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12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

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12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

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When I first heard that my older sister and brother-in-law were pregnant, I wondered: How could I establish myself as an awesome aunt? So I started a journey to find the perfect gift for my niece from her aunt. And that is when I thought about these gift ideas.


Sure, many women out there claim to be the cool aunt by buying cute auntie gifts such as baby rattles, gift sets, or a gimmicky bath toy. However, I plan on taking my awesome aunt’s status to another level! Finally, the awesome aunt gets all the respect, not to mention quality spoiling time with my new niece. So, I plan on owning this role over my other sisters by finding my niece’s best newborn gifts! 

The excellent aunt title is reserved for me. Sorry, sisters!

I have the best baby niece gift ideas. Of course, no one will ever deny your astonishing level after you buy these gifts for the new baby. But, if you strive to be the cool aunt in your family and need guidance on gift ideas for your niece other than the latest activity gym, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

A good friend told me about this book; now it’s one of my favorite baby girl gifts. I vowed that this would be something I most definitely get my future nieces. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is 100 bedtime stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women from the past and present, illustrated by 60 female artists worldwide.

Each woman’s story is written in the style of a fairy tale, and each story set includes a full page and a full-color portrait that captures the spirit of the portrayed hero. Can you say girl power?

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Fun fact: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is also the most crowdfunded original book in history. There’s no denying how popular this book is and how popular it can make you as a new auntie.

12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

Everyone needs to learn about these incredible women! This is a perfect gift if you are also a cool feminist aunt. I know that the title makes it sound like a “girl’s book;” however, I believe it is a great gender-neutral gift.

You can buy this badass book on Amazon here.

3. My Aunt is Cool Onesies

This gift will make you the coolest aunt on the block because it is stated in black and white. This is a bit of a cheap move to earn your respect as the cool aunt! Check out this onesie.

12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: i get my awesomeness from my aunt onesie
12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: the cool aunt gave me this onesie
12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: don't mess with me cuz my aunt don't play onesie
12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: I'd rather be with my aunt onesie
12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: if mom says no my aunt will say yes onesie
12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022: don't make me call my aunt onesie

But think about it.

If your new niece wears it, they advocate for you, not you. Sometimes, we must do what it takes to guarantee these things; it’s what babies love! There is a wide variety of how you can say you are a fantastic aunt on a onesie. There are even onesies with fun sayings on the back, so even during tummy time, everyone is still aware of your status as the favorite aunt!

And the best part is that they come in several sizes and colors, and it’s super soft. These are all the ones I found after looking for just 15 minutes on Amazon. You can click the links in each picture to get to your favorite one!

My only word of caution here is don’t go overboard! Don’t try too hard! A few of these are fine, but if you start buying 20-30 onesies, your aunt’s credibility will go down the drain.

3. Photo Gifts

The best niece gifts are ones she’ll love because they are from her favorite aunt!

12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

One of the top choices is a personalized baby shower frame with possible lines of personalization to make it a unique gift. It’s remarkable and thoughtful, and some of the products on Amazon have free shipping during the holidays. It’s some of the best sellers, so hurry before it sells out.

You can change the color to feminine or masculine for your niece. A personalized picture frame with their name would make a perfect holiday or birthday present for any young adult on your list who lives far away from you.

You can get more photo gifts here.

4. Gift Card

If you don’t know what they’re into but want them to have a great time shopping online, go ahead and get them an Amazon gift card so they can order whatever they want without spending hours browsing lists to find something to buy.

It’s the best way to give a thoughtful gift without spending too much time figuring out what they may like while giving them control over their money. Choose between different denominations depending on how much you’d like to spend.

They come in $1, $10, $25, $50, and $100 or even $2,000. Ensure you send the email address where you want the recipient to redeem their code for security reasons.

5. Coffee Mug

Nothing says I care about you better than coffee mugs with witty sayings written on them.

Get these cute mugs that say Auntie along with Niece and write their first initial next to it in cursive font. Great aunt gift that will make them feel loved. The holiday season and a perfect choice for all occasions throughout the year make these coffee mugs a unique Christmas gift idea.

best aunt ever mug

The best part about these mugs is that they won’t forget who got them one since there’s plenty of room to put the whole inscription and all three initials on the side. These mugs are perfect for new aunts and cousins whenever they visit.

For other family members, it can remind them how great their relationship is together. And for friends, it serves as an invitation to fill up someone’s cup when things seem bleak.


6. Custodial Brokerage Account

If you are an aunt that happens to be looking for the right financial instrument for your niece, we recommend opening a custodial brokerage account. These accounts let people start investing by opening brokerage accounts with investments already set aside.

And the best part is that there are no monthly fees for managing the account. Investing in a niece for her special occasion, such as college savings, graduations, birthdays, etc., is a meaningful way to show them you care.

Plus, it’s not as hard to pick out stocks. For example, most of the time, you must pick a market index and type in the amount you want to invest. Once you do that, it will automatically create a portfolio for you. Not to mention, the customer service is exceptional, and the website is straightforward to navigate.

7. Walkie Talkie

This is a perfect gift for any girl exploring the outdoors. Walkie-talkies keep in touch with each other when exploring new places. So this is perfect for any girl who’s an adventurer.

walkie talkies

It is easy to charge, and its range is pretty impressive. So it will still work even when they’re on the other side of a hill. So if you want to give your niece something unique and personal, this is the best way.

The walkie-talkies can be personalized with her name, making them even more special. They also come in different colors and designs that can suit her style perfectly. For example, if she loves animals or nature, there are many designs to choose from with animals or flowers as the theme. In addition, there are several choices for her favorite color, which means there is something for every girl’s taste!

8. Sterling Silver Niece necklace

This year, give your niece a thoughtful yet sentimental Christmas gift by getting her a beautiful sterling silver charm that says, Niece.

best niece necklace

She will love reminders of how much you love her and what she means to you throughout the holiday season. It doesn’t matter if she already has a family because these gifts would make a great aunt’s gift, baby shower present, or best friend.

These gifts make a perfect choice, with free shipping on many items and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll love giving these thoughtful gifts, and your niece will love receiving them.

9. Aunt baby t-shirt

What better way to welcome a new family member into the world than with their aunt-baby t-shirt?

matching niece and auntie tops

Your niece will love wearing it, especially if you get one that matches her personality. These t-shirts are also made for young adults (usually ages 13-18), but kids’ sizes are also available.

Kids’ tees start at a small size and go up to large. But don’t worry; the shirts are unisex, so they should fit new babies and teenage girls just fine. In addition, the design changes depending on whether it will be worn for a girl or a boy, which makes choosing one for your niece easier.

Plus, you can change the color of the shirt so that no two outfits look alike!

10. Favorite niece’s Apparel

If your niece is still little, this is the time to make her feel special. These clothes are perfect because they’re adorable and make excellent Christmas gifts for a new aunt.

Our favorite picks include pants, skirts, dresses, and more. All these items are ready to ship, meaning that Amazon has some of the best prices for these nieces’ clothing.

11. Stainless steel Baby Tumbler

stainless steel tumblers

A great aunt’s gift for a first niece is something special, something thoughtful. Such a gift as our stainless steel baby tumbler would be an excellent choice. It has many features, such as its easy-to-clean lid, simple push button spout opening, and leak-resistant construction, that make it a perfect choice.

It’s the best way to keep beverages hot or cold while on the go!

12. Sweet treats for Mom and Baby

There are plenty of ways to spoil your niece during the holiday season, but what about her mom?

Lur you, there are plenty of choices regarding stocking stuffers for mom and baby.

Check out our top Amazon list here. Some of these gifts are best sellers, others are popular ideas on Pinterest, yet readers mentioned others as things they bought themselves!

Either way, all the gifts will help you find the perfect treats for your precious niece and her mom!

Kick Back and Rack Up The Cool Aunt Points

There you have it, the top baby gift ideas for cool aunts. With the gifts above, you can establish yourself as an awesome aunt before your niece arrives. So congrats, you are one step closer to becoming an awesome aunt with these gift ideas.

Now, when the baby does get here, remember to spoil and love the hell out of them. Because if you are going to talk, you have to walk! I recommend board books or anything that focuses on improving their motor skills hands-free as they continue to grow and learn. 

Sure, moms and dads have their responsibilities, but so do you! The awesome aunt always has to have your niece or nephew back (eventually, you may even get an aunt gift from your niece or nephew). And above all else, you must love them dearly. I know I sure will!

Congrats to the new Mom and Dad, Jocelyn and Donte Morrisette!

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12 Cool and Unique Gifts For a Niece From Her Aunt in 2022

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