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7 Simple and Effective Ways on Making Your House a Home

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7 Simple and Effective Ways on Making Your House a Home

It’s often said, ‘east to west home is best,’ and rightly so. Your living space should be a haven that defines your personality, a place where you feel most comfortable. No matter your house’s size and style, adding a personal touch to its overall outlook will transform it into an ideal home. Flip through magazines, browse Pinterest, read interior design blog posts and watch youtube videos. These are all fantastic ways of exposing yourself to many types of design styles which you’ll be able to adopt or bring together to create your style.

These tips will help in the makeover:

1. Include some bit of the outdoors

This is one of the most cost-effective ways of creating a homey space. Simply place some indoor plants on the windowsills, ledges or shelves. Mix and match the color and sizes of the vases to achieve a thrown-together feel. This invokes a creative feeling to your home.

You can also bring the outdoors in by placing a vase full of fresh flowers on your corner shelf or table. Artificial flowers will save you the agony of having to replace them regularly and give your space the same bright ambiance. Inviting ambiance of nature into your home creates a fresh and vibrant place to be.

Adding fresh flowers to your home gives it an inviting ambiance2. Display your favorite artwork

Gone are the days when walls were filled with framed family pictures. Dress up those empty walls by putting up kids’ artwork, memorabilia from your travels such as pinecones or shells, DIY weavings, sculptures, or paintings, and so on. This display makes the house feel unique to you and highlights objects you love especially. Adding your personality to your home creates a bespoke experience for your family and visiting friends. Especially if you have guests, you’re meeting for the first time.

For those that don’t have the wall space or aren’t allowed to hang art for one reason or another, don’t fret. If you have a coffee table, a chest of drawers, or other empty surfaces in your living areas, then you have the canvas on which you can create your masterpiece. From floral arrangements to sculptures and vases, there is a multitude of options available for those that are willing to put in the time.

3. Put out a lot of throws and pillows

While a clean couch will be enough for its purpose, throw blankets and pillows will make it appear more inviting. Indeed, it would be better to have too many pillows on your couch than not have enough. Make sure your pillows and throw blankets add some bit of texture by choosing unique patterns and colors. Blankets and pillow are a great non-permanent way to experiment with color and patterns. Find out what colors work for you and you can extend this throughout your home.

4.Improve the home’s air quality

Air quality is one of the most overlooked ways through which you can make your house feel like home. Changing your furnace filters regularly is one easy and effective way of improving your home’s air quality, as is adding some indoor plants. Light up some scented candles to create a unique aroma. The warm glow from such also makes the home appear cozy and inviting.

5. Accessorize the floors with area rugs

Are you stuck with a wall to wall carpet or a wooden floor that has seen better days? One of the most effective ways of personalizing your living space is by adding area rugs. It is easy to choose area rugs that will benefit your home design and décor. Besides, they can be moved, removed, or rotated, thus making them adaptable accessories to any space. You could even go travel to Marrakech to buy your rug direct. These kinds of stories add depth to your home.

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6. Customize your internal doors

In most cases, houses, and particularly rented apartments will have bland, mass-produced internal doors. Customizing them with something as simple as painting the door knobs, replacing them or the entire door makes the house feel more personal to you. Todd Doors wide range of sturdy and stylish internal doors that will add character and structure to your home. This is one of the most impactful changes you can make; it’s hard to imagine the difference that internal doors can make until you see it for yourself. Barn doors are making a big come-back. Well worth looking into.

7. Get smart with your storage

Is the cupboard space wanting? Incorporate some DIY storage solutions in your home. Some of these include an industrial-style unit in place of a chest of drawers, copper bins, stylish baskets, or a DIY ottoman. Repurpose old laundry baskets, suitcases and trunks and use them to store off-season clothes and shoes, magazines, and books. Storage can be more than a practical item in your home; it can add character and depth to a room if you find the right furniture.


You do not have to make the above changes all at once. By trying one or two daily or weekly, you will transform your home before you even know it. The trick is to constantly add personal touches that will make you happy to spend time at your home. Start with the most impactful changes and then take some time in between making any further changes to see how the whole family now feels about the space. Discuss what bothers your family the most and make changes based on the outcome.


7 Simple and Effective Ways on Making Your House a Home.1

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