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17 Side Hustles That Could Replace Your Job (And How To Get Started)

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17 Side Hustles That Could Replace Your Job (And How To Get Started)

Side hustles are much more than a part-time job. They’re ways to make extra money that can grow into something that could make as much (if not more) money than your career over time. Long story short, a side hustle could replace your job, so you never have to work another day again.

Miss Millennia was my side hustle for a long time, and now it has turned into a full-time job. So I can say that I know a little something about the art of side hustles, or side businesses, if you will. But Miss Millennia was not my first side gig; I had several in college and even a few in high school.

Although I only pursued a few side hustles on this list, I researched them, and they are fantastic. If you have been thinking, “I Need a Side Hustle” to earn more money in your spare time, check out my list and references for starting a good side hustle that could potentially replace your day job. This list is a great way to make extra income that can turn into total income. Check them out!

1. Take Surveys Online

Surveys were my first ever online side hustle gig since they are so easy to get set up and make money quickly. Many survey sites pay you to spend five minutes or so answering a few questions in exchange for cash and freebies.

I made pretty good money with surveys. Not only was I making enough not to get a part-time job in college, but I also got some cool stuff from surveys (my first 80GB iPod.) It’s free to sign up, easy to use, and you can start taking surveys to earn rewards immediately.

If you want to start making easy cash with surveys, I suggest sites like:

If you are looking for more legitimate survey websites, I have a complete list for you to check out here.

BONUS: Get My Free Survey Tracking Sheet to Help You Hit Your Income Goals

2. Get Paid to Make Money on Instagram

Ever thought about getting paid for posting your cute outfits on Instagram? Well, now you can!

I was blown away when I discovered that there were real people out there getting paid for their styling skills with Stella & Dot in their free time to the point where they could do it full-time!

And I even met someone and interviewed them Live about their tips and tricks to do this successfully. You can watch that full interview in the video below.

Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

If you want to make money with Stella & Dot or learn other ways to make money with an Instagram account, you can check that out below.

3. Start a Blog

person typing on laptop for blog side hustle

Starting a blog has changed my life. I have had the opportunity to learn more about online marketing, which led to several other job opportunities. I also got a chance to meet and interview some of my favorite authors. Blogging gave me experience in roles I would’ve never even thought to apply for and has helped me grow as a person overall.

Many people are unaware of how to make blogging a profitable career, and I often tell people how we earn income. There are three significant ways we make money, Sponsored posts, advertising, and affiliate marketing. But there are SO MANY WAYS to make extra cash from a blog.

The articles and ebooks below are a great way to start!

4. Create a Course on Udemy

Create a Course on Udemy

Ask my team at Miss Millennia, and they will tell you that my motto is that everyone is an expert at something. We learn and grow, and we develop differently. We pursue different interests and passions, and people always want to learn a skill set you’ve already established.

Why not teach them? Did you start a blog? Take lessons in photography? Or do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to job hunting? Figure out what you know that you can teach others and create a course on Udemy.

The best part of this side hustle? You do the work ONCE and get paid for whoever takes your course repeatedly—wondering if you have what it takes to create a system? If you’ve ever developed a PowerPoint presentation, you can create a course on Udemy.

Check out the resources below to learn more.

5. Start Coaching Online

Going back to my motto about everyone being an expert at something, maybe you feel like creating and designing a course is not your thing. NBD, start coaching about the topics you know best. This is one of those side hustles with the bonus of a confidence boost.

The great thing about coaching is that once you get a few happy clients, just let their testimonials and references be your leads. Many professional coaches do not bother marketing because their clients come to them. This could be you too!

Here are some excellent resources to get you started.

6. Write an Ebook

How To Write An Ebook And Make Passive Income

An ebook is excellent for a couple of reasons. First, you can say, “Yeah, I wrote a book before.” Also, you do the work once and keep counting the money.

The catch here is it has to be good, and it has to be helpful. Writing a practical guide is the way to go if you ask me. But, again, you’ll be cashing in on your expertise and cashing out at the bank.

Below are a few books that will help much.

7. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

side hustles basket of yarn

This one is ideal for those who are more creative. In high school, I was sewing and designing purses for my classmates and selling them for $50 a pop! Now with Etsy, you can sell your creations to the world. Setting up an Etsy account is super easy, and if you are already creating things, you could be making money sooner than you initially imagined.

Below are a few resources that could help you on your way.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

side hustles 8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can be profitable if you are strategic and organized. But unfortunately, most of the work assigned to a VA is task work, simple projects that almost anyone can do.

Once you have a good schedule, you can find ways to automate many of those pesky tasks and find another client to work with. However, if things get crazy with work, it may be time for you to hire your own VA to help.

Want to get going on this hustle? Check out these sources below.

9. Start Tutoring


Tutoring is a much-needed service. I have both been tutored before and tutored others for cash. It will never go out of style. Get a few good clients, and you have a business.

Once you get some steady income, hire more people to work for you. You’ll be ahead of the game if you can do all your Tutoring via Skype. If you want to learn more about starting a tutoring gig, the resources below should be of good use.

10. Freelance Writing

We're Looking For Freelance Writers

After earning cash for doing surveys online, I was obsessed with ways to make money online. This led me to my next side hustle: Freelance Writing.

Freelance Writing is one of the great side hustles you can pick up if you are in college. I had to write school papers all the time, and I figured I could make some cash off the documents I wrote. So I found a few websites, submitted my articles, and got paid. From then on, I registered online all the time.

A few websites I’d suggest for freelance Writing include:

11. Become an Influencer

Side hustles no.11. Become an Influencer
Side hustles no.11. Become an Influencer
Side hustles no.11. Become an Influencer

Being an influencer and a blogger is very similar ct that you can be paid in many ways. However, influencers don’t necessarily need to have a blog. Instead, they can influence people on Twitter, Instagram, or podcasts.

If you have over 5,000 followers on any social media account currently, you may have some clout to start making a little more; however, if you don’t believe me, think about every celebrity you follow on social media. They are technically influencers, making cakes hundreds if not thousands for every sponsored post they do.

Join the free websites below that pay bloggers and influencers to do sponsored posts on their blogs and social channels.

If the idea of signing in to these platforms every day makes your head spin, I highly recommend you sign up for my newsletter, the Blogging Money Update. In it, I send you the BEST sponsored opportunities ranging from $65-$5,000, three days a week.

Thtaskhat would take me upwards of 2-3 hours per day just logging in to each channel, seeing which ones were good and which weren’t, and then finally applying to the few that were worth my while. Ready to start making money as an influencer? Sign up today!

12. Start a Private Label Business on AmazonStart a Private Label Business on Amazon

Private labelers find a product to sell on Amazon, hire a manufacturer to create the product, and then they statradinginHowever; if you are wary of what it is and how it works, there are some excellent resources to learn more about.

Below are a few great resources to learn how to make a profitable private label business.

13. Get Paid For Photography


If you have a decent camera and take many beautiful photos, an excellent way to make money fast may be to sell your photos as stock photography. I think you already take an easy side hustle selling photos, especially if you already take fabulous images.

There are some sites out there that pay photographers for their work. Soareastes pay up to 85% once a photo sells. If you are good at pictures, this is your hustle.

A few sites I suggest if you want to start earning include:uber-eats

14. Become an Amazon Delivery person

Become an Amazon Delivery person

Amazon has a new program called Amazon Flex that is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a quick side hustle. They pay between $18-$25 per hour, and you deliver packages from Amazon warehouses. So you make your schedule, work when you’re free, about get paid!

They are currently in Arlington (VA), Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Rockville (MD), San Antonio, Seattle, Springfield (VA), Tampa Bay, and Virginia Beach. You need to be 21 and have a smartphone.

Check out more details about the program below.

Amazon Flex

15. Start a podcast


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. And if you like becoming a blogger but are not big on Writing, a podcast may be the right avenue. Consistency is critical with a blog, so once you start your podcast, keep up with it. Good podcast hosting and podcast software are needed as well here.

Check out the guides below on getting started.

16. Become a Youtube Star

Become a Youtube Star

Easier said than done right? I see youtube just the way I see podcasts, you must stay consistent, and you still can voice your opinion or educate the world without having to write a thing.

YouTube makes it pretty easy to sign-up and start earning income from your videos, so long as they are original. I love hearing stories about Youtube stars because it’s almost unbelievable. One of my favorites to listen to is Tyler Oakley.

If you want to learn more about starting a Youtube channel, check out the sources below.

17. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

I know everyone who has ever taken a Lyft has thought about becoming a driver themselves. Anyone can sign-up, you can work full-time or part-time, and the hours are flexible.

I don’t think there are drivers out there getting rich off this, but plenty is using Lyft driving as an income source to give them the flexibility to propel them to their dreams.

Sign up to drive with Lyft here!

In Conclusion…

There you have it! Those are my ideas to make money with side hustles. I am a living breathing example that there are other ways to live and make money while you’re at it without having to sacrifice your soul to a job you don’t like.

Get your side hustle on! It is worth it to live the life you want and also have the opportunity to make bank!

17 Side Hustles That Could Replace Your Job (And How To Get Started)

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  1. I used to take surveys all the time for “points”. One time our house phone was about to break (back when people all had landlines) so I used the points to get a snazzy new phone for free. My husband was shocked because I usually just used the points for magazines, he didn’t realize how many I had saved up for something bigger.

  2. Your side jobs are right on. I would do surveys online and would not touch the money until xmas time. I would have $100-$200 racked up from doing a couple of surveys a month.

  3. All of these side hustles are really good hustles, I would like to make my blog a full time thing (when on maternity leave lol).
    Great list

    1. These are great tips on things one can do to bring in a little extra income. Writing an ebook is on my list of things to do in the future.

  4. This is a dream post! I am in the process of trying to get my freelance career off the ground. I just published my first book in June, (would love to do an interview with you!). I’m working my blog and getting my freelance website designed. I’ll be saving this post to reference back to frequently!

  5. There is SOOO many jobs that you can do now on your own! I wish I knew about some of these a long time ago!

  6. These are great options to have available. There are so many ways to make extra cash on the side or full time. I have been hustling since 2008 and finally earning quite a good income! I hope that others try to do this as a means to add extra income to their household!

  7. You have listed some really good ideas and they do pay off, I would just mention that a lot of these job take time to build an audience for it to pay off. The Uber maybe the the quickest.

  8. Wow, I didn’t know some of these opportunities. Thank you for linking the photos opp. I would look into that.

  9. There are lots of ways to earn more cash these days and to turn your passion or side hustle into full time. It does take some work, but if you are passionate, anything can happen.

  10. These are all great, there’s really plenty of opportunities online we just have to find what works best for us! It would be nice to find a work that you can do at home.

  11. A lot of great options here! I know that my friend completely quit her job and started making MORE than both jobs put together.

  12. Great ideas! It is always smart to have a few things going incase something goes out. I love the idea of selling photos and I am looking into that! Thanks

  13. I very much agree that a side hustle could be much more worthy than a part-time job and these are some great ideas to try out. Being a virtual assistant has helped me a lot and I would like to put myself in to Blogging & freelance Photography as well.

  14. I wouldn’t let go of my day job. If want some extra money any of these would work well for that extra something.

  15. These are all great options for jobs to replace your day job. While they all sound great, I don’t think I could ever do that! I love my job at the hospital, I only work 3 days a week and you just can’t beat that insurance coverage. Goodness I sound like an old person saying that! HA!

  16. What an interesting list. I would love to stay home with my kids, but I love my day job! Plus I can’t handle the uncertainty paycheck!

  17. Side hustles helped me a lot with my expenses. This is a great resource for those who are looking to earn extra money.

  18. These are great suggestions! Some of these never crossed my mind! Nothing like a good ‘ol side hustle.

  19. I have thought about looking into selling my photos for extra money. I think my skills are good enough to sell.

  20. These are all great ideas! A lot of them take some time to build up to a solid income, but having some extra cash coming in as a supplement to the full time income while you are building things up is always a good thing!

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  22. There are some great ideas here. I have been making money from my blog for a while now. Although I am hoping to continue to grow and diversify my income streams – but it all takes time doesn’t it?

  23. Great ideas for side hustles! I am going to look into some of those survey sites because I am not able to sub in schools right now with all the covid stuff. I also signed up to receive the sponsored post checklist 🙂

  24. This is such an excellent resource for anyone looking for a side hustle that can replace their current job. The internet has widen the options for many people in the world to work from home and earn a full time (or more) income from the comfort of their home!

  25. It’s so nice to have such a looong list of side hustle ideas! What I really like is that all of them give you the possibility to try an alternative job without quitting the old one. It’s something similar to taking a free trial of something.

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