3 Ways You Can Be There for a Friend in Need

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Friends are an important part of our lives. They offer alternatives to spending time with family members, give different insights into potential problems and can give neutral advice when you need some guidance. Of course, friends are also great people to spend time with and can enable us to spend our free time in a way which benefits our wellbeing more than simply doing the housework or sorting out other aspects of the home. However, friends also need someone to speak to about problems and they also need someone to spend time with – so you need to make sure that you are also there for your friends just like they are there for you. A one sided friendship is unhealthy for both parties and can also tend to lead to disagreements and unpleasant arguments. Here are some ways that you can be a good, supportive friend.

1. Offer Advice

If a friend is in need of some prudent advice or could just simply do with time to relax away from a situation which is affecting them, you should take the time to cater for their needs. There is bound to have been times when you were in similar situations, and your friend was there for you so you should return the favour. It is more than courteous; it is what friends do for each other.

be there for a friend in need

2. Invite Them Over

If a friend needs advice, then a good idea could be to either invite them over to your house when there is nobody else at home, or meet them at a coffee shop. It is good to get them out of their comfort zones – such as their home – as this could be where the problems lie. If it is relationship advice, give them your honest opinion or talk about similar situations you have been in – or refer them to relevant articles or books. If it is financial advice that they are seeking, again, tell them about similar situations you have experienced or you could tell them about Cornerstone home lending. If there is a problem with their job, ask them what exactly the problems are and approach them with diligence and sensitivity. If someone is not happy in their job it could affect all aspects of their life and as a result could be the touchiest subject so you should approach it with care.

3. Go Out Together

If your friend just needs some time away from their home, then you should definitely make the effort to go and spend time with them somewhere which you both like. You could go to a coffee shop and catch up over a latte and a cake, or you could go to a bar and unwind over some cocktails, or you could go to a restaurant and enjoy each other’s company over a glass of wine and a good meal.

Friends are an important aspect of our lives. Sometimes, we may take our friends for granted but that is never a good idea – we should appreciate our friends, support what they do, offer them sage advice and guidance, and be there when they need us.