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5 Fantastic Stocking Stuffers For Last-Minute Shoppers

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5 Fantastic Stocking Stuffers For Last-Minute Shoppers

Did you just have a small heart attack? If so, you might be one of the millions of Christmas shoppers who suffer from last-minute-itis. Don’t worry, I’m a fellow last-minute shopper. And six days is still plenty of time to get great gifts for people!

If you’re anything like me, the gifts that get left until the last minute are the smallest ones. I’m usually great at picking out the “big” gifts for people. The snazzy watch for my fiancé, for example, was one of the first things I purchased.

But ask me what I’m giving to my coworkers who aren’t my very best friends but still deserve a gift and I will stare blankly at you. Those are the kind of gifts we’re talking about here! I know you know what I’m talking about.

But worry not friends, I’ve got you covered! Without further ado, let’s jump into my top five stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas 2016!

1. Nail strips

Almost every girl appreciates having a manicure that is on point but I only know a handful of girls who are actually willing to go to the nail salon and pay for a full-blown manicure. On the other hand (no pun intended….or is there?), most girls don’t have time to paint their nails twice a week in order to keep up with the chipping.

Enter nail strips. I started using my own DIY nail strips during the summer and got totally hooked. There are lots of brands to choose from that range in price from $5 per box up to $30 per box. They are so easy to use.

You just peel off the clear top, peel off the paper backing, stick the strip to your nail, file off the top and finish with a topcoat. I can give myself a whole manicure in less than 20 minutes and my nails will look flawless for at least two weeks.

hands holding coffee cup wearing nail strips that make great stocking stuffers
Maggie Collett

The great thing about nail strips is that they don’t chip like regular polish but rather just kind of wear away from the tip of your nail. It doesn’t look bad at all and you can even be a week overdue for a new set of strips (not like that’s my current situation…) and get away with it.

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Anyway, enough rambling. Grab a pack of nail strips and make somebody very happy!

2. Amazon Gift Card

Let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card. You can order practically anything on Amazon and when you gift somebody an Amazon gift card, you’ve essentially handed them cash and said, “Do with this what you please.”

I promise any recipient will be beyond stoked to receive this gift card plus it’s super easy on you as the gifter. Win/win.

Get an Amazon Gift Card here!

3. Portable phone charger

Hi, phone-addicted millennial here. Obviously, we all love our phones and everybody knows the panicky feeling when your phone drops below 25%. Help someone avoid that feeling by grabbing them a portable phone charger!

hands holding phone texting about stocking stuffers

Portable phone chargers come in all different sizes and capacities so you can definitely find one for anyone’s tastes. I personally would be thrilled to find a portable phone charger in my stocking!

Shop portable phone chargers here

4. State-shaped necklace

Most of us know someone who has moved away from home. I’m one of them! I’m currently living in Texas but am originally from Missouri. I am super prone to homesickness and often find myself daydreaming about the good ole days in Missouri.

I’ve seen all kinds of cool state-shaped necklaces and have always thought they would make a perfect gift. They’re not exactly the kind of thing that someone would buy for themselves so go ahead and be that person to give them a sentimental gift that they’ll cherish forever!


So there we go! Christmas may only be days away but you’ve got plenty of options for those last-minute stocking stuffers! Now get out there and get shopping!


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5 Fantastic Stocking Stuffers For Last-Minute Shoppers

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  1. Those are great ideas for stocking stuffers! I had not even thought of a portable phone charger, genius idea! I would have loved the nail strips, I have never tried them before, but they look fun!

  2. Awesome choices! Even if I plan months ahead there will still be gifts that I’ll forget to buy. These would be great for last minute shopping. Thanks!

  3. These are some great options. I always forget and have to go out and get one or two things at the last minute. I should have picked up some nail strips for my daughter!

  4. Amazon giftcards are practically the best thing you could give to anyone. Ýou can never go wrong with one of those!

  5. Those are great options but the best one is the Amazon Giftcard. That is always a great idea! Everyone love Amazon!

  6. Organic products really works and it really does miracle to us. I am glad that we already found a lot of healthy ways that an organic products with no chemicals can do for us.

  7. I have always wanted to try the nail strips but haven’t yet. And you cant go wrong with an amazon gift card! Great list!

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