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Top 5 Careers if You Enjoy Working With Your Hands

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Top 5 Careers if You Enjoy Working With Your Hands

Choosing your career is among the critical decisions you will ever make in your lifetime; it requires much thought. Previously, the majority of the people engaged with hands-on work where they could showcase their skills and build something concrete. If you enjoy working with your hands, not having something to show for your skills and efforts can leave you unsatisfied.

With the rise of the digital age, more people prefer jobs that entail working in an office on the screen. Fortunately, the following promising careers apply to people like you who enjoy hands-on work.

Top 5 Careers if You Enjoy Working With Your Hands


Bartending is a fun and crafty career choice for anyone who enjoys working with their hands and serving people. You get to serve Manhattans, old-school martinis, and craft signature cocktails. An added advantage of bartending is the freedom that comes with it.

You can do it as a side hustle after your 9 to 5 job. If you’re a friendly person, there are many people to interact with and form connections with, and the tips are great.


More construction sites are being built, especially with the population increase. There is, therefore, a need for residential and commercial buildings that require the expertise of construction workers. There are many areas to specialize in construction, such as painting, landscape architecture, and engineering.

You can also check out this website if you are interested in getting hands-on experience in construction and equipment. You can take short courses and earn full qualifications.

Carpenter and furniture restorer

Carpenters are a kind of construction worker; they help erect buildings and create structures made of wood. As a carpenter, you can work outdoors and indoors by constructing, repairing, and installing structures and frameworks. The good thing about carpentry is you can learn it through an apprenticeship.

Similarly, although you may not create furniture as a carpenter, you can restore it. Furniture restoring can be a hobby turned into a career that gives you good money on the side.

Automotive technician

The field of automotive technicians is expected to grow by 9% in 2022 from 2012. More people are buying automotive vehicles. If you’re a fan of these machines, you can maintain, repair, and inspect trucks and cars.

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Previously, individuals didn’t need certification to start working as technicians. However, employers require you to obtain certification or take on additional training to acquire the title of an automotive technician.

Massage therapist

You don’t have to take on a career that requires hard manual labor to enjoy working with your hands. Your hands can provide healing to others through massage. There are many bodyworks and specialized massage techniques to choose from, such as shiatsu and Swedish massage.

As a massage therapist, you manipulate soft connective tissues and muscles to reduce pain, promote relaxation, boost wellness, and improve circulation. If you care about others and want to take care of them, you can become a massage therapist.

Whatever your career choice, if you like working with your hands, the labor market offers plenty of promising opportunities. You need to identify that which works for you. If you enjoy creating or repairing things, try carpentry, construction, automotive technician, or furniture restoration.

Top 5 Careers if You Enjoy Working With Your Hands

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