How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Your 20’s

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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Your 20's

I am a firm believer in establishing practices to keep your skin looking young while you are still young. While there is a lot of attention paid to anti-wrinkle products after the age of 40, I think it is great to maintain the skin you are in before the wrinkles. Here, I will be providing my best tips for keeping your skin youthful throughout your 20’s and into your 30’s.

Use an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Yes, I know you may not have wrinkles now, but it is much easier to maintain the skin you have than to reverse wrinkles that develop. There are a ton of anti-wrinkle creams out there to choose from, so do your research and find one that works for you. I personally use Cellumis. I tried their product and I have to say that it worked wonders for me!

After using it twice a day for a couple of weeks I noticed that my puffiness under my eyes all but disappeared. Cellumis Advanced Eye Gel is an ultra-effective serum that dramatically reduces the signs of aging. Cellumis is able to not only eliminate but also prevent puffiness and bags under the eyes, boost epidermal regeneration and lessen the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

I don’t have a wrinkle problem now, but I know that with Cellumis, it will continue to be a non-factor for me. Right now if you sign up for Cellumis they are sending a free gift with your purchase. Check it out!

Woman using anti-wrinkle skin creamCellumis anti-wrinkle skin cream

Woman using anti-wrinkle skin cream

Drink Enough Water

Woman drinking water outside for healthy skinAccording to WebMD, dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled. This is easily improved with proper hydration. So if you are looking to prevent wrinkles, getting enough water  in the day is the way to go.  Be sure to drink at least 1/2 ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

Eat Well

I know the old saying you are what you eat is pretty common sense, but it is still so true. Eating foods with antioxidants are a great way to prevent aging in the skin overall. Foods that are great for your skin include blueberries, red grapes, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, and green tea, to name a few. Keep in mind too that processed sugar causes more wrinkles and saggy skin overall. So while it is good to eat better foods for your skin, you should also keep an eye on your processed sugar intake.

Get Enough Sleep

If you have ever pulled an all-nighter and seen yourself in the morning, I do not think I have to explain what happens to your face. Sleep is so essential and can make the most drastic difference in your skin when you get enough. Not only are you more energized, but your skin keeps firm and does not puff under your eyes or start to sag. As Millennials, we’re all busy, but if you get enough sleep for just 1 week, you will see a huge difference in your skin, mood, weight—everything.

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Moisturizing Your Skin

You should have a moisturizer that is for your face only and use it after washing your face, preferably twice a day. I have made the mistake of using my body lotion on my face, and then I wonder why I have dark spots, dry skin, etc. The great thing about using a facial moisturizer is that they often include sunscreen as well. Since the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, it will behoove you to use a facial moisturizer.

Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, so it is really in your best interest to take care of it. With these very basic and easy steps, you can have skin free of wrinkles, dryness, and puffy eyes. Be good to your skin and it will be good to you.


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Here, I will be providing my best tips for keeping your skin youthful throughout your 20's and into your 30's.


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