7 Tips To Get The Best Deals On Spring Clothing

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7 Tips To Get The Best Deals On Spring Clothing fb

The first of the two best seasons has returned, and it’s time to break out the spring-wear in celebration. Since styles change yearly, this could be the perfect opportunity to add choices to your closet.

First, go through your boxed-up apparel for any out-of-style elements that can go to the Salvation Army or Goodwill; then, it’s time to find the best deals on clothing you can get on your new spring wardrobe.

1. Start Shopping A Month In Advance

Scheduling when to shop spring clothing

This isn’t always practical, but it can reap dividends when it is. The reasoning behind spring shopping in this way is that retail stores have to remove items from the windows and shelves every 6-8 weeks to make room for more stuff. The older items are then marked down, which allows you to grab top-end stuff at half-price or less. This only applies if the property doesn’t sell out while it’s up.

2. Opt for Quality Over Price

There’s an old saying that will never die: you get what you pay for. Go ahead and spend for a name brand if you judge it worthy. After all, there are reasons why it has developed such a following, and these reasons usually encompass the fact that it’s made very well and made to last.

Thrift store apparel cannot hope to outlast most things from one of the hallowed Italian brand stores. Similarly, if you’ve got an eye for stitching, you can tell when something is better than the price reflects – go ahead and pick it up this spring and start building your new high-quality-but-moderate-expense wardrobe.

3. Look Online

Online shopping is in the double digits after languishing in the singles for the previous decade. This means that more people than ever are shopping online, which bodes well for sales from your favorite department stores – you can count on huge markdowns from giants such as JC Penney, Kohl’s, Anne Taylor, and others.

As spring approaches, prices on select items drop to invite in the shoppers, and after a season passes, you can often find great spring and summer pieces on sale at massive discounts as we go into the fall and winter months, and they try to reduce their inventory.

4. What’s So Magical About Thursday’s?

Shop on Thursday after work if you can; the reason is that, with the weekend approaching, stores will mark down prices on last week’s items to get rid of them before the new stuff has to go on the shelves. This is one of your best bets for deals on spring shopping; it can work almost any time of the year, and if you’re looking to avoid crowds, this is one of the best days to hit the stores.

5. The Outlet Store

luxury shops where to spring clothing is available

There’s a reason why these kinds of shops continue to pop up in and around most major metropolitan areas – and that’s because they’re successful. Outlet Stores can gather all the name-brand apparel that the first-option stores no longer have space for and present them to the consumer at discount prices.

Of course, although brand new, some items were released to the outlet because they were unpopular. It can be like panning for gold, but there’s always a chance you get something great at a fire-sale price.

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While you’re there, you can always ask customer service for information on what their other locations carry. Say, for example, you cannot find your size in an otherwise excellently-priced piece of apparel; instead of giving up or going with the sub-optimal size, they might find one that suits you at a similar markdown elsewhere.

6. Ask Around

One of the little-known methods for getting the best deals on spring clothing is to ask the workers at your nearest department stores! More often than not, they know where the outlet stores that carry the trendiest clothing are located and incoming items expected to hit the shelves later in the season.

If you find discounted clothing while you’re inside, be sure to ask about the return policy on sale items and inquire about any upcoming sales, as stores usually receive advertising materials and information weeks, sometimes months, ahead of significant sales the brand will have.

7. Always Shop at Season’s End

shopping for spring clothing

Granted, this advice isn’t for this year’s spring clothing deals – but for next year’s. If you’re familiar with fashion, you’re aware of the trendy items vs. the ones that have shown years of staying power. With thousands of brands from which to choose, you can whittle down the selections using the always-available internet; then, head to the offline spots and get the best clothing deals for next spring.

Staying Stylish For Less

Ultimately, staying in style doesn’t need to break the bank or be that difficult. Spring & summer shouldn’t catch you unaware since, after all, it comes around every year. Prepare ahead by watching the store sales, which will allow you to spend much less than most for the same trending styles, and when you’re shopping at a discount, you can expand your wardrobe by orders of magnitude.

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