The Best Fashion Brands Worth Spending Money On

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The Best Fashion Brands Worth Spending Money On fb

With all the different fashion brands out there, it can be hard deciding where you should be spending your money. As the battle of the brands constantly wages on, this task never gets any easier, and with fashion influencers and analysts continually making predictions and saying different things, many people stick with a brand they already know and never try anything new.

Each quarter, though, fashion platform Lyst looks at the behavior of online shoppers to determine which brands are the biggest, best, and worth spending money on. The results from Lyst this year have been varied and vast, and there are a few brands that have stuck out as key players within the fashion industry.

Lyst uses data from its search engine, Google, engagement statistics, and conversion rates, amongst other things such as social media influencers, to make its decisions and provide a ‘ranking’ of fashion brands. Rising through Lyst’s rankings can be as simple as having one great moment of exposure, as French fashion house Givenchy learned this year when they dressed Megan Markle for her wedding to Prince Harry.

We have spent time wading through all the information and noise to come up with the top 5 brands worth spending money on.

#1: Gucci

Coming in at number one is Gucci, the Italian fashion label that has risen through the ranks to become the world’s hottest brand right now. Loved by the younger crowd and millennials, it has transformed to become a fashion giant.

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Although Gucci has been around since 1921, it is only recently that they have enjoyed widespread and mainstream success thanks to their creative director who has focussed on appealing to a younger crowd.

When you buy a Gucci product, you are buying a timeless piece of fashion that will always hold value.

#2: Versace

Another Italian fashion brand that has enjoyed a revival is Versace. This has been attributed to the fact that Donatella Versace co-hosted the Met Gala this year and was tasked with dressing stars including Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian-West in Versace wares.

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Not only this but U.S. crime drama The Assassination of Gianni Versace has also helped pull Versace back into the mainstream. This is an example of a brand that isn’t able to attribute its modern success to social media or digital marketing, unlike others.

#3: Nike

Nike has recently managed to firmly cement its credentials as a fashion brand by collaborating with the likes of Gucci and Off White.  It is not only shoes that Nike is producing, but they are beginning to dabble in clothing outside of sportswear.

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Nike this year joined the Lyst top 10 appearing alongside names such as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. They are now the top-ranking sportswear brand, and they are likely to continue collaborating with fashion houses as the interest in both sportswear and high-end clothing continues. If both can be combined successfully, brands are on to a winner.

#4: Yves Saint Laurent

An iconic name, Yves Saint Laurent is a French luxury brand that in 2015 began rising back to the top when it revived its haute couture collection. It is a brand that is a firm favorite amongst some of the world’s biggest celebrities who are often seen on social media wearing YSL’s clothing. If you are looking for a Saint Laurent bag or a Saint Laurent t-shirt, you can find these and more at a competitive price by heading on over to SSENSE who an online retailer of luxury brand clothing and other wares. 

#5: Off White

One brand performing better than ever right now is Off White who is ranked at number 2 by Lyst. Founded in 2012 in Italy, Off White is a big name amongst millennials as they focus on streetwear and luxury fashion. Again, as we said earlier, street and sportswear are big with younger people, and fashion brands that can produce sports and streetwear with an air of luxury will perform very well.

In six years, Off White has collaborated with the likes of Supreme and Nike to help establish themselves as a leader on the fashion scene.

Fashion Is Always Changing

And although this is the case, there are a few brands that are worth spending money on right now. The above five represent a mix of classic names such as Versace and newer entrants such as Off White. They have time and again proven themselves as leaders within the fashion industry due to their notable collaborations, innovation, focus on the younger generation, and an ability to perform well through social media channels.

Any money spent on the brands named above is never going to be wasted as they represent the best of the best in fashion right now. Whether you want to purchase for Christmas, a birthday or even just as a treat for yourself, they’d all make a great addition to your wardrobe and will leave those around you in envy. Which of the above is your favorite brand? Let us know in the comments!

We have spent time wading through all the information and noise to come up with the top 5 brands worth spending money on.

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