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A Guide to Finding the Support You Need

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We all need support from time to time. No (wo)man is an island – we can only be on our own for so long before we start going a little stir crazy. No matter what you’re having problems with, it helps to have support. This guide will help you to find the support you need. Take a look:

Speak to Friends and Family

Speak to your friends and family and let them know that you’re going through a rough time. If they don’t know, they might not even realise that you need somebody to talk to. Pick a friend or family member that you really trust and go from there. They should hopefully want to support you and be there for you when you need them. It might be really difficult to tell them what’s going on at first. After all, it doesn’t just affect you; it’ll affect them too. They deeply care about you, and will feel sad to learn what you have been going through. Whether it’s an addiction, a disorder, or something else that is affecting your life, you should confide in somebody you trust. They should try to keep you accountable too, if you ask them too.

Look On Forums

Sometimes, problems we have can feel too embarrassing to speak to friends and family about. In that case, it can feel better to find a support network where we are faceless, like a forum. Many of these people may have been through the same thing and could help you with some advice. There are tons of forums online to choose from. However, make sure you end up on the good kind of forum and not the type of forum that will support your bad behaviour. There are ‘pro anorexia’ forums and things that can be extremely detrimental to health. They’ll make you feel like your bad habit is ok, but it could end up killing you.

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Speak to an Online Counselor

If you’d rather not go and see somebody in person, you always have the option of speaking to an online counselor. There are many services that offer this now, and you can feel more comfortable than visiting in person. It may even be cheaper than a real life counselor. Search online and see what feels best for you. From this, you might decide that you would actually like to see one in person.

See a Therapist

If you want to speak to somebody in person, pick a therapist who you feel will be able to help you. Do your research and read reviews/testimonials to find somebody suitable for you. A therapist should be able to help you sort your head out and give you some techniques to feel better about things. Most therapists have all kinds of techniques to help you overcome your behaviour, so make sure you pick one whose methods you agree with.

Head to a Clinic for a Break

If you feel like you can’t cope with where you’re at at the moment, you need a break. In this instance, you can head to a clinic such as the Beachway Therapy Center to get the support you need. Sometimes getting away from it all really does help, and you’ll be able to go home feeling like a brand new person. You should never feel ashamed of visiting a detox or rehab facility. Making sure you get the right help is the most important thing, try to find a rehab clinic that has some great reviews. You’re doing this because it’s best for you!

Join a Support Group

Maybe a support group could help you feel better about your situation. These are all people who have been through what you have been through. You’ll meet maybe once a week, and discuss the way you’ve been feeling lately. Swapping stories and things that have helped with other people can make you feel better, and you might even make some new friends. Everything is confidential, so you know that whatever you tell them won’t go any further. This is a great way for you to realise that you’re really not alone!
Finding the support you need is essential if you’re going through a rough time. We all have tough times every now and again. Life is full of peaks and troughs that we can struggle to get used to. You need to learn to take the highs with the lows. A phrase that really helps some people is this: “life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.” Your actions and reactions have the power to seriously change a situation. Feel better yet? See you again soon!

A Guide to Finding the Support You Need

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