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Most Romantic Cities in Europe to Bring your Sweetheart

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There is a reason why Europe is considered to be the most romantic place in the world. From its adorable little restaurants and outdoor cafes where you can watch the world go by to the boutiques where you can buy your special someone a little gift to show them your devotion, Europe is home to the ultimate in romantic hotspots. If you are looking to treat that someone special in your life to a holiday to commemorate an anniversary or any other event that celebrates our love for one another, then be sure to make one of the following European cities your top choice. Just be sure to apply for your E111 card renewal beforehand!


The city of love is aptly named, with there being an abundance of romantic and beautiful areas to explore at your leisure. Paris is a great fit for those who love walking tours, and this exciting and beautiful city is great to get lost in. So, why not treat your loved one to an authentic French meal at one of its roadside cafes or take a trip to the top of the Eiffel tower and watch the city from above. There’s a huge number of different activities that you can enjoy in Paris, from shopping at some of the most beautiful and upper-class stores in Europe to eating some of the most incredible food in the world. Your loved one is certain to appreciate a trip to this incredible city.


Rome has more than 3000 years of history when it comes to all things art and culture that it’s hard to wander its streets without noticing this glorious sight. From the city’s ancient ruins to Vatican City, there is little wonder why people always speak about their admiration of walking through Rome’s meandering streets. If you are a lover of food, fashion and history, then make Rome your next stop! There’s plenty of culture to be found in Rome, and the city is truly captivating.

romantic cities in europe

You can explore the Colosseum, enjoy the Trevi Fountain, marvel at the Pantheon, enjoy a light lunch in Piazza Novana, and walk the River Tiber to enjoy an incredible meal at some of the best restaurants in the city, located in the Trastevere district. Whether you’re walking around this city, catching a tram, or exploring on moped, Rome is an incredibly beautiful destination. On top of this, there is no better location to explore romance, and with Italians being the kings of romance, you can be certain that this destination is one of the best cities to bring your sweetheart.


romantic cities in europe

London has been a cultural metropolis for an exceptionally long period of time and attracts millions upon millions of people every year. From its heritage and glorious architecture to its buzzing nightlife, there will be plenty for you and your beloved to enjoy here. Be sure to pack your waterproofs though as the weather is known to be unpredictable. There’s plenty to be enjoyed in this exciting city, from traditional sightseeing, to catching a pint with the locals down the pub. You can be certain that you will never be bored for a day, and with so much to explore, you might even want to get lost in the backstreets of this incredible city with your sweetheart.


Bathed in sunshine and a massive attraction when it comes to food stops selling tapas and other delicious treats, this is the ultimate place to take your loved one if you know that food is the way to their hearts. Alongside this, you can also soak up the wonderful sights of the city and take a trip to the seaside while you’re at it. Barcelona is the ideal cross-over between a city break and a beach holiday, and with the combination of siestas and fiestas to enjoy, you and your loved one can take in the Spanish culture in a whole new way. For a bit of romance, make sure to head to one of the many bars and experience a bit of flamenco dancing while you’re there. Alternatively, you can hike around the city together and enjoy the incredible sights like the Sagrada Familia.


romantic cities in europe

Laidback lovers will certainly find their new favourite travel destination in Amsterdam city. From taking canal boat trips to finding the hippest little clothing outlets, Amsterdam is full of adventure and has far more to offer than what might initially meet the eye. The wonderful thing about this city is that its people are exceptionally welcoming and are happy to help you make the most of your trip, so why not get chatting to a local?

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Regardless of where in Europe you choose to take your other half, be sure to make the most of out of season travel times as you will find that there are less tourists and the queues for large attractions are a little shorter.

If you're looking to treat that someone special to a holiday, then be sure to make one of the following European romantic cities your top choice.

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