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How To Break Free From The Business Traditions Of Old

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Perhaps the most inspiring component of young people today is their willingness to flip the script, subvert expectations, and try something new. This is why we currently have so many startups focused on sustainable practices, and on inclusivity as standards–classic business traditions be damned. Of course, young people aren’t naive, however, and so they know that certain necessities, such as essential bookkeeping, are a core element of running a business successfully.

However, it’s also true to say that many young professionals and entrepreneurs are looking to break free from the business traditions of old, as much as is wise. This can help them innovate, take risks, and brand themselves in new and appealing ways, blurring the line between a professional entity and a fun presence. It’s why so many companies are using platforms like TikTok to advertise themselves capably, and why social media has become the new marketing playground.

But what directions might someone follow if they hope to take this example and run with it? In this post, we’ll discuss some essential ways you can innovate your own business planning in line with the future:

A Personable Business

How personable is your business? It’s worth asking this question because from time to time, it’s easy for us to simply rely on the mainline standards of communication and marketing speak that everyone else is using. It can be helpful to be approachable and to actually represent the people you’re trying to serve.

Customers who are comfortable in your business will likely return, so make your shop, cafe, etc. as comfortable and relatable as possible--new business tradition unlocked!

For instance; GiffGaff, a mobile phone provider company, used a voice actor with a northern Newcastle accent to narrate their voice activation and voicemail services. They took a different direction compared to all of the other services using received pronunciation considered the standard in England and even abroad; and as such, defined themselves as forward-thinking and approachable thanks to it. Could your firm do the same? 

Might you present your visual materials proudly via in your building, or could you integrate a dedicated social media manager to answer questions in an affable manner? You’d be surprised just how much of a difference you will make.

The Communities You Appeal To

The communities you appeal to may not be what you think. Don’t limit yourself too much. For instance, you may sell running shoes. The idea might be to showcase excellent and superfit athletes in your material, and this can help. But what about the late-middle-aged women who may wish to walk and jog as part of a hobby?

They run too and focus on their exercise. It can be nice to open the demographics we appeal to. Showing that they’re welcome to be part of our brand as long as it exists too.

Direct Support & Care

Younger people today are also starting to see businesses not only as entities that generate profit but as platforms that give them reach. This means they can weigh this reach towards causes they find good.

Now, companies don’t have to weigh into every single political conversation taking place. But they might be able to make a profound difference for the better in some avenues that make sense. For instance; supporting disability athleticism programs, promoting sustainability, and sponsoring pride events. These can all make a big difference depending on your disposition and what you believe in. 

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With this advice, you’re sure to break free from the business traditions of old, in the best possible sense.

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