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10 Amazing Gifts You Can Buy On Groupon Now

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10 Amazing Gifts You Can Buy On Groupon Now

One of the hardest parts of shopping for holiday gifts is sticking to a budget. We want to spoil the people we love, but going broke to do it isn’t the smartest idea. In this blog post, you will get an idea of gifts you can buy on Groupon.

You need to find amazing presents that won’t break the bank. Did you know there are some amazing gifts you can buy on Groupon? It’s true!

Shopping during sales and using discounts when buying Christmas gifts can help you give high-quality presents at crazy low prices. Don’t feel like scouring the internet or mall for the best deals? Check out great deals on Groupon!

Whether you want to shop all baby and kids product or you want to shop all auto home improvement, Groupon is a one-stop shop for all kinds of experience gifts that will fit everyone on your shopping list. Keep reading for ten gifts you can buy on Groupons right now!

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1. Exercise Class

Is your pal super into fitness? Then help her get her sweat on with access to a cool new exercise class! Groupon has tons of choices of fitness classes.

From yoga to spinning to CrossFit, you can find it all. Treat her to one class to try it out or let her get in shape with a multi-class pass.

Fitness buffs will really appreciate this gift because they will want to work off all of those holiday treats. If your friend loves working out but is on a budget, you can help her reach her fitness goals without going broke.

Gifting an exercise class pass shows you pay attention to what she’s into…what could be more thoughtful?

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This is also a fun way to commit to a healthy lifestyle together. Groupon deals are so affordable that you can easily buy one for yourself and other loved ones so you can all get fit together!

2. Movie Tickets

Who doesn’t love going to the movies?

It’s one of my favorite things to do with my husband but it can get expensive in a hurry! Just the tickets are pricey enough but add in snacks for two and it costs almost as much as a dinner date! That’s why you should treat the film buff in your life to movie tickets this Christmas.

On Groupon, you can find movie tickets for a fraction of the box office price. You can let your friend see that blockbuster or rom-com she’s been dying to view without spending half your paycheck on a gift.

It gets better.

Many of the movie Groupon discounts are packages that not only include the tickets, but also snacks and drinks to enjoy during the show. That makes them an even better bargain! A lot of Groupon deals are also meant for two or more people, so you are giving the gift of quality time with you in addition to the gift itself.

3. Mani-Pedi

person getting a manicure

I don’t know about you, but during the winter my hands and feet start to look kind of nasty. The dry heat indoors makes my skin and nails dry and flaky, and the cold wind outside only makes it worse. Yuck!

Make sure this doesn’t happen to your bestie by gifting her a manicure and pedicure from her favorite local salon or spa.

Now, we don’t claim to be a beauty blog, but coupons are our thing and we know a good deal when we see one.

A mani-pedi makes an ideal gift for that person who loves to get swanky beauty treatments but rarely has the budget for it. Rather than spending her precious spare time trying to keep up her nails at home, you can send her for a relaxing professional treatment where she will be treated like a queen.

Nail services can cost a ton of money, especially if you go to a fancy spa. However, Groupon has deals on mani-pedis that make them fit any gift-giving budget. Your loved one will feel pampered and your purse won’t be empty. It’s a win-win!

Shop all health, beauty, and spa services on Groupon!

4. Fun Course

One of the most unique and surprising gifts you can buy on Groupon is a class. Some of the deals are at local venues but many are online, making this a super convenient gift to give and receive. All you have to do is click the “Give As A Gift” button and they will send your friend all the deets on how to get started.

You can find courses on everything from cooking to photography to instruments to hair and makeup. I even saw a course on how to brew your own beer at home! There are courses for every interest so you could give courses to your entire gifting list this year!

If you have a loved one who is always trying to better themselves or loves trying new things, giving them a fun class pass for the holidays is sure to put a smile on their face. They’ll get to learn something new or pursue a passion, all thanks to you! A class is also a great gift choice for someone who doesn’t like having a lot of “things.”

Most of the Groupon deals for courses are super affordable, too. Check them out before they’re gone!

5. Dinner Out

person eating at a restaurant

I love going out to dinner with my friends. You get to eat delicious food while catching up on each others’ lives; what could be better? It’s also the perfect alternative to going out for drinks if someone in the group doesn’t or can’t drink alcohol.

One of the best gifts you can buy on Groupon is a dinner out. Whether you want to give your pal a coupon for her favorite restaurant or a deal on a new place, there are TONS of options to choose from.

Groupon food deals range from percent-off discounts on whatever you choose to pre-set meals below menu price to money towards your total bill.

Dinner out is also a great way to treat your partner this holiday season. Go out for a romantic prix fixe dinner and make some memories! No one is ever mad about receiving yummy food as a gift.

6. Fresh Blowout

Got a diva on your holiday shopping list? Give her the gift of amazing hair with some salon services.

Groupon has loads of amazing deals on everything from blowouts to haircuts to highlights. Of course, you can always buy your pal a gift card to her favorite salon. But buy a package on Groupon and you can save 30, 40, or even 50 percent off!

The best part?

She’ll never know the difference. It’s all the same amazing services but your wallet won’t be crying.

This is an especially good gift to give at the holidays because then your pal can get glammed up in time for those fancy New Year’s Eve parties. Make sure she sends you before and after photos so you can see the beauty you paid for!

Shop all style, beauty, and coupons for spa services on Groupon!

7. Relaxing Massage

person getting a massage

Let’s be honest:

We all have that one friend or family member who is always HELLA stressed. They are constantly on the go, coffee in hand, looking like they could burst into tears (or burst a blood vessel) any minute.

When shopping for this person in your life, there’s only one gift you should consider: a relaxing massage.

Treating your burnt-out bud to a chill spa day can help calm her mind and work out all the knots that stress has put into her muscles. There’s no doubt that she will be super grateful and way more zen, which is good for both her and you! Of all the gifts you can buy on Groupon, this is one of the easiest to find and most affordable.

8. Brewery Tour

Millennials love craft beer. That’s just facts!

The beer scene is booming in cities all across the country. If someone in your life loves tasting new, local brews, gift them a brewery tour this year!

On Groupon, you can find amazing deals on tours of breweries in your hometown. They usually include a tour so you can learn how they make the beers, a tasting flight, and maybe even a souvenir.

Far from the same old bar you usually hit up with your pals, a brewery tour lets you guys get your drink on while learning something new. Plus, who doesn’t like to explore fun new things in your own city?

My husband loves trying the beers from the many little microbreweries where we live, so I’m actually considering this as a gift to him this Christmas. At nearly half price or even less than tickets you’d buy at the door, Groupon has some real steals! You can even use it as a guidefor food drink arts.

Bestie isn’t a beer drinker?

Treat her to a wine tasting experience instead. Groupon is chock full of fun activities that can help you explore your own city. She can sip new types of reds, whites, and roses all at your expense. Maybe she’ll even bring you a bottle as a thank you.

9. Round of Mini-Golf

person playing mini golf

If your friend loves to let loose and have fun, treating them to a few rounds of mini-golf would make the ideal holiday gift! Playing a game of putt-putt will let her show her competitive side and will definitely lead to tons of laughs. This gift idea is inexpensive, unexpected, and sure to help you make lifelong memories with whomever you give it to this holiday season.

Do you live in a cold, snowy location? No problem! Look for a Groupon for a local indoor mini-golf place. These usually feature lasers and glow features that are even more fun than regular mini-golf.

Or your pal can save her voucher for when the weather gets nicer; Groupon deals usually don’t expire for months!

If mini-golf wouldn’t be their thing, you can shop all sports outdoors on Groupon.

10. Weekend Getaway

We all have that one person on our list who is hard to shop for. They either have everything already or never “need” anything. You still want to show your love for them around the holidays but trying to find a gift they’ll actually like and use can be so frustrating!

A weekend getaway is a perfect solution for that hard-to-shop-for loved one. Groupon has hotel deals for destinations all over the world! Often the discounts include not only your room, but also added perks like attraction tickets, meals, and drinks.

They have deals on destinations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico if you want to stay nearby. They even have destinations outside of North America, including South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Groupon makes it easy to treat your sweetheart to a romantic getaway or plan a girl’s weekend with your BFF on the cheap!

Want To Learn More?

There is even more to Groupon than I explained here. As I mentioned, you can find discounts and deals on almost anything you can think of at local businesses in your area. It’s also a great way to enjoy attractions and restaurants when you are on a trip!

But be careful, because most coupons are only available for a limited time. You don’t want to sleep on any Groupon offers.

What You Can Buy

Some of the gifts you can buy on Groupon include food, drinks, art, leisure, style, beauty, local deals, and more! Basically, you can use it as a guide for food, drink, and arts in your area.

But did you know that the site also has physical items you can buy? Shop all electronics, DVDs, hair tools, pet supplies, furniture, fragrance, hair care, health, and sports equipment on Groupon—you name it, they probably have it for sale! And you can often get free shipping.

Groupon also offers deals of the day, which are specially discounted experiences and gifts that your friends and family will love.

Groupon Bucks

On top of all the amazing deals you’re getting when you shop on Groupon, you can save even more money!

Groupon Bucks is a rewards program. It’s a form of site credit redeemable only toward future Groupon purchases. All you have to do is sign up with Groupon and keep your account in good standing to rack up the points

Groupon can truly be your one-stop shop this holiday season for both experience and traditional gifts. They also offer coupons that you can use for online and in-store shopping at your favorite retailers like Macy’s, Kohls and Amazon.

Check out the video below to learn the basics of shopping on Groupon.

Holiday shopping seems to get harder and harder every year. With so many gadgets and cool things, it seems you often have to choose between spending a fortune on gifts or getting something the person won’t really like.

However, when you shop on Groupon, you can give your loved ones amazing experiences, products, or services at incredible prices! Not only this, you can also shop all jewelry watches, and shop all toys at reasonable prices.

Whether it’s a cool online course, a dinner out, a visit to the trampoline park, or a relaxing spa service, Groupon has killer daily deals on gifts your friends and family would never expect to get. These are all fun activities that they may not have the budget to buy for themselves or would never think to try on their own. And because they’re experiences, these presents won’t take up any room…only in their minds as awesome memories! You can check out other beauty and coupons blog and shop all women fashion.

Did you know about all these awesome gifts you can buy on Groupon? Which one is your favorite? Have you ever bought someone a present on Groupon? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Amazing Gifts You Can Buy On Groupon Now

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