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The Top 15 Desirable Traits In A Partner

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The Top 15 Desirable Traits In A Partner

A good relationship is all about compromise. From business to the bedroom, having a reliable partner is a must. When looking in any romantic relationship, these different traits in a partner that make the best kind of person to be with.

1. Active Listener

Being able to listen to your partner and vice versa is a very important trait. An open line of communication creates a stable environment. However, the importance of listening goes much deeper.

It goes without saying; to really listen you need to be actually paying attention.

Active Empathetic Listening is an actual psychological term that describes how well you are listening to someone else. By sensing, processing, and responding, you are directly making an emotional connection and creating a clear sense of communication and understanding.

Read Active Listening Techniques to learn more about this.

2. Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is so important in a relationship. It is basically knowing why you are feeling what you are feeling.

When a young child feels frustrated or angry, they often don’t understand why, and that’s why they react the way they do. This happens to adults as well, and we see many tantrums in adulthood. Being able to recognize how you feel and why you feel it is important. It allows your partner to know what actions make you feel a certain way.

Read Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ to learn more about this.

3. Empathetic

Being able to empathize with your partner is vital in any relationship.

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When a partner can achieve empathy and validate their loved one, they support them and create a therapeutic bond. There is a reason why we need to vent after a bad day at work, right?

If you and your partner want to work on being more empathetic, pick up a copy of Empathy: Why It Matters, And How To Get It.

4. Open-Minded

Say you really want to go see a band and you want to bring your significant other, but they shut you down immediately because it isn’t their scene. Automatically, you feel insignificant. This can cause serious damage to a relationship.

Having an open mind is so important because it allows compromise to work.

It is always good to have things in common with your partner. However, keeping an open mind and trying new things will keep your relationship exciting. With an open mind, anything is possible.

5. Organized

Having a partner who is organized is a lifesaver. They are never late, they remember special dates, and they remember your favorite things.

An organized partner can always help you when you have a deadline or you’re stuck with something. Not to mention, being organized actually makes you happier and with less stress. An organized partner is more likely to be reliable.

These things make for a better life, with much more time focused on important things compared to trying to find where you put that invitation.

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6. Passionate

When your partner has things they’re passionate about, that’s hot. When they support you in going after your passions, that’s even hotter.

Passion is sometimes the only thing that keeps people going, and it is necessary for any relationship. Indifference is also one of the biggest killers of relationships. If your partner is passionate about something, it is likely they are growing as a person.

Having passion not only increases your own happiness but those around you as well. It also promotes a life outside your relationship.

Read Find Your Passion: 25 Questions That You Must Ask Yourself with your sweetie to dive into this trait.

7. Supportive

Your partner should be supportive of the goals you set for yourself.

Being supportive helps you feel important and will likely be very impactful to what you are doing. A supportive partner is willing to back you up no matter what, they believe in what you are doing, and will be with you every step of the way. Having that person to help hold you up will not only benefit whatever you are doing but make your relationship stronger.

8. Responsible

A reliable partner, of course, has to be responsible. You don’t want some to go off the handle unexpectedly or make risky choices. Whenever your partner does something that isn’t beneficial to themselves, it is going to affect you.

On the other side, a reliable partner is someone who takes responsibility for their actions whether good or bad. If your partner can’t say they were wrong, there’s going to be a big problem in the future.

9. Healthy

When someone takes their health seriously, it usually means that they care about taking care of themselves. Self-love one of the best traits in a partner!

By making sure you are living a healthy lifestyle, you are saying that you want to be around longer. That, in turn, lets you be able to do all these things on this list longer for your partner.

A person who cares about their health is also going to care about yours. Anyone who cares enough about your health because they want you around longer is a showing of their character and their love for you.

One of the best ways to take care of your health is to subscribe to a meal kit service like HelloFresh. It’s such a great way for you and your SO to take care of your health together!

10. Independent

In a relationship, it’s important that each person has an independent identity as well as their joint identity.

A desirable partner is able to be independent of their significant other and is able to do things on their own. While it is completely okay to ask for help, independence is still a great trait for your partner to have.

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11. Willing to Learn

Just like someone who is open-minded, a desirable partner is willing to learn. When presented with a conflict, your partner needs to be able to change their way of thinking to overcome an obstacle. If someone refuses to expand their knowledge, they become stagnate in their own shortcomings.

A person who continues to learn is not only valuable but wonderful to have around. They will always take your opinions into consideration, knowing that another perspective can lead to solving the problem.

If this is a skill you or your partner needs to work on, pick up a copy of Crucial Conversations.

12. There for You

If someone isn’t there when you need them, what good is it to have all these traits?

Being available is necessary in a reliable relationship because it shows that you care. When a partner isn’t available it makes the other person doubt the relationship. Being available shows that you care.

13. Trustworthy

Trust is clearly very important in any relationship, but especially in a romantic one.

Trust isn’t a one-way street; in order to have a truly reliable partner you need to be able to trust them and they need to be able to trust you. It’s important to have that mutual agreement that you know everything will be okay.

Trust brings two people closer together; this is why when trust is broken it can break a relationship faster than anything.

14. Shared Visions and Goals

While you should be passionate about each other’s aspirations, you should also have the same goals and wishes.

Say you love kids and you want five, but your partner doesn’t want any—that’s going to cause problems in the long run. When you want the same things, your partner will work even harder to make those goals possible.

15. Team Player

A reliable partner is also going to be a fair partner. A fair partner is also going to be a team player, which is so important in a relationship because it not only make your bond better but the bond with others around you, including family and friends.

Those who show good team player skills are often better to depend on large projects and difficult problems. They are often more concentrated on getting the job done then who they are doing it with. They will probably give you the credit too!


Do you have more desirable traits in a partner to share? Comment below and tell us what it is! Then, check out some of our other articles about relationships!


The Top 15 Desirable Traits In A Partner

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  1. I love all of these traits! It’s so important to look for good traits in someone we want to spend a lot of time and years with! Thanks for these. Also, love the GIF’s.

  2. Soooo true! If they would be a good business partner thats a good sign 🙂 think with your heart and your head! SO smart!

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