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What Are The True Pros And Cons Of Early Marriage?

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What Are The True Pros And Cons Of Early Marriage?Marriage is commonly considered one of the most beautiful things in people’s lives. Timing in a relationship, on the other hand, can be very tricky. With the current millennial generation, there are debates about the pros and cons of early marriage.

Getting married young is traditionally something we associate with older generations. But many millennials are getting married in their 20s too!

So you can make the best decision for you and your sweetheart, here are the pros and cons of early marriage.

PROS of Early Marriage

Feel Content

There is no right time to get married. As long as you feel that you’re ready and committed to each other, why not go for it? Both you and your partner will feel content and empowered, as you are deciding your fate.

No Kids and Family Pressure

Unlike some couples who marry out of pressure from family and friends, young couples have adequate years to enjoy childless marriage. This creates sufficient time for family planning and savings to ensure the kids will have adequate resources required for growth.

Young and strong parents

If kids are in your present or future, getting married young means you and your partner will be young parents. As young parents, you will be able to keep up with the fast-growing children and have an effective bonding with no huge intergenerational gaps.

Become more responsible

Early marriages come with responsibilities that make you leave behind any wild behaviors you had when you were single. Instead, you start healthier and productive behaviors that result in better living.

This ultimately leads to saving more money and adopting a positive lifestyle for the benefit of your marriage.

Financial Stability

Young married couples are strong hence can handle child care and job complimentary, unlike older couples. By having kids early, one is still active at 30-40s to hustle and get a better job with more time before retirement.

More Romance

Young married couples have more romance time (and sex) than their single peers. This is due to several factors, including more free time, more energy, and higher libido.

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Higher Fertility

Medical reports suggest that menopause could start as early as 30, with most women experiencing it at 45 – 55. This makes it hard to conceive a child (if that’s what you want). Most couples marrying at an older age to have pregnancy issues with devastating trials and hospital appointments.

On the other hand, early marriages enable a couple to have healthy children as their fertility is high.

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CONS of Early Marriage

Emotional Immaturity

At 20, most people are not yet mature enough to understand themselves, never mind their partner. When someone who is emotionally immature gets married, it can lead to fights and repeated disagreements on decisions.

Not Ready to Settle Down

A life-long commitment is no joke! And many people aren’t ready to settle down at a young age.

People in their 20s often prefer to date around than to put a ring on it.

Divorce risks

Lack of compatibility is one of the leading reasons divorce rates are high. Young couples might discover that they are actually not right for each other later in life.

When you’re young, you still have a lot of growing and learning to do. In five, ten, or thirty years, your partner may not be what you wanted or expected. This leads to divorce and separated families with court rulings on child custody agreements.

Financial constraints

When you’re in your 20s, you might not have a well-paying job. You haven’t had enough time to climb the career ladder yet. You also might lack understanding of the job market, making it hard to get a job.

With the increased responsibilities of marriage, you might end up frustrated with your financial situation.

Cases of isolation

Being married at a young age could lead to isolation or victimization in social places such as school and church. Peers may see you as weird, while older couples could disrespect you.

You also might find that your lifestyle is very different than that of your friends. While they’re going out every weekend and bonding over dating app stories, you’re paying a mortgage. This can cause a rift in your friendships.

Incomplete education

Millennials know that in today’s market, you need a degree to get a job. Early marriages may limit your educational aspirations and accomplishments. This makes it hard to advance in your career.

Similarly, getting pregnant could also delay your education. Instead of studying, you’ll be focused on providing for your baby.

Career and Family Clash

As a young couple, most are likely still looking for the perfect career. Having a job that requires you to travel overseas during the early marriage could majorly affect your relationship.

The “What If” Question

If you mary early, you may wonder, “What if?”

Young couples sometimes find themselves wondering if they had not gotten married, would their lives be different? Would their lives be better?

These questions could result in regret.


In a nutshell, marriage is a decision that ultimately affects your live, partner, family, and friends. When a young couple decides to get married, they should first consider some of these pros and cons and evaluate them for effective, happy marriage life.


What Are The True Pros And Cons Of Early Marriage?

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