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5 Things I learned from Being Fired

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5 Things I learned from Being Fired

I was so excited when I got a job as a management executive in a small firm (run by two decent guys) in New York City. But after working for a few months, the owner of that firm gave me the bad news: their main account had fallen badly. They would work alongside to run the business, but I had to leave my job. It had taken me several months to get that job. Now, I had to find another one.

Many of us have been fired or laid off from a job at some point. We might lose our job due to factors which we have no control over. Other times, we make a mistake, do some sort of company violation and as a result, find ourselves unemployed. People don’t want to leave their job on their own, but unfortunately, it happens to many. But as I came across this situation, I found some good things you can learn from it too.

It lets you soul search.

If you have worked in a customer support team but were fired due to your rude behavior towards clients, you may consider finding a different kind of job. Or, it may force you to work on how you should interact with other people.

It forces you to find the right job for you.

It’s very common to be unhappy with your job or the career path. The reason behind it may be you didn’t find your work very interesting. Now that you’re unemployed, you can find more satisfying and interesting jobs to utilize your skills properly.

It gives you a chance to look behind yourself.

Now you can use your free time (when you are not going to any interviews) by giving back to your community. You can work either as a volunteer at a hospital or offer help to a local animal shelter or NGO. It will not enlighten you from the inside only, but you’ll be doing something good for those people who actually need it. Plus, it will make your resume look good!

Now, you have to take time off.

You have no choice, but to put off vacations you have been planning to indulge in for a while now. Although, being unemployed is less relaxing and this is definitely not the time to spend all your savings on a trip, but it’s the best chance to do something exciting in your hometown. An online search can point towards parks, museums or low-cost excursions that you would generally give up because you had to work hard in the office.

Time and technology are on your side.

You won’t stay unemployed forever, but now you have enough time to concentrate on finding another job, which include writing resumes and cover letters, reading online job portals, attending networking seminars, and getting in touch with your friends and peers for grabbing the best opportunities. Online resume builders, social networking sites, and other digital mediums have made our life easier by taking a lot of pain for us.

Getting fired always hurts, no matter what the circumstances are. But as every other thing in life, it can be an opportunity for you. Obviously, you can’t un-fire yourself, but you can learn a lot from your experience. Now, the choice is yours.

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5 Things I learned from Being Fired


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  1. I’ve been laid off a few times, which sucks, too! But you’re right, even though it does suck to lose your job it’s what you do with that time that makes a difference. I don’t miss any of the jobs I had in the past, each one lead to something better.

  2. I know too well be this feels too! But everything you said was right on point! Losing a job really does force you to review everything and gives you a chance to really start over!

  3. I have never been fired but whenever I feel like my boss is being a jerk and I dont see myself having a promotion I will immesiately resign. And look for a better job

  4. It is really up to us to generate something positive out of a negative event. If you were fired, maybe you were not really happy in that job in the first place hence the boss can sense something amiss in your performance that you don’t. You were meant for something better. – Fred

  5. Great list! I have also found that it has been between jobs that people can be reminded of their misused talents.

  6. It depends and varies from person to person how they take it as at that point of time, some people can be depressed too . Your points are really valid.

    1. Truly said Pooja Kawatra, but one should not feel low from getting fired. There is always a chance to learn something new from every closing door.

  7. These are very helpful tips for those who have lost their jobs and are looking for a new one. Getting fired hurts and it’s not always easy to accept, but they say that when a door closes, a window opens. Maybe you’re in for something bigger and better.

  8. This is a good boost or inspiration to employees who have lost their job. I know how pressuring and depressing the situation is but with these proper attitudes or solutions, one can be back in the game in no time.

  9. This is a great list of tips that you’ve put together. You know what they say … we should find something positive out of bad situations. And you’ll never know, it may even be a blessing in disguise.

  10. Oh gosh, being fired, not matter which country is not good news but I love how you made it positive! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yaa Tiffany, it was a bad news for me as well, but I must say that I have learnt something new from this phase! 🙂

  11. Who would have wanted to get fired, I guess it’s a nightmare for anyone especially to those who are considered breadwinner of the family. Anyhow, your positive attitude towards a negative incident, matters the most. Hope you find a new job soon. – KarenT

  12. Nice tips. But I’ve never experienced being fired. Nevertheless, being fired means one has the opportunity to find a better one.

  13. These are some great things you learned! I’ve never been fired but I would imagine these are things anyone would learn after being fired

  14. Ah that’s true, technology is on your side. I very much agree to that as I’ve not really done any regular work for years since I was doing music full time back then. The internet and technology made my shift possible when it was time.

  15. I have not experienced this kind of a scene. Since I started working, all I can remember is that I file resignation in any work I am into. Maybe because I am not the right person to the position given to me or I need to be as quick as possible before my boss fired me(hahahahaha). Anyway, if one door closes, another opens.

    1. Hi Pal Raine, You are right, we should always have postitive attitude in life, if we want to be more successful.

  16. It does give one time to think and change directions sometimes even in ways we never imagined. Your five points are great reminders to stay involved and get on with living…

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