Past Life Memories – Do You Remember Who You Used to Be?

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In 1930, a four-year-old girl in Delhi, India named Shanti Devi began to speak about a number of specific details which included people, incidents and places that her parents did not recognize. She had never been to these places and the people were not people the family knew.

Shanti Devi claimed that her name used to be Lugdi and that she lived in Muttra, which was over 100 kilometers away. She even spoke some words in the dialect of that particular area, without having learned it. Devi also mentioned that she had given birth to a son and then died 10 days later.

After taking Shanti Devi to Muttra to investigate, her family found that there actually had been a woman named Lugdi who had died 10 days after giving birth to her son. When Shanti arrived at their home, she recognized her “husband” of a former life and spoke of the many things that they did together. She was even able to correctly state the way that the furniture was placed when she used to live there and where she had hidden 150 rupees under the floor in a corner of the room. Also, young Shanti Devi correctly identified Lugdi’s parents out of a large crowd of people.

This is a mystery that is yet to be solved, even after a committee of well-respected people (including a lawyer, a politician and a director of a newspaper) investigated her claim. The committee was impressed that Shanti knew many things that she should not have known otherwise. Even when Swedish writer Sture Lonnerstrand visited India to investigate the case, he also concluded that Shanti Devi was a true example of reincarnation and past life memories.

Remembering Another Life?

Shanti Devi is not the only example of a child remembering their past-life experiences. There have been many children around the world who have spoken about their “old life” and deaths. A six year old boy named Cameron Macaulay in the UK told his mother about his “old mum” and the white house on the bay that he used to live in. He claimed that he used to live on the Isle of Barra, which is 160 miles away from where he lives now.

When his family took him to the Isle of Barra, everything was like Cameron had described it – including the white house on the bay. When his family did some research into who had owned the house, they saw that the family matched up with Cameron’s story, even the large black car and the black and white dog.

What do These Stories Mean?

What do these stories, as well as the countless other stories about remembering past-lives, mean to us? Do we all have a past-life, or many past-lives, that we have forgotten about when we were reincarnated?

The idea that our spirits reincarnate goes back at least 3,000 years and is part of the ancient traditions of Greece, India and the Celtic Druids. Some use the idea of past-lives to explain the strange feeling of déjà vu, which is the eerier feeling that a moment you are experiencing has happened before. Perhaps these could be fleeting memories of past-lives?

Also, some think that phobias are also fears left over from a past life. Although some phobias make sense from a survival perspective, such as heights, snakes and spiders, many people suffer from phobias that are totally irrational, such as fears of mirrors, numbers, birds, water and many more. One theory is that these strange fears are associated with the way that the person died in their past life. For example, a man who is terrified of walking around barefoot might have been a poor street child in a past life who died because he stepped on a piece of glass and got an infection in his foot.

We will never be able to prove with any certainty that past-lives exist or not, and there will always be a lot of things that we don’t understand about human existence such as life and death.

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How to Find Out About Your Past Life

There are many ways that you can find out about your past-life, including guided meditation, past-life regression counselling from one of the psychics at TheCircle.com, and even using art therapy to bring up lost memories. If you are curious about who you used to be in a past existence, why not give it a try?

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  1. Hello, Megan good article.something i like share ,about past,, present,future on spirituality. Noah dream build a boataship. carry all animals, male female before flood.god told him to build. and Moses. deliver peopleJews out of Egypt mircles there. Josha had dream about Angels came down a told them about how do fighting battle, wear down the enemies fort by marching around causing it to crumble., God sent him message through angels and Jacob ladder. and Mary Jesus mother when angel announce to her. Manificate,9 months later Joseph did get message that Herod was come Kill Jesus, son of God.The Angels told Joseph to goto Egypt also they talk to wise men after wise came seen Jesus in Bethlaham. what true meaning of Christmas. about Jesus birth . .There spiritual world God sends us messages through angels to people .also three children in Fatima, Mary talk to Children about war and peace during world war two .War in Germany..chidren can be given dreams from God. about people in past send message.some can be from devil.Most from God.God speaks to childen about having faith in him.A boy they name of Jaun. the little boy God message our Lady Mary They called her Mary, she was mother of Jesus Our heavenly spiritual mother.
    Mary, Our Lady of Quadalope had do with making took peace in that country. the little had bring back a message to bishop flowers did not bloom in mid winter .the little boy came back told our lady she sent child back with coat to the Bishop it had beautifull roses .and message it truly from her and God.These true stories ,can be found Christian book stores.be good read refresh faith in God.I believe this child had dreams about past life she could share with family, that she was there. .there story that in our area.many years in late 60s 70 on Rt 20and 4 Bellevue Ohio..there was accident .this young man had come help out these two ladies from dying firey car . finding out this young man was sisters/nuns brother was a priest. that had died years before .the people saw this man then he left. .one worker want thank him. for helping he was now here to be found He was describe to newspaper was found out be brother of the two sisters,he may have died at spot few years before This accident.it was in Paper in Bellevue Gazette. Many mysterious have brought miracles from heaven .help us deepen our faith in God, some are sad,some scary.which ones feel better in your heart .

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