Top 5 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

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What’s in your medicine cabinet? Lets hope it’s not filled with props just to look nice for your guests. After getting sick with three different sicknesses in a row last month, I came to realize how unequipped my medicine cabinet was. Most of the meds in there needed to replaced, and the entire cabinet needed revamping.

Early last month I had heartburn out of the blue for a few days, then I caught the highly contagious Norovirus (stomach flu) that went around a lot early this year, and right after the first day of spring, I got a cold. It was endless. I kept getting sick and every single time I’d go to my medicine cabinet looking for relief, I could find nothing. Whenever I felt a symptom of a sickness, my medicine cabinet was no use. I had to go out and buy medicine instead of already having it. And after fearing that I came down with the stomach flu once again last week, I made a list of must-have items for my cabinet, this way I’m more than prepared.

Check out a list of items you should look into having for your cabinet:

Alka-Seltzer Fast Relief
Feeling nauseous, gassy, heartburn, diarrhea? This may be your golden answer. Not everyone’s a fan of the pink liquid they call Pepto, which can cure similar symptoms. Alka-selter tablets work wonders. All you’re doing is drinking 4 ounces of carbonated water. I enjoy the fizzles and the quick relief the tablets provide. Buy these for your cabinet for instant relief for nausea, or minor gastrointestinal issues.

It’s commonly known to many by brand names like Advil or Motrin, but any generic will do. This over the counter pain reliever comes in liquid (usually for children) and tablet form. It has a myriad of uses—for cramps, migraine, headache, and joint or dental pain. If you don’t have some form of ibuprofen, prescription or generic, get one! There’s no telling when you’ll need it. Lauren, a pharmacist from doctor4u, said that ibuprofen is a great pain relief solution for minor issues and problems. She would, however, suggest keeping stronger pain relief medications handy as well, such as co-codamol, which is used to treat moderate headaches, migraines, back pain and more

Cough Syrup/Suppressants
Day or Night—you can catch a cold in any weather depending on your body. Everyone’s different. When I feel a cold coming, it usually starts in my throat. Then my nose, and then the coughs. Cough syrups and suppressants help immensely with those wet coughs, and even though more people use it for cold symptoms, it has more than one use. If you find yourself coughing persistently from dust, or inhalation of some sort you can use it as well. After doing yard work one summer I came down with a bad cough—a tablespoon of cough syrup cured it right away. Many of these also help with runny noses.
Tip: Make sure you check the expiration dates for the cough syrups as most expire within two years. Also, make sure you drink the appropriate time designated medication. Ever had NyQuil during the day?

Sinus Tablets
Who likes sniffling? A clogged sinus is the worst part of getting a cold or allergy. Advil and Tylenol both have variations of sinus meds that temporarily relieve pain and congestion of the sinus. They can be taken for nasal congestion from colds and allergies. Sometimes they even help with chest pain. Keep these in your cabinet, especially during winter and spring.

Excedrin Headache or Migraine Tablets
Unless you have a higher dosage of prescription ibuprofen, sometimes generic brands won’t cure headaches, and definitely not migraines (for me at least). Excedrin tablets are the best over the counter headache relievers in my opinion. They help relieve pain from various forms of headaches and symptoms associated with migraines.

These are my top five. It’s also important to have in your cabinet, first-aid necessities like a bottle of alcohol, band-aids, gauzes, and alcohol wipes, and meds for minor toothaches or pains, just in case.

I hope you found this list helpful. Do you have any medicine cabinet must-haves you want to add?

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