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6 Reasons Why You Should Go to Church on Easter

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6 Reasons Why You Should Go to Church on Easter

Easter, a time for bunny rabbits, painted eggs, Peeps, and Easter egg hunts with candy hidden in colorful plastic eggs. In modern day American it can be easy to forget the origin of this holiday.

Christians believe Easter is the day of the resurrection of Jesus, opening Heaven’s gates for people, paying for salvation with His own blood. So, the question must be asked; why go to Church on Easter? Christians know the story and non-Christians don’t care. Well, below is a list of six reasons why you should. 

Cross with Easter Eggs
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1. Easter is a time for family.

Holidays come with family and all kinds of fun drama. But, for an Easter service, it is unlikely that the entire family that stops by for the egg hunt will go to church or the same church.

It gives your family some time to be a family, to really enjoy each others company before the drama of who got what in their Easter eggs starts.

2. It reminds you of Easter’s true purpose.

Here in America, companies will turn anything they can into a way to make money. Half the Easter tradition is the eggs, painted or plastic, and the other is an excuse to have customers buy lots of candy or small little toys.

It’s a marketing scheme. Going to church on Easter will help you focus on what founded the holiday: Jesus’s sacrifice for humanity.

3. It’s humbling.

Whether or not you believe in God, it’s good to remember something larger than yourself exists. Even if you see Jesus’ crucifixion as a story, knowing someone gave up their life for others, that life might exist after death, is a good reminder.

Life is so busy these days. People lose focus on the larger questions of life, the larger purpose of life, and an Easter service is a good way to remember them.

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4. It’s hopeful.

Easter promises life after death and that people really care about others. It is a celebration of life and humanity at its best. In a stressed-out, over-worked world filled with news of death, war, hate, and prejudice, an uplifting message can lighten the burden, if only for a little while.

5. Chance to grow spiritually.

If you’re a Christian and don’t really go to church, Easter is a great time to start. Getting the family up and dressed for Easter Sunday opens the door for people who don’t attend church regularly to go.

For non-believers, it’s a chance to learn about God, if you’re curious. So many people pack into church on Easter Sunday it is impossible to tell who believes and who doesn’t, that gives someone the perfect cover to sit in and hear what this “Christianity” thing is all about.

6. Why not?

Sadly, Christians have a bad reputation. Just like Muslims, people judge the faith of what they’re told or the one person they may have met. Truth is, most Christians and Muslims—or, dare I say, “real”, as in people who honestly practice and follow the faith, not just call themselves part of it—are nice.

Drop the prejudices the world places on these faiths and discover the truth for yourself. Go to Easter Sunday and just check it out. It can’t hurt you. If there is a life after death, believing in something—God, in this case—increases your chance of going to Heaven. If there isn’t, well, at least you lived by a set of moral codes that helped guide you in life. With faith, you can’t lose by having it.

If you believe in God, and believe that Jesus died to save you, giving Him a few hours of your time is the least you can do. He died for you. Go ahead and celebrate Easter Day, celebrate your chance at salvation, celebrate the ability to be forgiven, celebrate family, and celebrate a moment of true, pure love.

6 reasons why you go to church on easter

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