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Today’s post is sponsored by U by Kotex, but my love for their pads and tampons are all my own!

Ahh that dreaded time of the month again, ladies. Your period is here and now you have nothing but a week of cramps, headaches, and messy undies to deal with on top of your regularly scheduled events.  No one really looks forward to having her period; all you can do is get through it. For me, my biggest worry throughout the week is just ruining my cute undies with leaks. Not only is it really embarrassing, it is a huge hassle! U by Kotex  wants to change that with their 3D Capture Core technology.

What Is U by Kotex 3D Capture Core?

U by Kotex 3D Capture Core technology pad

It is exactly what it sounds like! It has a one of a kind center that locks away wetness that help stop the leaks and keep those undies nice and clean. What I really like about these pads, personally, is that they are extra flexible, so they move with you during workouts, shopping, and whatever else life throws at you during your period! And as an added bonus, the wings prevent the pads from scrunching and bunching up. These pads are nothing like I have ever used before, and it was definitely time for a change!

Become An UnderWarrior!

People putting fists in the air

I am exhausted of ruining my underwear, and I am sure you all are too. From this day forward, I am pledging to become an UnderWarrior for sure! It is a fun way to stay protected and clean during your period. By becoming a dedicated UnderWarrior recruit, you can join the fight against senseless leaks and help U by Kotex save the undies. I love this campaign, because it is bringing girls and women together to embrace their periods and to raise each other up. It is especially an awesome platform for young girls who are not getting the knowledge that they need to make it through life as women while being healthy and happy.

Save the Undies free sample from U by Kotex


How Do You Become An UnderWarrior?

Head to UbyKotex.com! Click on the take action tab and there are a ton of opportunities for you to get involved with other UnderWarriors.  You can help get the word out that U by Kotex is here to help stop the leaks! This website and campaign are as unique as U byKotex. It almost resembles an online magazine with fun videos to watch and a cool quiz to take—this website is pretty awesome!

Get Your Free Sample While You Can!

U by Kotex pads

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While you are there, you can request a free sample of U by Kotex pads with 3D Capture Core! Right on the homepage, there is a link that says “Get a Sample” next to a little heart! From there, there are a few different bundles that you can choose from!

U by Kotex is really trying to make a change that I think a lot of people, especially women, can appreciate. We are no longer living in the 1950’s. Having your period is just another part of life that every woman have to deal with. It is not dirty or inappropriate. Embrace your periods ladies, and become an UnderWarrior!

Click here to get your free sample!


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