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Don’t Get Trapped Behind A Desk In Your Career

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Do you love staying fit and keeping on the go? Then you probably hate the idea of being stuck in an office or cubicle all day, every day, staring at a computer screen. Who could blame you? No one dreams of this type of career when they leave college, but they do get stuck with it. If you want to avoid the office rat race and instead spend your days doing something truly exciting, you need to look into careers that will allow you to stay active. Don’t worry, your options aren’t as limited as you think. There are plenty of careers that will allow you to escape the office.

There’s No Business Like…

behind a desk in your career

Well, if you want to stay active and on the go, why not head into show business. Did you know that Tom Cruise completes his own stunts? Okay, the likelihood is that you won’t make it big in Hollywood, but there are lots of other entertainment industries that allow you to stay active like theater and dance. It really depends on whether you have any skills in these areas and if you can deal with the long slog to the top. Yes, there’s the possibility that you never make it big, but that’s true in every career. The big bonus that can’t be ignored is that every day you’ll be running around the stage, working up a sweat and generally staying active. You certainly won’t be at risk of developing RSI, that’s for sure.

Work It Out

behind a desk in your career

Or, why not turn your passion for fitness into an actual career. There are a few options here, but arguably the best one would be to become a personal trainer. The best PTs in the world get paid a fortune, and they get to work with celebrities. You can’t ask for more than that can you? Don’t think you won’t need training though, you definitely do. To make a career in fitness, you’ll need the right qualification to succeed. According to Origym, if you take one of their courses you’ll have career support for life. This means that you’ll always be able to make money and that’s a definite perk in what is becoming an increasingly tricky job market.

Your Exits Are On The Left And Right Of The Plane

behind a desk in your career
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Yes, we know what you’re thinking. This doesn’t sound like the most fulfilling job in the world. While you won’t be changing lives as an air stewardess or steward, you will be socializing, serving drinks and ensuring everyone has a fantastic trip. You probably haven’t noticed, but staff on an airplane hardly ever sit down. They are constantly moving from one end of the plane to the other. That would get monotonous, except for the fact that when you land you’ll have the chance to explore a brand new part of the world! As such, we think this might just be one of the coolest careers that will allow you to stay active. Well, as long you’re not scared of flying anyway.

Excuse Me Miss?

behind a desk in your career

Okay, in a world filled with sexism that could be virtually any career but we’re actually talking about teaching. Being a teacher might not seem like an active job, but you’d be surprised. Even if you’re not a gym teacher, you won’t be behind your desk for that much of the day. You will be walking around the class, helping students, delivering energetic speeches and in general, engaging a class full of students. That’s not easy and you’ll certainly need a good supply of energy to get through the work day. If you don’t believe that teaching is an active role, just ask one of the teachers that had the privilege of guiding you through school. We guarantee they thought they got their fair amount of exercise through the day.

Very A-Schmoozing

behind a desk in your career

Our final career that will keep you on the go would be working in PR. As a PR agent, it will be your job to connect a company or organization to the press and represent the marketing angle for the business. As such, through the day, you’ll be meeting various people, chatting them up, charming them and making sure that events based on the company you represent are spun in the direction you want them to be. You need to be cunning to be effective in this job, and you have to know how to make someone feel instantly comfortable. But one thing is for sure, you won’t ever be in one place for too long. Even working locally you’ll be traveling all over the city to push your agenda. So, life will never be boring, and you’ll never get stuck behind a desk.  

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Don’t worry, your options aren’t as limited as you think. There are plenty of careers that will allow you to not get trapped behind a desk.


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