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Five Things To Consider When Leaving College

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When you leave college, it can be a little daunting. You have the world at your feet but some of us, if not most of us, won’t have any clue on the next step. It feels like it is the most important decision we have had to make so far. That what we do now will impact the rest of our lives.

leaving college what it feels

But in all honesty, it doesn’t have as much of an impact as you think. Of course, depending on what you choose, it could be. But some people still don’t know what they want to do heading into their twenties and even thirties. So relax, take your time, and explore some of these options. They could lead on to bigger and better things.

Working and living abroad

This could be a wonderful experience and there is no time like now to go and do it. A chance to experience a different pace of life in a country that is new to you can be incredibly exciting. You don’t need to have some high flying job; it could be something as simple as working in a bar or teaching water sports on the beach all day. But it will give you the opportunity to learn some independence and could help calve out a future you never thought possible.

leaving college work experience

Work experience

You could consider doing some work experience in your chosen field. Perhaps you studied something specific and now would be a great time to see whether the job is for you. There are plenty of internships and graduate schemes offering all sorts of options. It’s best to try things out before making that big leap.

Help others less fortunate in poorer countries

If you are a charitable person as heart, then you may want to take a year out to do some humanitarian projects. You could help children learn a language. There are wonderful options like Effortless English Speaking Course that could help you do that. Or you could work with charities out there already and get involved in projects. It would be a wonderful experience and would make you more humble for sure.


Now, more than ever, is the perfect chance to pack up a backpack and see the world. You have no commitments or ties leaving you independent. You could travel with friends or on individually. You could choose to travel around one country or see the whole world. There won’t be any other time you could do this without the commitments at home. So take the opportunity.

leaving college to work

Getting a job straight away

If you are in the position where you know what you want to do, and no further study is required, then you may just be eager to start your working life. That is perfectly fine to do that. It gives you experience from a young age which will only help develop your career further.

It’s not as much of a daunting decision to make when you think about it. Leaving college does just mean the next chapter in your life. How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you.

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Five Things To Consider When Leaving College

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