Stay Active With Stayfree Feminine Products!

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We all know staying active is awesome but a lot of women often shy away from it, especially when it is that “time of the month.” What I like so much about Stayfree products is that they are so comfortable, flexible, and worry free!

Is Stayfree Good For All Activities?stayfree feminine products

Rather if it is jogging outside, yoga, weightlifting in the gym, or in a spin class—I always feel good! It is so important to feel protected, especially when you want to live an active life! The last thing you want to think about during the best five mile run you’ve ever had is your pad because you are uncomfortable.

What Is My Favorite Activity To Do?

My favorite activity, by far, is definitely yoga. I do yoga almost every day to stay healthy. Not only does it improve your flexibility, it also builds muscle, helps your posture, and helps you become overall, more relaxed! I have made a resolution this year to be healthier, so it has been about a month and a half of me doing this but I can already feel the difference that yoga can make in your life! Stayfree has recently linked up with My Yoga. When you purchase a Stayfree feminine product, you can upload your receipt on to this website: http://myyoga.stayfree.com/ and you are set up with 30 free days of yoga!

woman doing yoga

All in all, Stayfree is great for all kinds of active lifestyles (especially yoga). No slipping or movement of the pads really allows me to focus on what I am doing instead of always thinking of my period. Stayfree products have and always will be my favorite product to use when Aunt Flo visits and while staying active.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Sverve on behalf of Stayfree.  All Opinions are 100% my own.