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10 Feminist Tumblr Blogs Everyone Should Follow

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Ah, Tumblr. The weird cousin of social media sites. Where you go to scroll endlessly through pages of cat gifs, drawings of Iron Man and Captain America dating, and discussions of the importance of Spock’s eyebrows.

It’s also a place where people come together to debate about social issues in an attempt to educate and better the world. Tumblr has it all.

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Just like with any social media site, there are corners of Tumblr that are a little, well, strange. If you’re new (or old) to the site, this can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you begin to find quality blogs to follow?

If you are a feminist and want to learn and discuss feminist issues, Tumblr is a great place to do that. It doesn’t matter what gender you are; you can be part of the discussion. Here’s a list of ten feminist blogs you should be following!

1. The Daily Feminist (the-daily-feminist)

Our first pick is a blog that posts (you guessed it) every day. The woman who runs this account is huge on intersectionality, or how race, class, sexuality, etc. interacts with gender equality. The Daily Feminist is a great blog to start off with because the posts address significant issues in the feminist movement and, with the frequency of posting, provides a broad range of content.

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2. I am a Young Feminist (iamayoungfeminist)

This blog has been featured on Miss Millennia before! Check out the interview with the woman who runs this blog by clicking here. It’s an excellent blog for those who identify as a feminist and also those who want to learn more about feminism. She’s also big on intersectionality, so she discusses other issues (race, class, etc.) regarding how they affect women and society as a whole.

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3. Jessica Valenti (jessicavalenti)

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Author and highly esteemed feminist, Jessica Valenti, is on Tumblr! The lady has plenty of smart things to add to the conversation about feminism on this social media platform. Her blog is a great one to follow. And, if you’re getting into the feminist movement, her books are considered a must-read.

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4. Female Youtubers (fuckyeahfemaleyoutubers)

This is a showcase of the women of YouTube. Gifs, pictures, and quotes—this blog has it all! It’s a great way to celebrate these women as well as learn about new channels to watch.

Having space only to celebrate women and their accomplishments are so important. All of these women are strong presences on the internet and work to strike down sexism online.

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5. Feminist Disney (feministdisney)

You’re never too old to be a Disney fan. And, thanks to this Tumblr account, you’re never too feminist either! The person who runs this blog looks at how Disney interacts with social topics. This includes issues of gender, sexuality, race, and more.

There is always good and bad to huge companies like Disney. Discussing the bad and celebrating the good is the only way to make improvements in the media and society as a whole. This is the primary goal of this blog.

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6. Facts About Feminism (factsaboutfeminism)

This blog collects facts related to feminism and the status of women in the world. Many bits of information will leave you feeling pleased with the social progress we’ve made while others remind us that there is still far to go. You should follow this blog if you’re a long-time feminist, but if you’re new to the women’s movement it’s especially beneficial. You’ll learn a lot through these posts (I know I have!).

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7. Fearless, ferocious and female (women-of-marvel)

This blog celebrates the kick-ass women in the Marvel comics, TV shows, and movies. It features fan art as well as original art from the comic books. If you’re a Marvel fan, this blog is an excellent way to learn about new female characters and start reading up on the comics!

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8. Feminist Quotes (feministquotes)

As you can probably guess, this blog complies quotes about feminism or from feminists. They address a wide variety of topics, just like the movement itself! Some quotes are from other Tumblr users while some are from famous women.

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9. Project Unbreakable (project unbreakable)

**Trigger Warning: this blog contains discussion of sexual assault and harassment**

A photography project dedicated to survivors of sexual assault and harassment, Project Unbreakable, is so important in the feminist movement. The pictures are mainly of people holding up a poster with a quote from their attacker.

While this Tumblr can break your heart, it also heals it. It’s sad to hear the stories of these individuals, but it’s important to remember that they are survivors, not just victims. Their strength is inspiring.

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10. Who Needs Feminism? (whoneedsfeminism)

This last pick might be my favorite. It is a submission-based blog on which quotes from (mostly) women about why they need feminism are posted. Each submission addresses another way that feminism helps everyone’s lives.

It is great to be reminded as to why it’s so important to be a feminist and work for gender equality. By following this blog, you’ll receive one of those reminders nearly every day!

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Expand your social media and social justice horizons by checking out these blogs on Tumblr! You will certainly not be disappointed. If you run a feminist blog or have a favorite we didn’t include, let us know about it in the comments! Happy tumbling!

10 Feminist Tumblr Blogs Everyone Should Follow

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