Use These Tools To Make Your Blog Work Better For You

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Blogging for money is an immensely attractive prospect right now, even if it’s just to supplement your wages from work.

It is possible to start a blog that earns money. The site itself will be the main focal point throughout your journey. Still, you must not ignore the need to support yourself with external tools. When used well, they can bring more traffic and generate additional revenue streams.

Here are some of the most powerful tools that can integrate with your online domain to help you create a bigger impact. 


People aren’t likely to find your website through randomly typing your domain into the address bar. Therefore, finding ways to generate more clicks and traffic is vital. Search engines like Google remain your biggest ally, and SEO is the key to success on these platforms.

Many aspects of SEO are on-page elements that are achieved directly on your website’s CMS. However, learning to master Google My Business and Google Reviews will boost your indexing. Meanwhile, getting backlinks from other sites through guest submissions can lift you up the SERPs.

As far as online traffic is concerned, this will be the biggest source. Do not overlook it.

If you want your SEO to be amazing, you NEED to sign up for SEMRush. I will tell you, this took tool Miss Millennia Magazine to the next level (and the level after that)! Read my review of SEMRush here to learn more.


SEMRush is way more than just a Search Engine Optimization platform. It has an incomparable amount of tools that help you develop your blog traffic with organic, paid, and even social media. 

After using SEMRush for one year I boosted my organic traffic on my website by 101%. If you want more organic traffic to your blog, SEMRush is the best way to do it.

Sign up for the 14-day free trial below.

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This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

Social Media: Tailwind

While search engines generate the most online traffic, social media can work wonders for your blog. Not only will it generate more traffic through clocks to promoted blog posts, but it offers interaction. Connecting with clients through live feeds, comments, quizzes, and Q&As will encourage loyalty.

The channels offer a change to communicate with users in a slightly different way to the site itself. Followers will keep seeing ads to your content, which is like running a free PPC campaign too. You can also use data insights to target social media users who already follow blogs like yours. 

Besides, it adds to the sense of professionalism with audience old and new.

Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

There are many tools out there that you can use to boost your social media presence, but few are as good as Tailwind. This tool helps you manage your Pinterest and Instagram accounts—two of the most important platforms for bloggers!


Tailwind: In case you've never even heard of Tailwind, it is a social media management tool for Pinterest. Tailwind makes it so easy to schedule your pins for your articles so easy. But what originally sold me on Tailwind was the idea of using Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are different groups, categorized by topic where other bloggers can jump in and share their own content in exchange for sharing the content of others in our group board. I like the platform because not only does it tell you who is not repinning when adding to the board, it allows you to see how your pins are performing in a given tribe. Since I've been using tribes, I am happy to say that they are a great way to see a rush of traffic to my pins, especially my newer pins that I really want to get some traffic as soon as possible. Looking to get more traffic to your blog? You should join my new Tailwind Tribe called Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers. It does not cost anything to join.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

Offline Marketing: Canva

You might assume that connecting an online blog to offline ad campaigns is impossible. With a little creativity, though, you can achieve this goal. And not only through the use of radio ads or traditional form ads that mention the name of your blog. Although those, along with promo products can work well.

For an even greater impact, try to merge online and offline elements. Most people have smartphones that can instantly connect them to your site, especially if you make QR code boxes to be added to your offline content. Scanning it can take them to your homepage or a sign-up box to join your newsletter.

Showing this advanced understanding of how people consume content is very impressive.

To make compelling collateral for your offline marketing, use Canva! This amazing online tool has templates that you can use (or you can start from scratch) to create posters, flyers, and other materials.


Canva: When was the last time you got new business cards? How about new cover images for your Facebook and Twitter profiles? If the answer is too long ago, then it's time to revamp it a bit! Get a free Canva account and use their templates to get these things created for yourself ASAP.

Get Your Free Canva Account here.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.


The power of recommendation is a wonderful thing. Whether you are hoping to get people to read your articles or buy the merchandise linked to your brand doesn’t matter. When users are directed to your site by other people, they will inevitably take more notice. As a blogger and entrepreneur, you must take advantage.

Setting up an affiliate scheme is a lot easier than you might think. Better still, you will only pay people on commission. So, there’s nothing to lose. Once again, though, reviews and testimonials are powerful tools if you simply want to increase your blog hits. The key is to know what your goals are.

The blog is your personal project, but you don’t have to face the battle alone.

Use These Tools To Make Your Blog Work Better For You

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