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Perfect Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

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Perfect Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

Yeah, you know the person. We all have a hipster friend in our group and buying gifts for them can be challenging. You want to find the perfect thing that is just edgy and cool enough that they’ll truly enjoy it. Well, have no fear! Here are the perfect gifts for the hipster in your life.

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The Portlandia Cookbook

The Portlandia Cookbook gifts for the hipster in your life

The television show Portlandia is a big hit with hipsters. One reason I would guess is that the show is based in Portland, where a mass of hipsters can be found. Another might be it’s witty and “woke” sense of humor.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a hit amongst hipsters, so why not get them The Portlandia Cookbook. Not only does it give actual recipes for the freegan, organic farmer, and food truck diehard, it also contains funny stories and advice from the cast of Portlandia. This would be the ultimate gift for the hipster in your life.

Get The Portlandia Cookbook here.

Cinema Lightbox

cinema light box

This cinema lightbox would be the perfect gift for the hipster in your life because it is reusable, low-maintenance, and humorous. They could easily change out what they want the lightbox to project and could last them for quite a long time. This gift plays into their creative side that they could showcase in their home or in the office.

Buy the cinema lightbox here!

Beard Grooming Kit

beard kit

Now, this may come off as a stereotype (so I apologize if I am offending any hipsters) but most hipster men are known for having a beard. Typically, not just any beard, but a really freaking cool one that is always perfectly kept. So if the hipster in your life does have a beard, why not get them a beard grooming kit.

Get the Beard Kit here!

Hipster Fox Square Journal

hipster fox notebook

As mentioned before in the definition, hipsters are known to be very creative and artistic. So what better gift to give than a journal where they can draw, write lyrics, or whatever pops into their mind. Once again it would be a practical gift that you know they would use. Hipster aside, anyone could use a journal. It’s an added bonus though that there is a fox on the front dressed like a hipster.

Get the Hipster Fox Square Journal here.

The Hipster Handbook

The Hipster Handbook gifts for the hipster in your life

The Hipster Handbook would be a funnier gift to give. Everybody must have their own handbook so why not give them theirs. There are plenty of reviews that say this book is hilarious because it is so true about hipster culture (reviews that came from self-proclaimed hipsters). Plus it may help educate the hipster in your life on things they didn’t know about. So if your hipster has a sense of humor, this would be the gift to give them.

Get The Hipster Handbook here!

Hello, My Name Is Pabst

hipster baby naming guide gifts for the hipster in your life

This would be a cute and funny gift for the hipster in your life that is looking to extend their family. A perfect naming guide for the soon-to-be children of a hipster family. It would help them without the norm names and a definite shake-up from the normal baby naming books.

You would not only be giving them a gift but also a baby gift. Two gifts in one! You would be the ultimate friend for gifting them with this one.

You can find the Perfect Naming Guide here.

Here’s a Cup of Calm The Fox Down Mug

here's a cup of calm the fox down mug

Once again, hipsters are into witty things. So there is nothing wittier (or cute) than a mug that replaces word f… well you know the word…with “fox.” As a bonus, this is a very practical gift because they need something to drink their fancy lattes or macchiatos from. Why not make it a cute, fun mug?

Buy this cute, fun mug here.

Trust My Dopeness T-Shirt

trust my dopeness tshirt

Last but not least, this t-shirt is one of many gifts perfect for the hipster in your life.

Hipsters are known to wear funny t-shirts or ones that contain slang. You can never go wrong with getting them a shirt that fits into their hipster lifestyle. For example, this Trust My Dopeness t-shirt would be perfect because it is witty and uses slang. So if you feel that none of the other gifts fit, I can always guarantee a witty t-shirt will do the trick.

Get the Trust My Dopeness shirt now!


Any one of these gifts would be perfect for the hipster in your life. Each plays into their witty and creative lifestyles. Shopping for the hipster in your life will no longer be a struggle. So get out there and get buying!

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Perfect Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

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