Premium Blank Apparel The Best Value For Your Brand

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Premium Blank Apparel The Best Value For Your Brand

So, you are about to launch your online clothing store. You have completed all the steps to going live on the internet with your eCommerce business. But one piece of the puzzle is still missing – premium blank apparel. One thing is for sure; you need a supplier to deliver the orders you will receive through your online clothing store. 

Before you start taking orders, you need to make a decision. You are already leaning in one direction but are still determining how the best value for you and your customers comes from premium blank apparel. In this article, we will take a closer look at the many elements that contribute to the value of using premium blank apparel as the foundation of your online clothing store.

Pattern Blocks

A pattern block is a tool that makes everything make sense in clothing, a guide that contains all vital measurement points. These measurement points create the silhouette and fit of your clothing products. These points include much more than just the measurement across the chest value. Measurement points also include the sweep, the high point shoulder (HPS) value, and many more crucial measures that assist in finishing the form of the clothing items. 

Today’s new, creative design concepts rely on firm foundations from the pattern block for a consistent look. Once completing that phase, fashion elements are layered to personalize the look and style.

Design Team Passion

One sign that should tip you off the quality of a product is how the supplier handles product development. If a team is assigned to work on this task, you know that the company values quality over quantity. Likewise, a design team passionate about its product will ensure that elements such as style, fit, and fabric sourcing are all key factors. 

As for the actual design phase, a dedicated team should be aware of trends and will work hard to either lead them or inspire them to set the pace and raise the bar for all competitors. In addition, expect a dedicated design team to consider durability, quality, and customer satisfaction as parts of the equation they are trying to solve with the products they create.

Technical Fit

Design Team Fashion

The technical fit involves the precision of various components. They include pattern variations, sewing, sampling, and the construction process. These all work together to create the final garment style and fit. When a clothing product looks and fits perfectly, it is partly due to the details contributing to the technical fit. The importance of the technical fit should be obvious – it is the final step to releasing a specific product to consumers. It also helps to solidify your branding.

Details In Sewing

The finalized silhouette relies on the construction phase. The sewing details have made the perfect fit when the construction is correct. Certain styles incorporating side seams or hidden seams fit better. They also hold their shape. However, it is vital if the clothing is widespread and worn frequently. 

Also, the sewing has to incorporate quality threads that will hold seams in place and wear less. The stronger the seams are in a clothing item, the longer it lasts, which reflects the quality of the thread chosen. In other words, premium quality blank apparel should be durable from top to bottom. Therefore, it is crucial to find a supplier like Bella + Canvas that utilizes high care and attention to construct their premium blank apparel. 

Premium Fabric Research

The final point to be made here is that quality fabric is far better than regular fabric. Therefore, it makes sense to build premium apparel upon the foundation of quality fabric. The suitable material aids in the shape and fit of a clothing product. However, it takes research to locate the correct fabric for a piece of premium clothing. In addition, this often requires forming a close, personal relationship with raw material suppliers who contribute by engineering fabrics. 

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Premium Fabric Search

Testing these fabrics and only choosing the ones with the best selection of fibers or blends. The next step is the use of technologies that would spin quality yarns. These yarns go through state-of-the-art knitting processes followed by dyeing and finishing stages. The result would be fabric stretching and providing comfort, warmth, and durability.

Why Quality Impacts Premium Blank Apparel

Logic tells us that high-quality products will last longer. It also means that the better the quality, the higher the price. However, value fits into the picture when you consider that the longer you have something that still functions, the less likely you will have to replace it—as a result, having value in durable products that do not break down or wear out quickly. 

The same principle applies to clothing. You could purchase an affordable hoodie that lasts only one season and becomes a rag or cloth. Or you could spend a little more and get a quality hoodie that lasts several seasons. The longer something lasts and works as intended, the better the value you receive.

Final Thoughts

Starting an online clothing store has many challenges. Once you get over the main hurdles related to licensing and permits, online essentials such as a website, and secure payment processing, you need a supplier for the product you intend to sell. For example, if your business plan is for custom clothing items, you need a source of quality blank apparel. By doing some research, you can determine where quality products exist for your brand. 

By forging a solid working relationship and a business partnership, you can end up with a reliable source that will impress your customers and satisfy them to the point where they will become repeat customers and spread the word about your quality products. All of this will lead to success.

Premium Blank Apparel The Best Value For Your Brand

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