10 Best Ideas for a Frugal Wedding on a Budget

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A wedding is a decisive turning point in the life of an adult. Therefore, everybody wants to make this day unique. This desire is understandable, but it can be costly to create a wedding of your dream. However, if you are planning to tie the knot right now and don’t want to save finances for the event for years, our recommendations will help you to organize a wedding with a small budget.

How to Organize a Nice Wedding on a Budget

If you want to become an official family, and don’t want to wait for better financial times, here are some tips to get a wedding ceremony with fewer expenses.

frugal wedding

1. Save Money in Advance

Everybody knows that it is important to have some financial cushion to meet unforeseen and extraordinary expenses, and many of us have such secret reserves for a rainy day. So, why can’t this cushion be spent for your future wedding? In this case, you will be able to get married as fast as you want.   

2. Have a Wedding Off-Season

Summer is considered a wedding season, and as you know, everything is more expensive during the season. Therefore, you may save a considerable sum on your wedding as well as clothes – just put off a big “purchase” up to the end of a season and wait until everything is available at affordable prices and with huge discounts. Such a wedding will be very unusual and memorable for sure.

frugal wedding

3. Rent the Wedding Dress and Shoes for a Bride

A wedding gown of a bride is one of the key moments of each wedding ceremony, and one of the most expensive at the same time. Many pragmatic people think that it is very strange to pay so much money for a dress that you will wear for several hours only. Moreover, the majority of brides want to have one marriage for the whole life, and this consideration also purchases a wedding dress unnecessary, while renting a dress allows you to choose among really luxurious variants for a humble sum of money.

4. Rent Menswear

Although photographers and guests usually give most attention to the bride’s dress, a groom should have a beautiful tuxedo, too. At the same time, you can cut expenses on menswear and shoes as well as in the case of a bride – just rent them for one particular evening, thus saving a lot of money.

5. Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

Another source of increased expenses for a wedding ceremony is the bride’s appearance. Certainly, it is possible to save some money if a bride can create a lovely hair-do and good makeup by herself. If not, it is possible to turn to the bridesmaids and ask one of them to make it free of charge.

6. Plan the Bachelorette Party Yourself

Each bride knows that a bachelorette party is an integral part of the day before the wedding ceremony. Usually, girls gather together to spend the entire day in shops and entertainment establishments so that a bride can say goodbye to her “free” life. Hence, it is possible just to play different bachelorette party games at home to reduce costs.   

7. Shorten the Guest List

A wedding ceremony is a significant event, and newly-weds want to invite as many relatives from both families as possible. At the same time, if you are on a tight budget, it will be cheaper to invite only immediate family and closest friends.

8. Save Money on an Entertainment Program

Another point with the help of which you can save some money is entertainment for your guests. To save funds on professional entertainers, you may create some interesting quizzes or funny competitions for them and spend the entire evening in such a way. Booking entertainment can be one of the difficult decisions for you to make. With so many choices such as hiring a band or DJ, hiring a photo booth is a wonderful idea if you stuck for entertainment ideas.

9. Save Money on a Photographer/Videographer

Certainly, it is necessary to have good photos or videos of your wedding ceremony. On the other hand, if you want to get married as soon as possible and don’t have spare money for a professional photographer and videographer, find someone among your relatives or friends who are good at photography. It will be a good way to reduce costs.  

10. Create Hand-Made Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Little things always take a lot of money. Therefore, you have a good chance to save your money if you can create such details as wedding invitations and decorations with your own hands. If not, you may always ask friends to help you with it.

frugal wedding     

Certainly, most brides dream about an amazing wedding day that needs a significant sum of money. However, as a famous proverb says – ‘love doesn’t mind a poor hut if there is a loving heart.’ Hence, it is possible to make a nice wedding day for a small budget. Hopefully, by using all recommendations as mentioned above, you will be able to cope with this task easily!


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If you are planning to tie the knot right now and don’t want to save finances for the event for years, here are tips to organize a frugal wedding.

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