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5 Beautiful Nail Colors That Are Appropriate For Work

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5 Beautiful Nail Colors That Are Appropriate For Work

The New York Stock Exchange, for quite some time, did not allow their female employees to wear any colored nail polishes—only plain colors. It wasn’t until several years ago that they finally allowed women to start branching out. My job allows me to sport all sorts of colors. However, there are still many jobs that have certain nail colors that are appropriate for work and others that aren’t.

I have compiled a list of five nail colors that are perfectly appropriate for the work.

1. OPI “Samoan Sand”

opi samoan sand nail polish

This is my absolute favorite neutral nail polish.

This color is just a tad darker than my skin tone, so it blends in almost perfectly. I know that having “mannequin” looking hands isn’t popular amongst all women, but this color blends to the point where it elongates my fingers. And because it blends, I can wear it for interviews, meetings, or formal functions while giving my nails that clean “done” look that I love.

2. Essie “Ballet Slippers”

essie ballet slippers nail polish

Worn by the Queen of England herself, Ballet Slippers is one of Essie’s staple colors. A soft, milky-white pink nail color, Ballet Slippers indeed reminds you of the flowing tulle skirts of a ballerina that is entirely office-appropriate.

The only catch is this color will require several coats (and some patience) for full opacity.

3. Essie “Topless and Barefoot”

essie topless and barefoot nail polish

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Despite the name, this polish is perfectly office-appropriate.

This nail color hardly ever left my hands when summer rolled around. It’s also more opaque than ballet slippers, getting full coverage in two coats. Not to mention it’s a great neutral color to use in combination with other pinks or golds for nail art.

4. OPI “Tickle My France-y”

opi tickle my france-y nail polish

A light mauve-pink shade, this is a great color to wear if you want a little extra sass with your office manicure. It’s one of my favorite neutral shades to wear for fall, due to the dark color but is light enough to be wearable in the warmer months.

5. Essie “Bond With Whomever”

essie bond with whomever nail polish

Lilac was named one of the new neutral shades a few years ago. So if you want a little extra color for your office manicure, this one is the way to go.

A light lilac color with extra red undertones, Bond With Whomever is surprisingly wearable and is one of my favorite “neutral” shades to wear, particularly because it’s not a pastel, which doesn’t work for my skin tone.

Looking for something similar with blue undertones and is a little more pastel in the shade? Essie’s “Lilacism” is the one for you.


There you have it; a short and sweet list of neutral nail polish shades that are guaranteed to leave you feeling perfectly polished while also staying work appropriate. When in doubt, stay away from bright colors or anything bold, like navy blue, and opt for light pink.

Now you know how to paint your nails and stay in your company’s dress code!

5 Beautiful Nail Colors That Are Appropriate For Work

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