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Jobs That Make You Rich, Especially If You’re A Woman

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Jobs That Make You Rich, Especially If You're A WomanMany millennials are idealistic when it comes to their money, thinking: “I don’t need one of those careers that make you rich! As long as I’m making a difference in the world, I’ll be fine.” Unfortunately, when it comes to crunch time with bills, student loans, car payments, food, and rent, it’s a different story. Knowing what jobs make you rich can be helpful as you decide your career path.

What if you had a job that paid up to or even over $100,000 annually? Think of the possibilities: cars that run without that strange clicking noise coming from the left side (is my tire going to fall off?). A place to live with water that doesn’t smell like chlorine. That Michael Kors bag you’ve been eyeing. The luxurious vacations you’ll take. Plus, think of the donations you could make to causes that are near and dear to your heart!

If you’re searching for jobs that make you rich, keep reading!

You’re Making So Much Money That You’re Basically Oprah

Ok, yeah, there’s only one Oprah. But with these careers, you’ll be able to live it up.

You’ll notice that the highest of the high-paying jobs are in the healthcare field. Most of these opportunities will require at least a Bachelor’s degree, if not a Master’s or even a doctorate.

But even if you need to be Dr. Millennial in order to obtain one of these jobs, that high paycheck is definitely going to allow you to pay back those student loans.


Median pay: $350k a year

Anesthesiologists are responsible for keeping us safe and pain-free when we go into surgery by knowing exactly how much anesthesia is necessary based on an individual. This job requires a lot of attention to detail and a high tolerance for hospitals (hey, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

Keep in mind that if you choose this as a career absolutely no one will be able to spell it. You will need a plethora of business cards on hand.


Median pay: $250k+

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You’re a woman. They’re a woman. Need I say more?

doctors' tools in careers that make you rich

For more career options in the medical field, read our article 4 Healthcare Careers That Might Be Perfect For You.

Careers That Make You Rich, But Not Quite Oprah


Median pay: $160k

Within the field of law, there are many different paths you can take. Your salary will vary depending on what type of lawyer you are. You can use Snagajob when doing your research, which allows you to compare salary potential for different fields.

Like children? Maybe family law is a good option. Enjoy a challenge? Consider being a defense attorney.

You could also work in areas like corporate law, crime, patents, or even something as specific as discrimination.

Starting the journey to be a lawyer can lead to many different outcomes and pretty much any option you might choose is going to pay well. People want to win in court and are willing to pay for it!


Median pay: $125k

You’re going to need some serious math skills if you want to be a pharmacist, along with some great people skills. Pharmacists not only fill prescriptions but also interact with the patients and make sure they understand all the ins and outs of their medication.

This might mean working with young women picking up their regular birth control or might mean working with an 85-year-old man picking up his wife’s weekly pill packs.

Check out similar career options by reading Best 11 Careers For People Who Care About Others.

Corporate Economist

Median pay: $120k

If you love tracking data and keeping up with economic trends, this is the place for you.

Corporate economists look at the trends of the economy and try to predict what’s going to happen next so that their company can make the best move. This is the perfect fit for someone who loves math and details and is willing to spend a lot of time doing intense research. Keeping your nose to the grindstone will pay off with this profession!

Petroleum Engineer

Median pay: $100k

While only 25% of workers in this industry are women, women actually tend to make a little more than men in this position. So long, wage gap!

Petroleum engineers figure out the latest, greatest, and safest ways to extract oil from the earth. While you will spend a lot of time in an office setting doing research, some of your time will also be spent at drill sites doing hands-on projects.

Again, you’ll notice that a lot of these careers are math or science-related. The science and technology industry is growing quickly and is projected to see even more growth in coming years.

Read our article Women Are Underrepresented In These 9 Careers to learn more about career gaps for women.

Rolling in the Dough Without a Degree

Air Traffic Controller

Median pay: $125k

Air traffic controllers are the ones responsible for keeping everybody safe in the sky. They keep planes properly spaced out, instruct planes to gain altitude, etc.

Generally speaking, an Associate’s degree or a couple of years’ experience can get you into this field. And really, what’s better than watching planes take off all day (and getting rich while doing it)?!

Subway or Streetcar Operator

Median pay: $60k

Ok so admittedly, you’re not going to be super rich with this job. But how fun would this be? You get to drive around all day!

Plus you only need a high school diploma to be a successful subway or streetcar operator.

Some of the duties included with this position include opening and closing the doors for passengers, making announcements (beatboxing, anyone?!), and keeping general order in your vehicle.

Small business owner/entrepreneur

Median pay: Varies!

There’s really no telling exactly how much money you could make by owning your own business…that’s the exciting part!

Being an entrepreneur means that the sky is the limit. You are your own boss and you set your own hours.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this option is easy—being a business owner is a lot of work! If you’re dedicated, though, you could wind up making a lot of money and not owing credit to anyone except yourself!

Read more about running your own business with these articles:


We’ve gathered up quite a few jobs that will make you rich, but don’t sweat it if your personality doesn’t mesh well with one of these. There are plenty of other high-paying gigs out there for the millennial who is willing to hustle!

A little bit of introspection and a whole lot of research can land you in the perfect career where you’ll bring home the bacon.


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Jobs That Make You Rich, Especially If You're A Woman

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  1. I always believed that if you do what you love, the security will follow. A lot of these high salaried jobs take such specialized training and interests they are not things I would do.

  2. Woman can be rich if you will do what your love, it’s just not a career but you love what you;re doing.

  3. Honestly, I am doing a job that I loved so much and that is what makes a huge difference in my life, no matter I am rich or not. Dedication & commitment on what you love will make you rich sometime sooner or later!

  4. A very interesting read and some of those salaries I would have thought were different. All I want to do is what I love and make money doing it.

  5. I love that you included that it’s OKAY to make a lot of money! (As long as it’s done legally and ethically!) If I ever had a career change, I’d love to be an imagineer for Disney! I don’t think I have the creativity necessary though! hah!

  6. Woot Woot! Small Business Owner! Technically I’m just starting out, so I’m currently rolling in the pennies over here. I love Ali’s comment of imagineer for Disney- I’d be all over that too!

  7. These are great choices for someone looking for that particular field and income. I’m still a believer in doing what you love and the money will come!

  8. I am an ENT surgeon, my hubby is a Pediatrician and my best friend is an anaesthesiologist.
    Since my hubby is not a woman we will not talk about him.But me and my friend we are in out thirties and both have successful medical careers.But after we had our babies we both focused on entrepreneurship and online medical practices to avoid the money=time spent at work.
    While doctors can make a lot of money.The time spent at the clinic or hospital becomes unhealthily high.
    For woman it becomes a bigger problem.Because frankly we want it all.We want to look good,feel good,earn good,stay home and take care of the little one (I didn’t want my child growing up with paid help) and be wildly successful and rich like Oprah.I think we will make it happen if we wish hard enough and work smart enough.
    Being a doctor is the best because literally you can scale up.your income whenever you want or when you are free enough.But with rising cost of healthcare and pressure from MNC on doctors,and medicolegal issues,practicing becomes a balancing act.Though it’s a good way to be rich,it’s better not to study medicine just to get rich.Because at the end of the day ,doctors provide a service that needs heart and soul and not just knowledge.
    It’s a good way to earn .But not an easy way????
    Great post.

  9. We have our own business and i work from home, it is definitely hardwork but i love it, its more of a lifestyle for us the whole family is involved i think having a good amount of money is important so that you are able to support your family and provide everything they need especially when unexpected expences happen.

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