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3 Easy Ways To Slash The Cost Of Car Insurance

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Car insurance is essential, but it’s a very irritating living expense. You’re already paying for your car – and fuel and maintenance – why the hell do you have to pay for insurance as well?! There are some who believe that car insurance should be optional – like other types of insurance. 

Nevertheless, it exists for a reason and it can be very helpful in many situations. Talk to people like Redlich’s injury lawyers and they will tell you that a resounding percentage of personal injuries happen in cars. Car crashes are far too common, meaning you need insurance to help you out of a tricky situation. 

So, how do you protect yourself with car insurance, yet avoid paying too much for it? Here are three easy ways you can slash the costs: 

#1: Drive Less

The more miles you drive each year, the more costly your insurance is likely to be. Why? Because it means you’re on the road more frequently, increasing the chances of accidents.

Walking a bit more can help lower the cost of car insurance.

If you drive fewer miles, your premium will decrease. Insurance providers see you as a low-risk customer because you’re not out on the roads for hours a day, every single day of the week! Plus, it’s an excuse to walk or cycle more, which is great for your health. 

#2: Secure Your Car

Car insurance doesn’t just provide coverage when you get into an accident. It also protects you if your car is stolen or broken into. So, the more secure your car is, the lower your premium will be.

Keeping your car in a garage or on your driveway behind a gate will make your costs cheaper than if you keep it on the side of the road. Similarly, getting some extra security upgrades can really help out.

Adding a steering wheel lock and a wheel clamp will make your car harder for people to steal. As such, your insurance is likely to decrease slightly. 

#3: Smaller Engine = Smaller Costs

The larger the engine – and the faster your car goes – the more costly your insurance will be. Sure, you look cool rocking around in an SUV, but the insurance will be astronomical.

Smaller cars could mean smaller costs when it comes to car insurance.

Especially when compared to a much smaller car with a smaller engine. Think about it, what would you rather do: pay thousands of dollars every year to insure your car and look cool or pay way less for a less cool car? The answer should be pretty obvious here! 

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Making these little changes will drastically bring down the cost of car insurance. Also, the longer you hold a license, the cheaper your insurance will be. Particularly if you avoid getting into accidents and don’t make any claims.

That last point is extremely important: if you make car insurance claims, your premium will skyrocket. Obviously, you can’t avoid claims in some circumstances, but it is possible to prevent them if you drive carefully. Don’t be an idiot on the roads and you shouldn’t have any issues getting cheap car insurance in the future. 

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