour guide or delving into the hospitality industry, this article will guide you through the world of side hustles and show you how hard work can transform unused space into a home office or extra space for your growing income. 


You should start blogging if you have an opinion, experience, or expertise to help others make a living. Bloggers typically use platforms like WordPress to build their blogs, on which they write posts about what is relevant to them. 

In addition, some bloggers may get sponsored posts from various brands (with disclosure) for money, while some may also sell products

Bloggers also make money by charging for access to their blog’s content. Prices usually range from $0.99-$39.99 per month, or selling a one-time product like an ebook or video course. It’s really up to you how much effort you want to put into your blogging business – the sky’s the limit! 

men and women using laptop tips for millennials on how to make money outside of work

A blogger may also get sponsorship from brands that will give them a free product or service to mention on social media channels, which can generate passive income. The more followers you have, the better your chances of being picked up by other advertisers. Brands are looking at bloggers with a big following because it makes sense for their brand reach and engagement rates.

Bloggers can also monetize their content through affiliate marketing. This involves promoting products or services related to their niche and earning a commission on each sale or action generated through their unique affiliate links. By strategically integrating affiliate links into their blog posts, bloggers can earn passive income as their audience makes purchases based on their recommendations.

Many successful bloggers create and sell their products related to their niche. This could include ebooks, online courses, merchandise, or digital resources. Selling these products directly to their audience allows bloggers to retain more profits than affiliate marketing or ad revenue.

Moreover, some bloggers offer premium content or exclusive membership access to their most dedicated readers. This can be done through platforms like Patreon or by creating a paid subscription model on their blog. Subscribers gain access to additional content, personalized advice, or a community of like-minded individuals.

Bloggers can earn money through display advertising using ad networks like Google AdSense or These platforms display relevant ads on the blogger’s website, and the blogger earns revenue based on ad impressions and clicks. The more traffic a blog receives, the greater the potential for ad revenue.

Hosting webinars or online workshops on topics related to their niche is another way for bloggers to earn money. Participants pay for access to the live sessions or recorded content, and bloggers can share their expertise while generating income.

There is also another way called display advertising. Bloggers can earn money through display advertising using ad networks like Google AdSense or These platforms display relevant ads on the blogger’s website, and the blogger earns revenue based on ad impressions and clicks. The more traffic a blog receives, the greater the potential for ad revenue.

Many bloggers make money from YouTube, too! The platform is excellent for video content creation and monetization of that content. For example, you can enroll in the YouTube Partners Program to create ads before your videos play to earn revenue. Or try the Google AdSense program, where you’ll receive payment for each click on an ad displayed on your page. 

This might not seem like a lot, but if someone clicks 20 times daily (which isn’t hard), it could quickly add up! 

Travel Agent

When travel agents book accommodations for customers, they generally receive commissions from the hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and tour operators that the customers use. These commissions can be different amounts, but they often represent a percentage of the entire cost of the booking. Your potential earnings are directly proportional to the number of bookings you can achieve.

Familiarization trips, often known as FAM Trips, are offered by many travel businesses to travel agents. These trips allow agents to experience the locations and services the travel company promotes firsthand. These excursions are frequently discounted or even free, which can result in significant cost savings for your travel adventures.

Millennials can specialize in particular types of travel, such as luxury and adventure travel, and specialized sectors, such as ecotourism and gourmet tourism. Travel agents can attract customers looking for one-of-a-kind experiences and charge possibly more outstanding fees if they become experts in a specific specialty.

In addition to commissions, travel agents can charge service fees to customers in exchange for their expertise, time, and specialized care. These fees can potentially increase your income and pay you for the time spent researching and preparing intricate itineraries.

The organization and booking of group travel, such as for destination weddings, family reunions, or corporate retreats, has the potential to be a lucrative niche. It is common practice to earn more excellent commissions on group bookings; you may also charge fees for managing group arrangements.

Because Millennials are so well-versed in technology, they can attract customers to their businesses using online marketing, social media, and websites. Building a solid presence online can assist you in reaching a larger audience and bringing in more bookings for your business.

Working as a travel agent typically provides a degree of leeway regarding both the hours worked and the office’s location. Millennials can earn additional income by working from the comfort of their homes, traveling while employed, or engaging in a side hustle.

To improve their expertise and credibility as travel agents, millennials can become certified in various relevant industries and participate in appropriate training programs. This can lead to improved earning potential and increased customer confidence.

To summarize, travel agents can make $20 an hour or more as a side hustle by booking flights, hotels, and rental cars through their company. They also have access to discounted tickets, provided they secure the visa within a specific time frame for clients. In addition, there are many opportunities for travel agents to work remotely so that you can do this job from anywhere in the world.

So, if this sounds like a good deal, you should become a travel agent to book travel for clients and earn that extra buck.

Content Creator

Becoming a content creator is a beautiful way for millennials to supplement their income. This is why content providers can earn money in a variety of ways. They can make money from advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, crowdsourcing, and other means. This diversification decreases reliance on a single source of revenue.

The ability to create content provides for a more flexible work schedule. Millennials may create content in their spare time, making it a perfect side hustle that can be worked around their full-time employment or other obligations. Content authors have complete control over their niche, style, and themes. This creative freedom allows them to follow their passions and interests while cultivating an audience for their voice.

Creating a YouTube channel, blog, podcast, or social media presence does not require a significant initial expenditure. Millennials only need smartphones,  computers, and internet connectivity to start.

Content creators can monetize their work in various ways as they gain a following and viewers. YouTubers, for example, can join the YouTube Partner Program and receive ad money. Affiliate marketing allows bloggers to promote items and earn commissions.

Podcasters can get sponsorships and sell premium content to their listeners. Because the internet has a global audience, content providers can reach people worldwide. This broad reach improves the income potential because it is not limited to a local market.

Content creators can use their platforms to promote themselves as experts or influencers in their chosen area. This may lead to speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, and other sources of money. Once uploaded, content can produce cash over time without constant active involvement. A well-monetized site, for example, might make passive income via affiliate links and ad revenue even when the creator isn’t actively generating new pieces.

Content development must be flexible to keep up with shifting trends and technologies. Millennials may adapt their content when new platforms emerge, or audience interests shift, ensuring their earning potential remains relevant.

Besides financial incentives, content creation can lead to personal development and self-expression. Millennials can pursue their interests, develop new skills, and interact with like-minded people, making it rewarding.

Creating content is the third best way to make money outside of work.

In addition, almost half of adults use social media. Forbes estimates there will be more than 500 million video viewers in 2020, making this an increasingly popular option for those who want to work remotely.  

As a content creator, you can create text, images, and videos for various platforms and generate income. For example, you can write blog posts about whatever you like or make YouTube videos relevant to your niche.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers have established several income streams by leveraging their online presence and committed follower base. Sponsored content is one of the main ways they make money. Brands pay influencers to make posts or videos promoting their products or services. These sponsored postings can be seen on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even blogs.

Influencers frequently engage in affiliate marketing in addition to paid material. They market products or services using unique affiliate links and earn a commission on each sale made using those connections. They can monetize their suggestions and endorsements using this method.

Well, they can also profit from brand agreements. They may form long-term ties with businesses, serving as brand ambassadors or reps. These collaborations include exclusive content production, event appearances, and consistent remuneration.

Influencers can monetize their work through ad income on platforms such as YouTube. They allow advertisements to play before or during their videos in exchange for a percentage of the revenue generated based on the number of views and ad engagement.

Many influencers supplement their income by selling products. They leverage their passionate fan following to design and sell things linked to their brand, such as clothes, accessories, or digital downloads. Consulting and coaching are additional alternatives for influencers, particularly those with specialist experience. They provide personalized counsel to their followers for a fee by offering services or courses relating to their expertise.

Some influencers are in high demand for speaking engagements and event appearances. They are compensated for attending conferences, seminars, or special events where they share their views and experiences with an audience interested in their expertise. Donations and crowdfunding can be important money sources for those with a particularly passionate fan following. Some influencers take donations from their followers, whereas others use sites like Patreon to provide exclusive material to paying subscribers.

You need to build an audience and create a social media presence to get started. This will help you decide what platform is best for your niche. You can also ask your friends and family to follow you on the various platforms used by them. So remember to stay active on these channels!

Once you have the right audience, then it’s time to monetize your following. There are many ways to do this, such as affiliate marketing or product placements in posts. For example, you can also sell products on sites like Etsy and eBay. 

Advertisers will pay some influencers a specified amount per post if they want them to feature their product. If you’re interested in something like this, carefully read the content agreements before agreeing!

You can try online courses on Udemy on how to earn extra money as a social media influencer.

Closet Organizer

A professional organizer is a person who helps people reduce clutter in their home and office spaces. Whether moving or downsizing, they will help you effectively manage your belongings by decluttering, storing, donating, recycling, or selling unnecessary items. You may be able to make some extra cash as a closet organizer if you have the skill set already on hand! 

Closet organizers are in demand for those looking to declutter their closets and free up space. In addition, it’s a great way to earn extra money

Here is how it works. 

Professional organizers charge an hourly or daily fee to come into your home. First, they will assess what you have and remove everything that no longer serves your style or works well. Then, they add shelving and drawers (or build new ones) and organize your clothes so they’re easy to find. 

This service can range from $100 an hour for organizing alone to more than $ 1,000 per day if carpentry skills are also needed. 

Offer your services through word of mouth from friends with limited storage space looking for someone like you. For example, ask an employer if they need more assistance organizing their possessions outside the office. If not, then offer them advice about how to keep their space clutter-free in the first place! 

Personal Shopper 

Many people have busy lives and appreciate the convenience of having a personal shopper who can save them time and help them make informed purchasing decisions. The demand for personal shopping services is consistently high. 

Personal shopping is an easy way to make money in your spare time. All you need are some basic skills and a smartphone! Some personal shoppers get paid on commission, while others earn hourly wages.  

Personal shopping allows for flexibility in terms of working hours. Millennials can offer their services during evenings, weekends, or whenever it suits their schedule, making it easy to balance with other commitments. 

Personal shoppers can assist with various tasks, from grocery shopping and clothing selection to gift shopping and home decor purchases. This diversity allows millennials to tailor their services to their interests and expertise.

Millennials can offer personalized shopping experiences, catering to each client’s needs and preferences. Building relationships and understanding individual tastes can lead to repeat business and loyal customers.

If this sounds like something that interests you, there are many sites online where people list their services for hire. You can also post your profile with information about the specific types of items you’re good at purchasing. Easy making money online.


The job of a tutor allows for a lot of flexibility. Because millennials can determine their schedules, it is much simpler for them to work around their primary occupations or any other obligations they may have.

Millennials can leverage their expertise and knowledge in a variety of topics or talents thanks to this opportunity. There is a demand for capable instructors in various professions, including academic issues, language fluency, programming skills, and musical talents.

Tutoring sessions can either occur in a person’s home or online, allowing millennials to reach students worldwide. Because of advancements in technology, such as the availability of video conferencing and online teaching platforms, physical distance is no longer an obstacle.

The hourly prices tutors can charge can be pretty competitive, particularly if the tutor possesses specific talents or extensive knowledge in their field. Tutoring can be a potentially successful side business that can provide millennials with considerable additional sources of income.

In addition to the potential cash rewards, tutoring can be personally satisfying. It allows millennials to help others achieve their academic or personal goals, which may be personally fulfilling for both parties.

If you have skills in a specific area, such as the arts or sciences, and enjoy teaching others about it, tutoring might be your next career. For example, you could teach younger kids at home to help them with homework assignments. 

Or, if you’re knowledgeable enough, try teaching high-level courses like algebra or calculus through an online service like There are many benefits to becoming a tutor, one being that no qualifications are necessary if you have the knowledge required.

Many companies also provide tuition reimbursement programs, allowing employees to be paid while returning to school. If this interests you at all, it is worth checking into.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is another way to make money outside of work. Freelancers or virtual assistants can work on their schedules, set their rates, and keep all the profits!

– Find clients through your network or online platforms like Upwork 

– Set up payment terms with each client, including deadlines and milestones 

– Create good contracts for yourself that detail what you are doing as well as any expectations they may have (e.g., an article of at least 500 words) 

– Keep track of every working hour using Trello, Basecamp, or another time-tracking app so the client knows their bill. Clock in and out at the start and end of each task with this timer app if you need to

– Send invoices and keep track of your receivables with this budgeting app 

– Once you have received payment, send a receipt via email or text to verify the transaction on their end.

Freelance writing is not for everyone, but it’s something that every millennial should consider if they want to know how to make money outside of work. Remember: freelancers don’t always write articles! Instead, they may be ghostwriting someone else’s report, editing/proofreading, copyediting, or rewriting content in other languages. 

There are also opportunities like reviewing apps that pay $50 per hour (or more) through companies like App Reviewer Pro. Plus, there are even opportunities available as editors for magazines like Glossier!


Being a photographer is a great way to make money, no matter where you are. This is a good option; it’s not like work-from-home jobs, but a good side business to earn a lot of money. It’s a kind of part-time job. It does not require any background check.

One can start from their local area. You can take pictures of parties and events or scenic views for travel photos. It’s also an excellent side business and a good way that pays well if the quality of your work is high enough to charge higher rates outside of “stock” photography sites like Shutterstock.

If you’re into more creative pursuits, being a freelance graphic designer or illustrator might also be up your alley! There’s room for artistic types in some fields, such as animation and video editing. Additionally, you might find that once you prove your skills to a company, you will be hired long-term.

Life Coach

If you are a millennial at a loss with what to do next, this might be the perfect opportunity to invest time and money into becoming a life coach. This profession has risen over the last decade due to an increasingly competitive job market.

Coaching is teaching others how to achieve their goals. You will give them the necessary tools, such as resume templates, tutorial videos on landing interviews, and developing social media profiles.

You can start by offering coaching services through one of many websites like, enabling people from anywhere in the world to schedule an online video chat with you.


In conclusion, millennials have many opportunities to make money outside of their full-time jobs, thanks to the ever-expanding gig economy and the digital age. From leveraging their spare room as an Airbnb host to becoming a virtual assistant or participating in focus groups and online surveys, countless side hustle ideas can significantly boost their income.

The best part about these side hustles is their flexibility. Millennials can choose when and how much time they dedicate to these endeavors, making it feasible to balance with their day jobs or other commitments. Whether it’s starting their own business, offering their services as a pet sitter, dog walker, or delivery driver, or simply monetizing their free time, the options are vast.

Many of these side hustle ideas require minimal investment, making them accessible to individuals from all walks of life, whether they have a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or specialized skills like fluency in a foreign language. It’s good that these side hustles can serve various purposes, whether it’s paying off student loans, saving for the future, or simply enjoying a little extra money.

So there you have it! You’ve learned the top ten tips for millennials on how to make money outside of work. Remember, be creative and resourceful to start earning extra income on your side job. 

Top 10 Tips for Millennials To Make Money Outside of Work

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