How to Give Yourself a Salon Worthy Blow Dry at Home

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All women would love to give themselves a salon worthy blow dry. However, no matter how hard most of us try, we just can’t make it look the same as when our hairdresser does it. Anybody can give themselves a gorgeous blow dry, but you need to know a few things first. Look no further:

Towel Dry First

First of all, you need to towel dry your hair after washing. Give it a good scrub to get some of that moisture out, but don’t be too rough with it as this can cause frizziness. If you put product in your hair when wet, it won’t do much other than stiffen your hair. Putting it in towel dried hair is always more effective. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet so you don’t use too much or too little.

Divide Into Sections

Divide your hair into sections when it’s time to start using your hairdryer. Concentrating on a section at a time will leave you with a much nicer result than trying to do it all at once.

 Use Quality Products

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Your hairdresser uses salon quality products. These products cost much more than products you buy at your local beauty store. If you’re willing to spend a little more on products, you should get a much nicer finish, recommends Philip Kingsley. If you refuse and only use cheap products, you’re unlikely to ever get the same effect that your hairdresser creates. Ask for recommendations from your salon. Products like smoothing serum and volumising mousse can be a big help.


Practice makes perfect! Your hairdresser does this for a living, so she’s a pro when it comes to blow drying hair. Practice a couple of times a week and you should get gorgeous hair using the hairdryer.

Aim Hairdryer Down the Shaft

Your hairdryer should always be aimed down the hair shaft so that you don’t get any flyaways or frizz. Letting your hair blow about all over the place will not create the same smooth effect. The smooth look can be harder to achieve with naturally curly hair, but it’s doable.

Use Fingers to Start With

Before you pick up a brush, use your fingers. When your hair is 70% dry, you can grab your best rounded brush and lift at the roots to create volume. Keep the hair taut and follow the brush with the hairdryer for the best results.

Blast With Cool Air

When you think you’ve dried your whole head, you can then blast with cool air to set it in place. This will help your new blowdry last much longer.

Finish With Serum

This part is optional, but it gives hair a lovely smooth finish. Rub a tiny amount of serum in between your palms and then smooth over your hair for a lovely look. Make sure you don’t use too much, especially if your hair is prone to grease.

With plenty of practice and the right products, your hair can like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. See you next time!

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