Best Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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If there’s one thing that all women have in common, I would venture to say that it’s confidence. More specifically, room to grow in our confidence. As sad as it is, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t beat herself up or was too hard on herself. Us women are pretty dang good at being hard on ourselves.

So today, let’s focus on building ourselves back up. We all need it! You know that feeling when you’re wearing a really kick-ass outfit and you feel like you can conquer the world? I want you to feel that way every single day, 24 hours a day. Here’s how you can start!

Do What Makes You Happy

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way. You should do whatever the heck you like to do to feel confident. For example, I love makeup. I feel so beyond confident when my highlighter is gleaming to the heavens, my lips are overlined, and my brows are Instagram-worthy. And it has absolutely nothing to do with “covering up” who I am or masking my bare face. I just feel confident when I’ve got a work of art on my face.

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So if your vice is makeup, wear it! If unicorns make you feel confident, flaunt them! Don’t worry about what other people say or think. If it makes you happy and confident, you do you boo.

Get Strong

I fully believe that one of the biggest confidence boosters as a woman is being strong. Feel free to take this as either literal strength or figurative strength. Or both! Being both physically strong and emotionally strong are both awesome ways to be a confident woman.

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As far as physical strength is concerned, I adore doing yoga to tone and strengthen. If you’re too nervous to try out a class in a studio, there are tons of great online options. Check out Yoga Download if you don’t know where to start. Their classes are all online and you can pick from a ton of different categories.

I find that yoga gives me a different kind of strength than just weightlifting. It teaches you to control your body and more importantly, control your mind. Once you conquer your own mind, there’s nothing you can’t do! Nothing will make you feel more confident than that! Plus it’s cool to be able to do some of those awesome yoga poses that make people wonder if you’re secretly Wonder Woman.

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If you’re looking for emotional strength, you could check out meditation or even some books. I personally feel like a total empowered boss lady after reading practically anything by Brene Brown. Check out her work and you won’t be disappointed!

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Be Kind

I have this long-standing belief that mean people are actually just insecure people. If you’re confident in yourself, you don’t need to tear other people down. So always be kind. Lift other people up. Give out (genuine) compliments like Skittles. Leave a 30% tip instead of 20%.

Be understanding when the cashier rings up your bananas wrong and has to abort the entire transaction and start over. Being an inherently kind person will lead you to be more confident. When you know that you’re a good person who puts good into the world, you start to feel pretty…well…good about yourself!

Create an “I Love Me” List

Have you ever done one of those activities where you sit against a white board and people come up and write nice things all around you? And then you get to step back and read them all? It makes you feel so good about yourself and is a great way to boost your confidence! So you’re going to make one of those for yourself. Yup, seriously.

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Get out some paper and write down everything about yourself that you love. Everything. It can be as tiny as “I like the yellow specks in my eye color,” to something as meaningful as, “I have a big heart.” Spend some time really reflecting on the things that make you feel good about yourself. Once you’re done, tuck your list away for a rainy, un-confident day. Then pull it out and read it for a confidence boost!

Be Assertive

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m probably one of the most un-assertive people in the world. Being assertive is hard if it’s not built into your personality. But I’ve learned that it starts with baby steps. You might not always be the person to step up and lead a group of 200 volunteers. You can, however, start by being the first person to speak when your boss says, “What ideas do you have?” in your next meeting.

Being assertive also means being able to speak up for someone who may not be able to speak up for themselves. Be the person who goes and sits next to a Muslim woman who is being bullied on the bus. There are a million small ways to be assertive that will all add up to one very assertive, kick-butt woman who is radiating confidence!

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It’s the Little Things

I’m about to suggest something that you might think is totally lame. But don’t knock it ‘till you try it! When you need a confidence boost, go do something you know you’re good at it. You know what my mini confidence boost is? Typing tests.

Yup, seriously. I am a really fast typist – usually between 90-100 words per minute (the average typing speed is about 40 words per minute). So when I need a confidence boost, I get on a typing test website and type my little fingers off for a minute. Seeing that “92 words per minute” is a little pick-me-up, however lame it might make me sound! Find your little skill that you’re good at.

Maybe you can fit twice as many dishes in the dishwasher as your roommate because of your mad Tetris skills. Or maybe you have a song memorized on the ukulele. Whatever your little skill is, don’t be afraid to bust it out when you need to feel confident. It helps, I promise!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to be a more confident woman. Pick and choose one or two confidence boosters to tackle this month and come back in a few weeks to choose some more. With time, you’ll see that you’re going to boost your confidence and feel much more inherently confident. Which is awesome!

What other tips and tricks do you have to feeling confident? Share in the comments below!

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