Movie-Themed Halloween Party: Horror Movie Star Party

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It’s Halloween season and that means Halloween parties. While everyone will be having the usual spooky affair, a unique idea is to find a theme for your shindig this year. It’s a great way to get your guest excited and involved in your party over others. One great theme you could use is to have a horror movie star party. At this party, people can dress up as their favorite horror movie hero or villain and reminisce about their favorite horror movies. Here are some tips on throwing an awesome horror movie star party.

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People come as their favorite horror movie Hero/Villain

Having people come as their favorite movie star opens up plenty of advantages for your party. The first advantage is getting your guests excited about the party before they even step through the doors. By the time they have arrived at the party they’ve spent time and effort dressing up and are eager to see others and guess their Halloween parties, as well as having people guess theirs. This will be a great ice-breaker and allow everyone to get to know each other. As an added bonus, since you asked your guests to dress up specifically for your party, you could also have the incentive of winning a contest. Having a best-dressed contest is another great way to get your party guests involved in the theme instead of just enjoying the decorations.

Movie posters

creature from the black lagoon halloween movie poster

This part can lead to lots of fun. There’s the fun of selecting which movie posters to put up and deciding on how many and where you would like to place them. One idea is to pick one movie poster for every room of the party and then decorating the room as the theme of the movie you chose. That way, even while the entire party has a horror movie theme, traveling into each room is like entering a different party. Another exciting idea is instead of using official movie posters, ask some of your friends to help you recreate them! What’s better than having all your friends dressed up in horror movie costumes? Seeing them trying to act the part on a life-sized movie poster in every room! This is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Fake props from movies

If you’re still wondering how you decorate a room with a horror movie theme, here is a jumping off point. Props! The first thing to do is to find movies that have memorable items, such as Jason’s hockey mask, the Scream face, or the twin girls from The Shining. If you have props like that in its proper room, it will be incredibly effective. A picture in the middle of the punch bowl, Freddy Krueger’s long creepy hand was just waiting for someone brave enough to get close. Let’s not forget his signature stripes for your Nightmare on Elm Street themed room. His stripes are so well known that it wouldn’t be necessary for them to be on a shirt. You could get striped tablecloth or curtains, it will have the same creepy reminiscent effect.

With these tips, you can have a fun and unique Halloween party. Not only will you have fun decorating your house like your favorite horror movies, but your friends will love it too. And with this advice, I wish you all a happy Halloween!

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