5 Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

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Summer is fast approaching, and although everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, many are also worried about being bored. This is a season to kick back and relax a bit. At the same time, no Millennial wants to waste three months of their life. If you haven’t made summer plans yet, consider (at least) one of these five ways you can be productive and have fun this summer!

1. Find a Summer Internship

Maybe it isn’t exactly what you want to do, or maybe it is. An internship is a great way to gain experience in a field and figure out if you like it or not. Online journalism internships, for instance, are a great way to write and learn some new skills to add to your resume. You might even make a little extra cash if you’re lucky! I began my internship with Miss Millennia last summer, and had a blast learning my way around the world of online publishing, social media, and marketing with mini training programs. Eventually, I was learning to edit on a team of passionate interns. I held a day job in addition, but with this internship, I had an excuse to come home and write.

Gif of Rachel from tv show friends I'm gonna go get one of those job things2. Try a New Class

Hailing from a small town in suburban New York, my friends and I spend our weekends scouring the Internet for fun (and inexpensive) new activities to try out. Whether it be a pole fitness lesson or a beginner’s photography class, picking up a new hobby is a fun way to learn more about you! (Even if your clay dog comes out looking more like a potato.) Self-confidence is built on a foundation of knowing what makes you happy. Even if you don’t love the class, it’s equally important to know the things you don’t like.

3. Create Something

This can be something as simple as a new dessert recipe or as large-scale as a Habitat for Humanity build. Knowing that you made something that stands on its own is a satisfying feeling. Pinterest is an awesome source for DIY projects. Juest search some keywords that interest you!

4. Learn to Fix Something at Home

I recently learned to fix a leaky faucet, and it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever Gif of girl putting on tool beltdone. Learn how to fix something so you won’t waste money on a repairman when it’s unnecessary. Even if it’s small, you’ll save money and feel accomplished! Alternatively, read up on car repairs, exterior home repairs, lawn care, etc. Personally, I hate when people tell me to call a man over to fix something. I’d rather be able to say I did it myself.

5. Go to a Festival

In the next town over from my hometown, they hold the annual Nutmeg Festival. That’s right, nutmeg. Attending a huge celebration of any kind is sure to be full of bright spirits and even some cultural value. Best of all, you may encounter some delicious free food. If you find some Oreos, you’ve hit the jackpot.


Follow at least one of these five suggestions, and you’re sure to have a fun and productive summer!

Image source: Doug Robichaud

5 Fun Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer