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The Top 3 Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Health and Fitness

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The Top 3 Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Health and Fitness

Many athletes and avid gym-goers are always looking for a way to improve their performance—whether it’s the ability to lift more, run faster, or have the energy to get an extra work out in each week. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of people recognizing the benefits of CBD oil on their fitness routine. It enhances their training regimes and assists in recovery by alleviating common post-workout symptoms and making it easier on their bodies to make progress.

Research into the benefits of CBD oil on improving health and fitness is still relatively fresh. However, we’re learning more every day! Some applications of CBD oil are consistently praised, and we’re going to run through three of the top ways they help you.

Reducing inflammation and promoting muscular recovery

If you work out and train regularly, you are placing your body under stress. This stress is useful if you follow it with a recovery period that leads to muscular and athletic growth. Hard training sessions cause microtears in your muscle tissue, which in turn causes inflammation. When repairing this damaged tissue, your body builds itself up stronger than before.

This is where we get strength gains, athletic adaption, and hypertrophy. However, this stress can also manifest as soreness or pain. The microtrauma elicited can go too far and can accumulate into long-term injuries, lasting fatigue, and inflammation.

Pain management works to a point, but it’s just a palliative- isn’t a cure, and can bring about its own long-term problems.

This situation is where CBD oil comes into play: it may help athletes by reducing pain and minimizing inflammation post-workout. It is used by athletes in this way to promote faster recovery, helping them to get back on their feet and back into training.

Giving You better sleep

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As mentioned above, there are two simple steps to improving any facet of athleticism: stimulation (training) followed by recovery (nutrition and rest.) If you miss either of these, your fitness journey will grind to a halt.

With this in mind, improving your quality of sleep is one of the most effective ways you can go about speeding up your gains and maximizing your results from training stimuli.

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Right now, most of the evidence is anecdotal, but there does seem to be a correlation between CBD use and better sleep in athletes. Athletes have reported that it is easier to get to sleep when they have used CBD oil and that it improves the quality of their sleep.

Relieving your level of stress and anxiety

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Stress is a big killer of athletic adaptation. Stress releases cortisol in the human body, which is known for its ability to impede athletic performance and recovery. This process will harm muscle gains, leading to atrophy rather than hypertrophy, and from here, on exercise performance in general.

Of course, aiding your sleep patterns and diminishing the physical trauma you get from training will go a long way to minimizing stress levels. CBD oil has some bonuses that can further relieve stress and anxiety.

Tentative research suggests that CBD can help to reduce symptoms for those suffering from a social anxiety disorder. It can help users to feel a greater sense of wellbeing and simultaneously change the way their brains respond to anxiety. Animal research has suggested that CBD oil may aid in alleviating depression and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

If you are struggling to make or retain gains in the gym, or if your athletic performance is suffering, it might be because you are dealing with heightened levels of anxiety and stress. CBD oil could be the answer. You need to make sure your body is in a calm state, receptive to training stimuli and recovery.


These are just three reasons to consider CBD oil for your fitness regime and overall health. It’s hard to argue with the amazing benefits of CBD oil you will see. If you need a little something extra to help you through recovery after hard training or you’re feeling the stress and strain of exercise and everyday life wearing you down physically, it is well worth consideration. 

When buying CBD oil, ensure you buy from a respected manufacturer or shop that has lab tests readily available. For those interested in learning more about or trying CBD oil, UK-based CBD Shopy has a wide range of CBD oil available for sale, check out their review of UK’s best CBD oils to learn more.

Good luck with your health and fitness journey!

The Top 3 Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Health and Fitness

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