5 Effective Skincare Products Millennials Should Start Using

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The skincare industry is a constantly evolving market that caters to people of all ages from the youngest skins to the wiser ones. The group that is now standing in the middle, the millennials, have an entirely different world and environment to contend with when it comes to skincare. While the basics of skincare have remained essentially the same: clean, moisturize, and everything else—there have been new developments in the industry that have revolutionized the skincare process. Some of these products help make skincare faster, while others make the process more effective. Regardless, these products are designed to help make the skin better and millennials will benefit greatly, especially for the future, by using these products now.

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1. Snail slime

Koreans are famous for their weird but highly effective beauty regimen. One of the latest craze that the eastern beauties have produced is snail slime. This odd product is currently being hailed as the promise of a wrinkle-free tomorrow. Don’t worry. There’ll be no need to put live snails on your face to get the effect. Snail slime products are very similar to the beauty products you could be using now, the only difference will be the results.

Snail slime is supposed to get rid of existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming, as a result it’s meant to keep the skin looking more youthful appearance. It’s never too early for millennials to keep their skin looking young. After all, your thirties are just around the corner. It’s better to take preventative measures against wrinkles and aging because those things are harder to get rid of once they’ve appeared.

2. Derma Rollers

The idea of derma rollers comes from the age-old adage: no pain, no gain. However, that adage is slightly off, since derma rollers don’t sound like they might hurt at all. Perhaps its other moniker, micro-needling, sounds a little bit harsher. Micro Needling involves pricking the skin with a roller full of medical-grade fine needles in order to stimulate healing. You’ll essentially have to superficially wound your skin to encourage skin repair. In this process, the production of collagen and elastin—the building blocks of skin—are promoted, and of course, when the skin is newly repaired, it is younger looking altogether.

Dermarollers also provide a host of other benefits such as creating smoother skin, restoring hair, and reducing the appearance of skin problems such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and even cellulite. It definitely sounds like something millennials can benefit from, and the best part of dermarolling is it doesn’t hurt to do.

skincare products

3. American Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derivative from the cannabis plant. It’s already known to have great health benefits for its anti-stress properties. It comes to no surprise then that CBD oil is good for the skin also. AMERICAN HEMP OIL makes some of the purest CBD products in the market. Millennials can protect their skin against the development of wrinkles and other skin issues related to aging.

The application of CBD oil will give an anti-stress effect on your skin, producing younger looking and softness like no other. Since it comes in oil form, this product is also guaranteed to moisturize even the driest of skins. You can apply CBD oil throughout the body and not just the face. You can use this oil to solve issues you might be having throughout the body to give you the skin you once had or to keep your skin looking as supple as it does now.

4. Anti-pollution creams

Many people forget the importance of using products that contain SPF, especially on the face. For millennials these days, it’s not even enough anymore to just slather on SPF products. The conditions of the environment these days are so harmful that many of the younger population age prematurely when it comes to the look of their skin. Thankfully, there are now anti-pollution products in the market that counteract this specific problem. The best anti-pollution creams contain broad spectrum SPF and ingredients that offer multi-protection such as antioxidants.

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Millennials owe it to themselves to protect and strengthen their skin against the free radicals and pollution that exist in today’s world. In addition, these creams will not only protect the skin but energize it as well. They’ll leave the skin feeling moisturized and soothed. Try to opt for products that are made with natural ingredients for the best overall results.

5. Charcoal peel-off masks

For the latest craze in skincare, millennials should try charcoal peel-off masks. Charcoal has cleansing properties that have been recognized in skin care by dermatologists and have been implemented into many products in the past.

You can get charcoal soaps and other types of masks, but the latest developments in charcoal are in the peel-off masks. These masks are richer and thicker which help penetrate deeper into the pores. They simply dry on your face and work much like pore strips do. They eliminate the blackheads throughout your face; not just on the nose area. Tiny hairs that cause a light fuzz around your face are also pulled up. This leaves the skin unbelievably clean and smooth. Charcoal masks are the latest millennial craze and are definitely worth a try.

While the basics of skincare have remained essentially the same: clean, moisturize, etc —there have been new developments for these skincare products.

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