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The 10 Best Couples Comic-Con Costumes

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The 10 Best Couples Comic-Con Costumes

You and your significant other have decided that you’re attending the next Comic-Con…YAY! Now it’s time to find the best couples Comic-Con costumes to wear.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of possible costumes that are ideal for couples. Here are ten of the best options!

1. Jurassic Park Characters

There are plenty of couple costumes with a Jurassic Park theme alone. You can opt for the typical Claire Dearing and Owen Grady combination or go all out with a dinosaur costume.

2. Bank Robbers

For some reason, bank robbers always seem to come in pairs in movies. And most bank-robbing scripts have some sort of romantic element.

This is an easy matching costume set to put together as you’ll only need some striped white and black shirts, black pants, an old-fashioned money bag, and a couple of masks and black beanies for good measure.

You can also buy a bank robber costume set from Amazon for less than $30!

3. Wizard of Oz Characters

The Wizard of Oz is another movie that gives you plenty of couples Comic-Con costume options.

One of the most common combos for couples is Dorothy and Scarecrow, but you can mix it up with any of the easily recognizable characters like the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, or the mysterious Wizard himself.

4. Popeye and Olive Oyl

This classic couple’s costume idea never gets old and is impossible to miss at a party. Plus, it’s easy to put together from scratch!

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If you like to buy your costumes online, you can find plenty of Popeye and Olive Oyl outfits available for relatively cheap prices in comparison to some of the more extravagant costumes out there.

5. Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner

This one is an obvious option for any couple that wants to go for the sexy approach this Comic-Con. Like most of the costume ideas, you’ll find it’s been done and done again, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the classic couple’s costume ideas worthy of consideration.

For the guy, assembling the Hugh outfit is as easy as throwing on a velvety red and black bathrobe and captain’s hat with a tobacco pipe in hand. You can buy these items as a set!

For the woman, a simple black one-piece with bunny ears will do.

6. Superman and Wonder Woman (or Lois Lane)

If you and your partner are down with the superhero vibes, why not go as two of the most famous and powerful superheroes of all?

In this case, there is a bit of flexibility in terms of the exact costume you put together. The guy can go as Clark Kent or opt for full-on Superman with a cape and all. The woman can go as Wonder Woman or Lois Lane. Of course, the latter is technically more fitting with the plot of the movie.

7. Flight Attendant and Pilot

While this one isn’t as grand of an approach as dressing as superheroes are, it’s a great couple’s costume combo nonetheless. And who says you can’t go to Comic-Con as a background character?

As an added benefit, the outfits are affordable and easy to put on, so it’s a good hassle-free option for minimalistic couples. With this look, you can go retro, sexy, or classic. If you’re in an couple with two women, this will be even cuter!

8. Pikachu & Ash

If you and your other half are into Pokemon, why not go as Pikachu and his trainer, Ash?

You don’t have to wear a huge mascot costume, but you can! A simple yellow and black outfit along with some Pikachu ears and tail accessories will usually get the job done. For Ash, the tell-tale vest and hat combo along with a few Poke balls will be all it takes to make your character clear.

9. Dalmatian and Cruella de Vil

If you and your SO are fans of the movie 101 Dalmatians, you could go as a dalmatian and Cruella de Vil. This is yet another option that will give you low-cost and easy-to-wear costumes.

Be creative! Just because Cruella is a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t gender-bend. This is actually very popular at Comic-Con!

10. Toy Story Characters

While Jessie and Woody are the two most obvious characters that come to mind when thinking of couple’s costumes, you could also go with any of the other great toy story characters like Buzz Lightyear and Little Bo Beep.


I hope you’ve found this list helpful! However, don’t forget that there are probably plenty of great ideas in your own imagination. Now that you’ve got a bit of inspiration to start with, you should have a brainstorming session with your partner to see if you can think up any unique ideas.

Have fun at Comic-Con!


The 10 Best Couples Comic-Con Costumes

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