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8 Epic Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

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8 Epic Ideas For The Perfect Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day should be an incredible day for some couples. It’s a day for people to love and appreciate the special person in their lives. However, what I see more often is lazy attempts such as chocolate and a teddy bear. Wouldn’t you rather give your partner a special Valentine’s Day surprise?

This holiday should be the one day of the year when a girl can live out her romantic fantasy. If you are at a loss for how to do that, let me show you eight ways to make your Valentine’s Day surprise epic for your significant other.

1. Write a letter a day for the month

Remember on the notebook how Ryan Gosling’s character wrote Rachel McAdam’s character a love letter every day FOR A YEAR?! And guys wonder why we go crazy for Ryan Gosling.

But honestly, you do not have to write a letter for a full year, just try for a month. Tell your SO something you love about them for 30 days. Package them up, and boom. Gift complete.

The best part about this one is it does not cost anything unless you decide to buy some cute Valentine’s Day stationery.

2. Write A Poem

You don’t have to be a poet, heck you do not even have to be a writer. But I believe art in any format is great because of the passion you put into it. If you spill your soul on paper, your partner will be able to tell.

Do a spell check online before handwriting it on fancy paper. You have to focus on the details of this one and make sure the presentation is right. Your sweetie will love it!

3. Reenact your first date


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What is cuter than reliving your very first date?

If you are going to go with this idea, you have to go all out. Go to the place where you had your first date, wear the same clothes, and do the same things.

This is not only a fun idea but also makes you appreciate how far you’ve come in your relationship. It will also give you a moment to be thankful that your paths crossed in the first place.

4. Romantic staycation

An annoyance I have with Valentine’s Day is that people believe that the more you spend, the better the gift is. Even if you are broke, you can make Valentine’s Day surprises unique.

One way to do this is to have a free weekend staycation where you go to a bunch of places and not spend a dime. You could pack a picnic, go to a museum on a free day, take a hike, or even just go to a local art show. You’ll be surprised at how many free things you can find in your city when you are looking for them.

For some inspiration, read our article 12 Exciting Staycation Ideas For Couples On A Budget!

5. Personalized M&M’s

Love is sweeter with M&Ms

Chocolate? Check. Personal touch? Check. Unique gift idea? Check.

Personalized M&M’s hit all the requirements of an epic Valentine’s Day gift.

You can create your blends with 25 colors and add a personal touch to your photos, messages, and a clipart library for any occasion printed right on the candy! A special photo of the two of you or an inside joke you two only share is a great way to make it special.

If you are fresh out of ideas on what to put on your M&M’s, they have a nifty idea gallery for you to come up with awesome things to put on your custom M&Ms.

Design yours today so they make it in time for Valentine’s Day!

6. Make a video

This one may veer into cheesy territory, but there is a lot of effort that goes into putting a video together. That effort, I am sure, will be appreciated.

You can choose the topic of the video to fit your relationship. Some ideas include “The reasons why I love you” or “10 things you do that I love.” Or maybe put a montage together of your partner’s favorite things.

Whatever you decide to do, make it personal and speak directly to that person with it. A little video editing can go a long way with this Valentine’s Day surprise.

7. Host a day of appreciation

Lastly is just having a day of recognition. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? Let your partner kick up their feet and relax while you wait for their every beck and call. Make them food, give them a foot massage, and tell them why you think they are the best. It does not cost money, but anyone could benefit from a day like this. And just by you showing your appreciation, I am sure they will appreciate you even more.

8. Leave cute notes around the house

heart shaped post-it notes

I am a huge fan of this idea and have done it many times just because. Leave post-it notes all over the house telling your partner all the reasons why you love them.

Before we leave each other for more than one night, my husband and I write each other a little note on a post-it. We’ve been doing this for years, and I can attest that it does not get old, and it is never annoying.

Go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day surprise by getting up a little earlier and putting about 50 of them all through the house. That way, your partner will be finding notes from you all day.


I know I can be a little cynical about Valentine’s Day, but the truth is, I am just as sappy as any other girl out there. If you get to a point where you do not know how to be more romantic, watch a few romance films and get some ideas.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and may it be like your favorite romantic film!


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8 Epic Ideas For The Perfect Valentine's Day Surprise


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